Dynamic Honesty vs Static Truth – and the New World Bullets

This post was written by Yon on March 8, 2010
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Yon Vetter Cole is profitably trading in closed-ended static truths for open-ended dynamic honesties.

Paul Adams  Ummmm . . . maybe you could give an example?


Honesty is an ever expanding PROCESS or STANCE that integrates new knowledge with the old – forever refining in linear/digital steps.  Static non-changing assertions of “Truths” result in fixation/circular computations and stagnation traps.

Practical Example:  select any group, idea system, organization – evaluate it in terms of “Is this a dynamic open-ended growth PROCESS”?  or is it a “static, final answer, assertion”?

Any group/system/organization which fails to include open-ended evolutionary/growth/expansion/refinement/contribution possibilities is limited by whatever limitations is imposes upon itself.  Start by simply recognize these.

Then later if/when a situation indicates evolution/growth/expansion/refinement/contribution are possible – bypass limiting policies and step beyond the static truths by using result improving honesties – integrated data that delivers superior final products.

Specific Personal Example for you Paul:

Paul, consider how your Yawn Machine does this.  http://www.yawnmachine.com/yawn.htm  You bypassed limiting static concepts of how processes must work or be delivered, and created an entirely new auditing dynamic – delivering valuable results with no monetary obligations – a superior value for many – a linear/digital step forward – from Nothing (0) to Something (1) Positive, Digital, Creation.  It required that you would Step beyond fixated/circular computations.  By doing so, you liberated yourself, and others – and everybody wins with the Yawn Machine!


New Technologies are now being developed that will allow ANYONE to fire limitation seek&destroy digital thought-bullets – allowing anyone to rapidly dump irrational circular computations – to move out of fixed conditions – into new realms of prosperity and excitement.

A bigger game is on the way!  Imagine also, new world thought bullets, like those embedded within this encoded message – being fired out into the masses… where each digital bullet impinges mentally and flips negative ant-life irrationalities, into positive Life-filled Exhilarations.  Digital YES/NO Contrapuntal action jars loose fixated consciousness – allowing instant recognition of Honesty as a forever valid process over manipulated static truths as a stagnation trap.

Catch this vision:  Within ANY ONE PERSON there is a finite amount of close-ended irrationality, which can be profitably flipped to rational open-ended rationality.  This FINITE amount of irrational limitation could theoretically be digitally flipped to rationality by the new world digital contrapuntal thought bullets now being formulated for YOUR use.  By Firing a FINITE number of these life lifting thought bullets, you will ASSIST in the mental liberation and RATIONALIZATION of the planet.  One TINY DIGITAL BIT at a time.  It is the seeming largeness of irrationality that is intimidating – so proper gradients require – identifying and profitably flipping the tiniest digital BITS of Irrationality.  Suddenly the enormity is reduced to tiny bits, and you may begin firing life lifting positives into the world.

What will you encode within YOUR transmission?

How will YOU profitably liberate others.

I am on the verge of monetizing my first magazine of new world digital thought bullets.  Exciting, open-ended, forever valid, contrapuntal, life-lifting, emotion-stimulating, hot-button finding, outside-the-box paradigm shifting, bullets… – simply add these bullets to your marketing, and launch volleys of them into the masses.  Embed them within your valuable creations.

Imagine, you will deliver incredible values to your ‘victims’ and they will hardly be able to help but be benefited.  Why ‘bullet?’  because a bullet is the communication fired off simply, but hard to refuse/dodge/ignore – in penetrates past layers of mental self defense, and upon reaching its target or irrationality, effects an digital bit switch for the benefit of everyone.

How many times have I wounded you in with this barrage?  How many digital bit switches did I flip?  Yes, THAT ONE TOO!
Another and Another!  Or perhaps they impinge below the level of your awareness – subtle, so subtle, because these vision expanding, world revealing, honesty-as-a-process engaging, bullets work whether or not my readers understand them.  Bit, but tiniest digital bit, you will wake up – discover the dynamite contained within this digitally encoded message, capture the vision, evolve your own new world bullets, and join in the profitable onslaught – as ideas liberate quantum consciousness resulting in a velvet revolution.

 Behold thousands and millions, just like me, begin the chain reaction.  Because it is not just me, soon others will be evolving and firing these bullets too… and bit by digital bullet, we will win.  And forever into the future, we will be evolving new life and vision expanding/enhancing communiques.

Catch a glimpse of the future, when life lifting digital mental viruses rapidly evolve paradigm sweeping dynamics.  I can hardly wait to catch that bug!

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Reader Comments

Yon, i think you have surpassed the Neothink language!

AS i was reading ‘this’ time being fully awake–i noticed a tiny error. You say “but hard to refuse/dodge/ignore – (in)penetrates past layers of mental self-defense”.
Should’nt the (in) be ‘IT’ instead??
I think you nicked yourself with one of your own bullets!! (hehe)
Catchya later PORTAL – Miester.


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