This blog is an experiment.  How do we project our hopes, dreams, and wishes out into the universe?  How do we bring those visions of possibility into tangible fruition?

The process is of transmission and rational action.  The transmission, like this, is a projection of thoughts out into the world – an offering of my intellectual creations as a gift to anyone who would find them interesting or valuable.

I strive to increase their value – but ultimately You get to decide.  As their value increases, I will attract to more people to whom I am able to provide value.  Think about how you spend your time.  Something has to be pretty good for you to read it/listen/watch.  Your time is valuable.

So every word is choosen carefully.  My effort is a gift to you.

Use these ideas to elevate your own creations and transmissions – and as value increases, broadcast more broadly with higher volume!

Wealth Creation is closely linked with providing value.  What can we create that benefit people so much that they are willing to pay for it – and how can we create such benefit so that hundreds and thousands find us and accept what we are offering.

It’s a constant growth experiment that leads to Wealth and Happiness!  Enjoy!

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