Why is There No Maximum Wage?

Why Is There No Maximum Wage?

Why Is There No Maximum Wage?

Money is a symbol of value and resources. When money is earned honestly, it means a person did something or created something that was valuable and worth while for someone else, and the two exchanged with each other. (Money acquired dishonestly is a whole different story, and every honest person can agree that individuals who acquire money or resources or advantages through dishonest means should be boycotted and/or reformed. But in this post, we’re talking ONLY about earning money honestly…)

It is out of our own personal abundance that we profit – our abundance of creativity, our abundance of energy, our abundance of willingness to serve each other. Our wages and profits go up as we learn and grow and become better able to create more value in the lives of others.

The old model of “get good grades, get a secure job” no longer works, that advice is today equivalent to telling your kids, “find a good master and become his slave”. That advice creates a relationship of INSECURITY and DEPENDENCY. The better advice is “Find what you love to do, and develop your ability to such a degree that you can get paid to do it”, and even better advice is, “learn how the world really works, find people who are living the life that you want, and find out where they came from and how they got to where they are today. Listen to people who have what you want, and who have also been where you are. Do what they did when they were where you are now.”

Look at this picture, here is a man who has a story. You can see in his face that he desires freedom, he has tried in the past to live his dreams, but every time he has been blocked. Can you see it? Can you see all of the doors that have been closed to him? I don’t know the hopes and dreams that live in his heart, but I get the impression that perhaps he would be wonderfully happy as an artist, creating magnificent images that capture and inspire the imagination, that awaken the spark of love and hope in the hearts of others. I’m seeing visions now of the incredible artwork that he would bring forth, possibly inspired by his chemically induced, or chemical-free, spiritual adventures.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine this man having dreams and visions that would fill his heart with wonder? Can you imagine him craving the opportunity to share and express these wonders that he discovers within his heart?

Yet instead of developing his talent to create values for others, he is wasting his time and energy protesting people who have applied themselves. Look at him! He has a life work that he could and should be working on. It’s a life’s work that would leave a legacy of wonderful valuable expressions that would be enjoyed by millions for years to come, it’s a legacy that would give him a sense of pride and genuine self-esteem and fulfillment and well-being. It’s a legacy that his children and grandchildren would discover at some point and say, “WOW, Really!?! Dad/Grampa did THAT!?!” And his lineage would think of him with respect and good feelings and “Wow, there is more to him than I ever expected!”

But he hasn’t even hardly started his journey yet. He’s still gathering to him the experiences of pain and frustration and envy and hate and fear and a sense of worthlessness – and these feelings will eventually build to the point where this man has a life changing experience. These negative experiences will build up within him giving him an incredible sense of love and compassion for others who are struggling, for others who have been beaten down by a harsh world. He’ll use all of these feelings to create expressions that have incredible emotional depth, that will touch the hearts of those who have been there too. And once he has found his route from here to the life of his dreams, he will help others do the same. Maybe his life changing experience will come in a few months, maybe a few years, maybe it will come when he turns fourty or fifty… or maybe it will never happen for this individual, but the potential is there. The life changing experience comes when he cuts through the illusions that hold him captive. And when you think of him, realize that the longer he waits the fewer values he will create, the longer he will dwell in his own mental/emotional prison, and the more he will experience the harshness of a world that gives nothing to those who don’t give of themselves first.

Imagine what will happen when he does finally break through… imagine what would happen if this man suddenly started applying himself. Imagine if he started today to work on his dream, to develop his skills. He absolutely could and would create something wonderful, and chances are, many people would love to buy it from him. He could develop his skill for a few years, and then a few years from now, he would be able to create something in just a few hours, perhaps a piece of art, perhaps a vision for a movie, perhaps a vision for a sculpture, and the value of the project might bring him $30,000 – either as a single payment, or possibly, like a poster that sells for $10 of which he receives $2 and it gets bought by 15,000 people… and suddenly this same man would be able to bill his time for a few thousand dollars per hour. He would have the freedom to choose his projects, and focus on those that fill his heart with love and wonder and gratitude, projects that give him a sense of euphoria and excitement and fun.

Looking at his picture again, all I can feel is “what a waste! Why aren’t you finding your passion and GOING FOR IT!?!” (I do know the answer to why he isn’t, keep reading and see if you can see it too…)

One of the keys to success is focus. Don’t believe the lie that you ‘should get a secure job’ (perhaps you’ve noticed that there is no such thing, government regulations can sway the competitive balance of any industry with one stroke of the pen). Individuals who soar to heights of prosperity do it by believing in themselves, having a dream for the future, and APPLYING THEMSELVES in AGGRESSIVE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. To become valuable to other people, you must do the work to develop your skills and heart to such a fine degree that people will recognize your superior ability in some area of life. Look at every person who is more successful than you, and observe that they are doing something that you aren’t, they have integrated a number of specific skills and achieved profiency or mastery of those specific skills to a level higher than you have right now. That is why their lives are on exponential growth curves that out pace that of others. Perhaps most importantly are people skills, learning how to work in harmony with others, learning how to structure relationships with others so that everyone wins, learning how to see things from the perspective of another, being open and allowing your own perspective to change so that you can build mental bridges within another person from where that other is today to a way of seeing things that will inspire cooperation.

It’s been said that anyone who puts in 10,000 hours of focused effort can become a master of anything. To put in that amount would be 10 hours per day for 3 years, 3 hours per day for 10 years. If you do the work, if you have the dream and vision of what you want to do, and if you are willing to put in the time BEFORE you see any return on your time/energy invested in developing yourself – then in 3 years or 10 years – you will be at a place where you can do something powerful, wonderful, magical, and do it profitably.

Find your passion and commit yourself to it.

You don’t pay a price for success (if you’re doing it right), the journey is a joy, because every action you take fills you with the good feelings of “I am making my dream come true.”

The real price that people pay is the price of failure, the price of ‘giving up on their dreams’. When a person says, “I can’t do it” or “I can’t make my dreams come true” – even though they may enjoy the comforts of mediocrity, inside themselves they feel the stabbing pain of their ‘defeat’ every time they see someone else succeeding.

What is their ‘defeat’ made of? It’s all in their heads! Inside their minds, they dwell on ideas like: “I can’t do it”, “I can’t get paid what I’m worth”, “Working for someone else isn’t worth my time”, “If only ______, then I would be able to make my dreams come true”, “I can’t have an amazing life because _______”, “Even if I did the work to make my dream come true, it wouldn’t really be worth it.” — These are the thoughts that go through a person’s mind, and trap them… that lead them to one day making a sign like the one pictured here. But look at those thoughts, are are NOTHING, there is no validity to any of them. Those thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies to those who dwell on them, their validity is based entirely on the individual who chooses to spend time engaged in such thoughts (or lacks the discipline to change his or her thoughts).

Where do these self-defeating unnatural thoughts come from? Mostly, they come from authority figures in our lives especially our youth, but also as adults: parents, teachers, religious leaders, police officers, university professors, employers, and tax collectors – all of whom have an easier time ‘keeping order’ or ‘guiding the herd’ if everyone will just go along with these ideas. These individuals in positions of authority “know” that “most people will not achieve high levels of success” and so because they are working with so many people will generally assume that any particular individual “is not likely to soar”. And when they treat people like that, they are subconsciously telling people “you can’t do it”, “just do what I say”, “here is how it is”, “you can’t do it without me”, “I know more than you, you should listen to me”. And most children (and most adults) are not taught self-defense against these kinds of subtle invalidations. The danger is not that other individuals will say and do things that invalidate us, the real danger is that we believe them. Especially with people in positions of authority, it is so easy to find ourselves agreeing with them, because to disagree would be disrespectful. The correct and rational response to ANYONE saying or implying any of these things to or about ANYONE is to say, “EXCUSE ME, I’m not sure if you noticed, but you seem to be implying some sort of diminished status or diminished ability by the way you said that. That attitude is not conducive to long range happiness for anyone. Would you care to rephrase what you just said?” While self-important individuals posing as external authorities may feel it is disrespectful of them to say such a thing, there can be no respect for anyone outside of ourselves if we don’t first respect ourselves, and that includes defending ourselves from individuals who would have us believe that we are less valuable or less able or less capable than we atually are.

When individuals allow others to influence their thinking, by subtle implication or direct invalidation, they pick up the negative and self-destructive thought patterns that will ultimately trap them and hold hostage the amazing life that they could be living. Some individuals actually want others to be trapped and know this consciously, but most of the people who are responsible for trapping the minds of the youth simply have no idea that they are doing it, they have no idea that they hold diminished opinions of those that they are being paid to serve, and they have no idea how their subtle beliefs/opinions manifest and are communicated to others. If they did, they would make changes immediately. Self-awareness is key.

Every person I have ever met is wonderful, kind, good natured, fascinating, loving, capable, honest, responsible, and generous. The challenge is learning how to bring those good qualities out of them, the challenge is getting them to put aside whatever tough and rugged social armor they’ve been using to protect themselves from a harsh world that steals dreams and grinds them into nothing.

If you’d like to learn this magic too, the world needs more people who are willing to learn, the opportunity has never been greater, you can begin the training here www.g1n.us

RNC and the Coming Revolution

A number of my friends were at the 2008 RNC as Ron Paul supporting delegates, alternates, and guests. The story they told is more terrifying that most people would believe, but I’ll pass it on:

The entire convention is a media controlled show. There are no real votes on anything. The teleprompters tell people how to vote and the outcomes are all pre-determined. If there is any dissent they simply turn off the microphones and avert the cameras. During the announcement of the votes from each state, they would say: ‘XX votes for McCain’, and when they would announce ‘YY votes for Paul’ the microphones would be off and this (politically undesirable) information would not be heard.

To actually do something differently would require a majority that was organized and had a specific plan. Any attempt to ‘do something differently’ would be categorized as ‘trying to create trouble’ or ‘intention to disrupt’ and the leaders of such organized efforts would be singled out and the master of arms would escort them out. (This has happened before.) Since they only escort out the loudest people, it would normally be only one or two people at a time, this display of power keeps everyone else in line. If there was a larger group, the master of arms would call for police back up. The media would spin the whole thing as being ‘extremists disrupting the convention’.

Getting Ron Paul people to the convention is a very important step, not because it will make any changes, but rather because it opens the door of understanding, it allows people to see for themselves the real power structure of our country.

As always, this election will be very close, will come down to the wire, will be very dramatic, and everyone will be told to believe that the future of humanity depends on which of the two puppets gets elected.
As this post may so far be giving you a feeling of ‘bleakness’, I promise that by the end you will experience a profoundly valuable shift in energetic structures. But actually, we have to dig a bit deeper still…

First off, no matter how good/honest/capable/focused/effective/responsible your are today, you have not achieved sufficient self-mastery to save the world. No one has.

There are no super heroes.
There is no cavalry coming to the rescue.
And there is no one who is yet capable of doing what needs to be done.

What needs to be done?

Someone must step forward who has:
– a pure enough heart and
– clean enough hands and
– a strong enough resolve and
– a clear enough message

That an overwhelmingly large number of people will say, “YES, that person is right! The CALL to ACTION is sufficient! I AM GOING TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO SUPPORT THAT VISION!”

There will be a revolution.

And it will be a revolution based on real love, real understanding, real compassion.

It will require that individuals be willing to give up ALL of the things that they have not earned. And while that statement may cause people to envision the rich giving up their wealth, it will also include the poor giving up their unearned entitlements.

The call is for all individuals to become MORE: honest, capable, focused, effective, and responsible.

The call is for all individuals to do the work on themselves.
It is easy to look out into the world and see in others the dishonesty, incompetence, distraction, ineffectiveness, and irresponsibility. Nearly everyone recognizes that these qualities in others are the reason our world is in the condition that it is. But those same people fail to replace these qualities in themselves with their superior and desirable counter-parts.

The only way the world changes, is if people change.

This is not something that will happen in a day, a week, a year – it will not be accomplished with ‘a movie’ or even ‘a course’.

We are talking about creating an entirely new CULTURE of EXCELLENCE, a CULTURE of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, a culture where individuals feel a burning desire to become better, more honest, more capable, more focused, more effective, more responsible. It will be a culture that recognizes and celebrates this kind of growth, where the real people who are doing this work with the greatest intensity are honored and pointed to as an inspiration that others can and should emulate.

Such a society was created in 2009, and in just 3 years has spread to over 170 countries. It is being built by individuals who have more vision and resolve and commitment than most people can comprehend. I was privileged to receive my invitation, and count it as one of the greatest blessings that I have ever been graced with.

We are creating the dynamics that will change the world, we inspire one person at a time to make the decision to become more than they once were. When you’re ready to make that decision, we’re ready to provide anyone who has the vision with the tools to become the man or woman you were meant to be, the heroic champion of honesty and justice. Just ask and a new world will open for you.


This same dialog is playing out across the country. Socrates had a principle, that behind every Thesis+Antithesis there is common synthesis, a perspective that both positions recognize as mutually valid, that upholds and expresses what they really want to say.

The opportunity in this moment is to find what it is that is actually desired by all concerned and find a way to express it. If you think about it, it is probably on the tip of your heart this very second.

What we all want is “for the good to manifest”. We want a good country. We want all that is good.
And we want it without any of the bad.

We want happy people, living their dreams, engaged in jobs that they enjoy, earning profits and wages that give them a feeling of gratification, doing things that benefit others and bring new and exciting values into their lives. We want freedom and security. We want friends and associations that we respect and trust. We want to walk out into the world feeling like our neighbors are good and honest people. We want clean air and water and lush happy plants and interesting animals to learn and make friends with. We want rainbows and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We want unlimited energy (sustainable and renewable, of course) to harness for our exciting and creative projects. We want access to raw materials and technology. We want our lives filled with excitement and romance. We want adventure and discovery. We want dynamic physical health. We want our loved ones to be happy. We want the people all over the planet to have the same opportunities to have these things too. We want to make life so wonderful that we would choose to live forever, and then we want to create technologies that would allow to actually live forever, in ever young bodies, with ever expanding hearts and minds.

That’s the future, because that is what people like me and my friends are committed to creating and offering to anyone who would like to live in such a world.

We are committed to creating that world without any of the negatives that people don’t want as well. But there are really only three thing that we don’t want: 1) the initiation of force, 2) threat of initiation of force, & 3) fraud.

The Geniuses of society are committed to creating an incredibly beautiful future for everyone who will allow us to do so. All that we ask is that we may do so without 1,2,3 above: force, threat, or fraud.

The challenge is in people’s minds. People have been receiving benefit for so long, acquired through government threat of initiation of force against the innocent. They have been taught to feel scared that they will not receive these benefits UNLESS they are secured through the government and by government threat of force against the innocent.

Imagine a young child growing up in a mafia family. The child sees that all of the good things the family has comes from the intimidation and violence against others. Such an environment is incredibly disturbing to any honest individual, it breaks our hearts when we actually understand it. Every child will speak out against the mafia parents at one point or another when the child understands, and say, “hey wait Papa, please don’t make an example of him this time.” And the child will be taken away from the scene of murder because the mafia don knows that these things only hurt the child to see. Later that night some explanation will be made to the child and the skill of the mafia don as a parent will determine the course of that child’s life. Either the child will come to accept the justification for the use of violence against the innocent and really become “part of the family”, or the child will see through the illusions and know that it is wrong, and will forever seek to bring justice to the conflicted world.

The same drama plays out for us all. As we come of age and see that our uncle sam is wielding threat, intimidation, and ultimately pre-emptive violence against the innocent, we know that it is wrong. We have to stand against it, we have to point it out. We have to rally to the defense of the innocent.

Because when abuse and violence is committed against the innocent there is no neutrality, to say or do nothing is to endorse, support, and condone the violence and the abuse. There IS NO NEUTRALITY.

Understand that behind our system of taxation there are consequences for not paying, the IRS can and will freeze your bank accounts, seize any available funds, enter and seize your property, and and gun point escort you to jail, and if you resist to aggressively they can and will execute you.

Because it is the government that is doing it, there is a kind of sense that the majority of society is in support of this. Even so, that does not make it right. We have reached or are have very nearly reached a point where the majority of the people in America are receiving more benefit from the government than they pay for. Consider yourself, do you get more benefit from the government than you pay for? If you had to estimate your contribution to the tax pool and the amount of value that you have received so far in your life, does it balance out?

If not, recognize that you are much like a mafia child living a life of luxury beyond what would have been honest for your family to provide you. The question is, are you willing to give up those luxuries for your honesty? Or are you going to continue asking for you mafia father to bring you more nice things while divorcing the awareness within you of how he gets them.

It takes tremendous courage to say, I want to live honesty more than I want to receive values I have been receiving dishonestly.

The great lie is that people are entitled to things that can only be provided by others.
The only rights that anyone can validly claim are rights that do not depend on someone else providing it.

Healthcare as a service cannot be a right, however, you could have the right to self-medicate, to self-evaluate, to self-prescribe. It is actually a VIOLATION of your rights to say it is illegal and punishable by fines and imprisonment to decide what goes into your body.

Education as a service cannot be right, however, you could have the right to study and investigate and learn and communicate. It is a VIOLATION of your rights to do this when government censors and makes illegal certain forms of expression.

Government can NEVER grant rights, they come from Nature and Nature’s God. What government can do is DEFEND your rights, which means if someone else seeks to abridge your rights, GOVERNMENT may step in and assert that they cannot do this. Rather than PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE, what our government does is violate those rights by making things illegal, and then they provide PRIVILEGES to certain people to do those exact things that they had just made illegal for most people, this is the basis of all licensure laws.

Our world is the way it is, because the morality of people have been corrupted. We have all grown up in the house of a mafia don. The vast majority of us have all gained disproportionate benefit beyond what we have contributed, and this creates the kind of irrationality and self-hate/self-loathing that dominates our world.

Real Happiness, Real Self-Respect, Real Self-Esteem are all possible, but only after a person has committed to live honestly, to earn his or her way through life without violence, threats, or frauds against others. To actually consider what it would take cannot be done lightly. The weight of the task can feel incredible. “Am I really willing to give up EVERYTHING that government does for me that I do not pay for directly?”

I still care passionately about many of the wonderful things that government does for us. I know that others also care, we are NOT going to simply end these things. We will pay for them voluntarily. The only thing that we must release is that we will not FORCE OTHERS to “pay their fair share”. It means that if others don’t pay or don’t give, that we must be willing to do our best without their help, it may mean that we give much more than we are currently giving, it may mean that we stretch ourselves so thin that we break or bleed. But we will do it, because this is truly the only way to live honestly.

I will never force another person to contribute to something, no matter how noble it may be, because the moment I revert to force, I am no different than the mafia don. All people MUST have the freedom to participate or not in every government project, there is no exceptions. Anyone who asserts otherwise is siding with and supporting and encouraging and promoting a tyranny. The moral dilemma is upon our society.

It is the duty of all honest people to truly feel the incredible weight that we are asking our neighbors to help carry with us. It is our duty to do everything we possibly can to bring about a world of honesty and to withdrawn our support of dishonesty and tyranny. We help others find the courage to cast off this tyranny, by promising and committing to carry much more than our fair share.

I will. Please give the geniuses of society the freedom to create the future. Let us protect the rights of ALL THE PEOPLE.

To learn more about this philosophy, please visit http://tvp2012.org/

Gratitude and the Experience of Perfection

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

There are precious moments in life when we feel total sufficiency, total perfection, that truly life could not get any better. If you have ever experienced such a moment you know exactly what I mean, the blessing of such a moment is incredible, it changes a person forever. There is NOTHING that is desired, it would be enough to simply live in that moment FOREVER. — But those moments pass.

Very very few people ever even have one such moment in their entire lives, and those who have experienced such a moment may only find their way back into that space of perfection only a few times. The way into the experience of truly feeling life is perfect, is to see reality through GOD’s eyes. GOD created reality as an absolute perfection, there is NOTHING that need be changed or adjusted; this is not an intellectual exercise, it is an experience to be sought; until you have had the experience and KNOW with absolute certainty that all reality exists in a state of dynamic perfection there is no such thing as ‘enough’.

“Enough” as a concept is often mixed with emotions of guilt and/or compromise. When you look at your life and you feel “this isn’t enough”, that IS GOOD! It is because within you there is a feeling that you KNOW you can live a more wonderful life. That knowingness within you will drive you forward to live a life in greater alignment with who you really are.

When you see the suffering of others, and this hurts you, you know in your heart that you must find a way to help them.

When you look at the world and are frustrated by wars, you know in your heart that you must find a way to bring them to an end. Whenever you find discontent with your experience, it is because you know that something better is possible. When you FIND IT, when you KNOW HOW TO HELP THOSE YOU LOVE, when you know the SOLUTIONS TO ALL PROBLEMS, when you realize that people must have freedom to accept or reject what you would offer them, and when you can use what you know to create the life that you desire whether or not others avail themselves of the salve that would heal all their wounds, then you will breath a sigh of relief and say, “THIS LOVE IS SUFFICIENT UNTO ITSELF, THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAT I NEED, IF LIFE COULD BE NO MORE THAN THIS, I WOULD LIVE THIS MOMENT FOREVER.”

Don’t let false concepts of “you should be grateful” cause you to reduce your dreams, you need not feel any guilt for having visions of possibility greater than what others see.

Not everyone desires to experience real genuine gratitude, many people don’t even know that it exists, they hear the word and don’t really understand it. Real gratitude only comes with genuine appreciation, the realization that there is something incredibly good in my life, and it wouldn’t have to be there, but it is.

A fish living forever in water can only experience gratitude for that water after it has felt it’s scales begin to dry and the pain of death begins to grow within it. For the man who does not wish to live, it is not possible to experience gratitude for life or anything. Deep within every individual is the impulse to live, to fulfill a purpose.

Those who don’t know what their purpose is all have the pain/ache/yearning to find it. They cannot feel “enough”, for them, there will never be “enough”… until first they uncover the desires of their hearts and begin the work of fulfilling their purposes. In life, the obstacles and barriers and failures to living our dream life have buried who we are under layers of pain and sadness and frustration. No one can ever feel “enough” until those layers are lifted and the most precious part of ourselves, that magnificent soul, the child of the past, is restored as sovereign, heir to the thrown of all life. You may decide to life the life of your dreams at any moment. You have the GOD-POWER within you. All of your deepest wishes are good. All that you truly desire will be a blessing to all concerned.

We hold ourselves back only because we doubt if we are good enough, would I wield the GOD-POWER with love and love only? Until you know the answer is yes, you will withhold it from yourself. But the time will come when you will have a vision of perfection, a vision that is good and honest and beautiful and true and beneficial on every level, and in the moment you conceive that vision, something within you will activate, and your vision will manifest instantly, and you will know that throughout history those who have spoken of the love and power and mercy of the lord, have all spoken the truth.

Shattering the Myth of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” – Choose Growth or Victimhood

“An economy built on to last is one where we encourage the talent and ingenuity of every person in the country.  That means women should earn equal pay for equal work.” – President Obama

The first sentence is perfect… the second is a trap.

This quote is really interesting to me.

Let me explain: Individuals must sell themselves to their employers, it is what we bring to the table, it is the confidence we inspire, it is the visions that we inspire others to see when we interact with them, and ultimately it is the price we demand (are willing to accept) for our time that will determine our pay. The false assumption is that “equal work should be equal pay”, but in reality, we each bring a totally unique perspective, heart, work ethic, and set of past experiences to the table; there is no such thing as “equal work”, even in a factory setting, the difference between two factory workers who “do the same amount of work” will be in the precision and care with which they do it. There are many women who earn more than men; and when you meet them, you know why, they have developed themselves to win in a highly competitive world. Earning money, and more generally: creating values for others, require skills and skill development. Like any skill, anyone can choose to develop these skills or not.


Is it harder for a woman to do this?

This question could be a trap so observe the subtly: women are equally capable, yet society has fixed ideas which do make it harder. Every woman who achieves helps break through those fixed ideas. — For anyone looking to more efficiently convert time+effort into money, look to the resources within you to develop your vision and your skills. We can all learn how to learn faster. The heroic champions of tomorrow are those who seek the most aggressive personal growth/development today, and who commit to exponential growth and transformation as a way of life.

There will never be equal pay for equal work, those who develop themselves will always get more with the same or less actual effort, they will sell themselves more effectively, and they will out-compete anyone who does not make concerted and consistent effort to grow.

Ron Paul Volunteers Save The World from The Zombie Apocalypse

Dear Ron Paul Volunteer,
You are magnificent! THANK YOU for all you do. We live in curious times: just a few years ago it was only 1 out of 100 people that could understand that we are at war with an entrenched elite class (international bankers at the FED, career politicians, military industrial complex, and those whose agenda is a tip-toe-of-tyranny that seeks to control and enslave the masses…or worse). Today, there are far more of us who can see what is going on, we are perhaps 5% or even 10%. We are winning, we are gaining ground, we are showing up and by doing so we amplify the power of our voices. As a result, it is getting easier and easier to help others to understand as well.

For many of us, our involvement in politics is not just “to support a great cause”, we literally engage in our activism as if our lives depended on it. Naturally our victories energize us and release incredible emotions of love, excitement, hope, courage, and even euphoria. Like you, every time I learn of another person who realizes “oh, the situation is more serious than I ever imagined”, something inside of me leaps for joy, I have a new brother or a new sister, another person to whom I pledge my sacred honor.

We have a duty to do the best we can, to win delegate seats (including those delegate seats that are linked directly to leadership positions by GOP constitutions), and to get candidates endorsed that understand our situation as we understand it. Just like 90-95% of the masses, a similar percentage of elected politicians fail to see how they are part of a machine being driven from the top. [It can feel like] Our survival depends on either helping to wake them up, or getting them replaced by people who understand. We do not need to stand and approve of incumbent candidates simply because they were previously endorsed by our party.

The “zombie apocalypse” is a metaphor more apt than many would like to imagine. All around us are people who have good intentions, yet their level of understanding prevents them from realizing that they are voting for and endorsing people who will do nothing to slow or halt the machine that desires to impose total enslavement upon as many people as it possibly can. In their minds, any candidate in their party is better than any candidate in the other party. Of course, you can’t explain this to a zombie, it would hurt their feelings and mostly confuse them, and in reality it is ineffective.

But as strong and as organized as we are, it is not yet enough. We are in a race for the future survival of mankind, anyone who denies this or balks at such a statement need only watch the movie THRIVE for abundant evidence. We need to find more people who can understand. Think back, who was it that shared something with you that started your journey of understanding? Think about the people that have touched your life and showed you another aspect of our situation. I suspect that you hold each of them in your heart with a kind of special gratitude; for me, every time I think of those people I feel this: “Thank you for sharing what you did with me, it has been an important part of my life journey.”

I have a dream of starting our conventions, before we bring up any of our elected officials to speak, that we play this video:

If you haven’t seen this 8 minute video “The Philosophy of Liberty” in the past few months, it might be time for a quick watch to re-energize what we are really doing. We are creating the world that we dream of, a world of honesty and rationality, a world were the rights of all people are protected, a world filled with happy, productive, exciting, innovative, competent, honest, wonderful people, people with golden hearts whose happiness and actions are a blessing to all who have the good fortune to know them, we are creating a world filled with people like you. It is such an honor to me that you understand what I have written here. THANK YOU for being honest enough that you would look at life and persist in your desire to really know reality even though doing so required you to disagree with people that you love and trusted.

Lastly, hold the vision of the world that we are creating in your mind as you interact with the zombies, doing so will remind you and inspire your interactions, you will find yourself constantly seeking better words and more loving interactions that will inspire the eyes of their heart to seek out more truth and greater understanding.  Become a welcoming face, inspire others to find the courage to look for themselves.  Ultimately,  genuine love is the balm that transforms zombies back into vibrant love filled humans.


It is an honor to know you!
Thank you for all you do!

– Yon

Who I am

“Be Yourself” – Like you, I am nothing and everything. Every aspect of self and personality is created by choice. We are our own living masterpieces. Every moment you reaffirm your creation. And in those rare special moments of life, you see or hear or read something and say, “THAT expresses my own deepest desires” and you go about integrating it into your life, your thoughts, your being.

Do you remember falling in love with the qualities of your favorite characters in books, TV, and movies? They expressed the energetic structures that reflect your own magnificence. They reminded you of who you are.

We discover new ways of being; by observing others we see and feel their energy, and we appreciate their creation, their masterpiece (the way they express themselves).

The very act of living is a gift that we give to the rest of the world. You deserve to be THANKED by every living being in this universe, because you are offering all the gift of YOU.

Quickly now, remember all that you love and admire, pull it all into yourself, and realize that you ARE all of it. Your true nature combines and seamlessly integrates all that you admire, and transcends all that is.

“Be Yourself” -> ? —> ! This is the never ending process of manifesting your magnificence. And discovering ever more diverse energetic structures to appreciate and integrate into your masterpiece.

View Life. Love the buffet. Take in those aspects that you love and admire. Copy them, integrate them into yourself, expand them, refine yourself and your expression. Separate out what you love from what is irrelevant. Feel gratitude for the inspiration, both for what you love, and also for that which helps you see what you are not.

Experience a moment of perfection, as you look out into the world and realize every aspect of reality is a gift to you, created just for you, that you might observe and consider who you are.

Thank you for drawing me into your reality.

It is my gift to offer you energetic structures that will allow you to dramatically transform your life, awakening aspects of yourself that you did not even know existed. Simply ask for whatever you desire. And even before you send the message, the telepathic connection will be made, and my energetic answer will be given to you.

I am here to love, to serve, and to learn.

I will always give, everything I have, to anyone who asks.

I am honored to receive from you, whatever energetic offerings you care to share with me.

My deepest desire is to create friendships rooted in mutual admiration and mutual voluntary value exchange, that transcend time and space and universes.

To make contact with me, simply read any of my words, and become curious about what I was feeling as I wrote them. You will discover instantly that you are in telepathic communication with me. I will connect you to those sources of energy that align with what you desire. I am not the source, just a messenger and switch board operator.

Love is all,

– Yon

The Magnificent Future, The Parallel Society, & Subconscious Suggestions

Your life will change profoundly… if you read and understand this message.
All good things can flow into your life faster than you ever imagined.

I have had one basic question my entire life: “What is good?”

The answer?  There is always room for improvement, thus we view aspects of goodness on a scale…

Life is better than Death
Prosperity is better than poverty
Health is better than infirmity
Happiness is better than sadness
Ability is better than incompetence
Intelligence is better than stupidity

and of course there is Love… which has no opposite.

All consciousness desires more of what is good -> more life, prosperity, health, happiness, ability, intelligence, love, and every other good quality.

Subconscious suggestions influence us daily. Rarely are those influences for our benefit. The messages that we should be surrounded with, but generally aren’t include the following:
– You are good
– You are worthy
– Your are interesting, fascinating, amazing, wonderful, exciting, sexy, valuable, capable, competent, growing, on track, magnificent, awesome, … good!
– You can do it!
– You can accomplish your goals, you can achieve your dreams
– You are the one who made the choices that has brought you to this point in your life, you could have chosen differently, and you have total freedom to create a new and different future for yourself by exercising your freedom to choose your future decisions
– All good things are coming into your life

These positive suggestions might remind you of the good feelings that you deserve, simply by living. It is your right to live any way you choose, and choosing these ideas may be of value to you.

Do you choose these ideas?
Do you want others to choose these ideas for themselves?

Not everyone does. Infact, most of the power structures on this planet feel threatened by these positive suggestions. It is liberating and shocking to discover that so many of the institutions that we are taught to respect and honor, are actually intent on undermining people, they offer subtle subconscious suggestions like these:
– people are confused, and must be guided and controlled
– people have needs that must be fulfilled, we have compassion for their depravity
– people are all basically the same
– most people are incompetent at living, they need us to tell them what to do and think and how to live
– only the rare individual will ever accomplish anything significant
– most people are the victims of circumstance, and it is unlikely if anything will change that
– it looks like things are getting worse

Institutions also often add this suggestion
– without us there is little hope, if you do what we say, then … (potential of something good)

By putting the two sets of subconscious suggestions side by side, you can see and feel the dramatic difference.

How has this happened?
How has our society so completely accepted subconscious suggestions of such pessimism and degradation?

Indoctrination is the process by which a person is subconsciously influenced to pass along to others the subconscious suggestions being indoctrinated. The subconscious beliefs of a person color everything that s/he will say or do.

From the time a person is born until s/he is ~8 years old, s/he will generally take in and accept as valid the signals offered by the external world; but it’s not completely true, you will hear stories of many young children who even at just a few years old will discover that they are being treated unjustly and will reject the source of the injustice. When someone acts or speaks in a way that communicates to you that you are less than you know in your heart, you do not question yourself, you know it is not true, and you may reject in anger or frustration the source of the degrading beliefs. Nearly all women know what it is like to be thought of and treated as a piece of meat. I think it is safe to say that at one time or another we’ve all been treated as if we are naive or immature or irresponsible or in general “looked down upon”. We can feel the subconscious beliefs of others about us, projected in the way those people act towards us.

Most people are completely unaware of carrying these negative thought seeds and transmitting them to others.

In response to these kinds of interactions, we will generally do one of these things:
– accept it as valid (and feel awful, and engage in self-loathing)
– accept it as valid (and use it as a spring board to become better, feeling wonderful knowing that we are growing)
– reject it (in reactive anger and frustration)
– reject it (by reacting with covert hostility invalidating and minimizing the source)
– reject it (from a position of serenity, simply knowing that it is not true, and having compassion for the source, knowing that it is really his/her own issue that is falsely being projected onto you)

Examples could be given of each, but you understand, you see how it plays out in your life.

So what can we do with these understandings?

Catch of vision of where these understandings lead: Imagine a world where you are surrounded by people who honor and validate you, imagine also that all of the people around you are people that you respect and admire. When you look around you, it is so incredibly rare that you ever feel negativity towards others; you do not feel disgust, you do not feel frustration, you do not worry about what they will think of you, you do not feel that they are making stupid mistakes, you do not feel inconvenienced… instead you feel wonderful that there are such incredible people around you, you feel honored to have them in your life, you feel patient and you make an effort to understand them, you trust the people around you with good reason – they are all honorable and golden-hearted, you are confident of who you are and that others respect you, you feel respected in every interaction, you generally understand the people around you and can comprehend their honest motives easily, you feel that everyone in your life is helping to make your life even better.

This is the world that I am helping to create. It exists, it is real, it is already available to all, you may enter into this world immediately.

We exist as a parallel society which overlaps and interpenetrates the existing global civilization, we live lives of incredible excitement and growth, we associate near constantly with others of like mind. We are all engaged in personal development, as the refinement of character is what allows such a society to exist at all.

Entry into this parallel society is by invitation only, and is offered only to those who are willing to submit to a program of personal development. Our training system allows anyone to uncover their own subconscious negativity and systematically remove it, allowing everyday to be filled with more vitality, excitement, positivity, creativity, and wonder than the day before.

And while the paradigm shift that we are creating will eventually touch the entire world, at this time, our society is not for everyone. Not everyone qualifies. The doors only open to those who are willing to do the work and exert the effort. Literally billions of dollars have been expended to create this global network, if its something you’d like to learn more about, ask me to help you begin the training.


Contact the person who directed you here to learn more.

Reactions to CBS’s Blatant Ron Paul Shun

In response to this: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/317613

It is so interesting to me to try to understand how this happens. Is it like “oops, sorry, we just forgot to include Ron Paul?” Was it a minor oversight? If so, the appropriate thing to do would be to acknowledge it and represent it fairly, with honesty and dignity. We’ve all seen news make mistakes and then responsibly correct themselves. It’s wonderfully refreshing to see that. But 4 days later, and thousands of comments later asking for clarification or explanation, and still no mention of what happened… it becomes pretty obvious that something isn’t quit right inside CBS. There are specific people who are making decisions to not include Ron Paul in the news. And the intention is pretty clear, “we don’t want you to see or think about Ron Paul or the ideas that he presents.” Here is yet another classic example of “information ‘they’ don’t want you to know about”.

Why would the media be concerned about Ron Paul? Because his common sense, genuine, and honest approach to politics makes every other candidate uncomfortable. No other candidate really cares about the American people; all of the other candidates have to posture themselves to continue receiving campaign contributions from their corporate special interest sponsors. We have one candidate who speaks honestly and can clearly articulate what is not working and how to fix it. And we have all the other candidates who basically represent the status quo. It would be easier for the other candidates if Ron Paul was not running, then the insignificant differences between them would seem important.

More people than ever want the r3VOLution, and are ready to stand up and help make it happen. Journalists are in a tough spot, they know they lose their jobs if they step out of line, they have to live and eat too. You can’t really blame the media pawns, (you can have compassion for them, as they live in a state of moral compromise). The reality is that we’ve all compromised ourselves at one time or another. Today we’re stronger than ever, our hearts shine brighter than ever, and we have the strength of honesty to call them out, not with hatred, but with love.

Everyone who does an about face and helps get things moving in the right direction is welcomed back in the family of conscious human life with open arms.There is Glory for those that see the vision early and help make it happen: Ron Paul does win in 2012, he does become President, and the records of history show for all to see, at what point each person gave up their fear and dependency on corruption, and choose to live honestly in support of the constitution, individual liberty, and honest government operated for the one valid purpose of protecting the lives, rights, property, and contracts of all the people.

More and more people are seeing the vision, and choosing to claim their own share of the glory of bringing honesty to America. Ten or 20 years from now, what will you tell your children was your contribution? I’ll get to show them this.

I’ll show them that I was a delegate for Ron Paul at my caucus and county and state conventions. I’ll show the phone call logs of my Ron Paul activist dial from home support. And I’ll share with them the pictures of the incredible people that I worked with to bring honesty and rationality to America. We do it for love. We do it for the future. It’s time. The Revolution is here.

So What do You Think of Ron Paul?

Millions of people are watching Ron Paul. We watch him because we’ve listened to him for more than the 89 seconds that he was afforded during CBS debates, and what he says is refreshing.

But we’re also watching something else. We’re carefully watching you. We watch you and your reactions to the different ways that Ron Paul is presented in the media. We see first hand the power of the media to influence thought. But amazingly, the media’s spell is breaking. Every time the media says, “He’s not electable” something happens inside of you, you can’t even really help it, but you see a little bit more of how the game works. The media influences the way people think by telling people what the media owners want you to think.

It really is that simple. The voice on the TV or Radio speaks the words that become the thoughts of the masses who nod their heads in agreement.

Imagine for a moment if the media was saying, “Ron Paul has the most loyal grass roots organization the country has ever seen!” (he does, he’s been building it for decades) and “He is a very strong contender in the race for GOP Presidential Nomination!” (he is) and “His ideas are clear, rational, popular, and easy to support” (they are).

If the media was saying these things, people would continue nodding in agreement, but now they would be nodding in agreement with ideas that could actually turn our country around.

Just pause a moment and think about it. What people hear and see and read has an impact on them. It’s that simple. People take in what they hear, and read, and see; and those words and images have an effect. Sometimes our ideas are challenged, sometimes our ideas are reinforced, and sometimes we see entirely new ideas that we’ve never seen before.

It’s easy for me to say, “Ron Paul is good for America”, but I don’t expect you to just nod and agree. Why would you, you have seen over and over and over the media attacking him, planting subtle seeds in your mind that cause you to ask, “but isn’t he too extreme?” and “but isn’t he unelectable?”

Just for a moment, don’t even think about politics at all. Just look at the genius of the media “thought shaping system”. It is so elegant, so simple: present the views that you want people to agree with, hide and minimize and ignore the people and ideas that you do not want people to see, think about, or agree with. And if something does come up that you don’t like, be sure to show lots of examples of respected people belittling it.

Whenever anyone voices support for Ron Paul, you subconsciously know that your job is to mirror the positions taken by the respected authority figures you see on TV.

But here is the really weird thing, doesn’t it seem ODD, really RIDICULOUSLY ODD, that all of these people are attacking and belittling Ron Paul? And at the same time there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who speak with clarity and confidence saying, “No really, take a look at him; Evaluate him for yourself using whatever metrics you like. If you like him, cool. And if after looking you still don’t think he’s awesome, that’s just fine too. Look past the media non-sense and find out what he really stands for; find out why so many people are excited about the future: a Ron Paul Presidency!”

About the Author: Yon Cole is a man with a family, a job, a masters degree in physics, and a vision for a bright future. He is another amazing person who has fallen in love with honesty.