03 – What I have done so far

This post was written by Yon on July 13, 2009
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Here is a quick sketch of what I’ve done so far:

  1. I signed up for the FREE Internet Business-In-a-Box!
  2. I took in the next two offers for the 9-easy-steps and the Gold Plus Affiliate programs
  3. I started going through all of the materials – WOW there is a lot! – there are step by step videos for everything!
  4. I signed up as Gold Affiliate for FREE – the first step in the Gold Plus Affiliate program.
  5. Following the second step of the Gold Plus Affiliate program, I upgraded my commission bonus for the products I have rights to sell, I now have 100% commissions on the following products:
    Ewen Chia’s – Autopilot Profits , Desperate for Money (a program showing 15 different blueprints for making $1,000 In 48 Hours Online – I’ll be going through this one soon!), The FREE Internet Business-In-a-Box, Headline Creator Pro, and Mining Gold on the Internet.
  6. I went through the training videos for the Gold Affiliate Program and learned how to create links (like those above) that will take a visitor to a sales page, and if the visitor buys the product I’ll get the commission. (This is the basic “Affiliate Marketing” agreement).
  7. Since I already had a website: www.yoncole.com registered and hosted, there has been no additional costs & I was able to skip the domain registration & hosting sections of the training.
  8. I setup a mysql database for my website, (easier than I thought).
  9. I installed this wordpress blog on my website, (SO EASY IT BLEW ME AWAY!)
  10. I’ve made a few posts on my blog.
  11. I’ve found a few places to post links to my blog, and done so.  (links point to: www.yoncole.com/blog)
  12. I changed the theme on my blog to the cognoblue. Not too important, but interesting.
  13. I started looking at the free products that come with my 30-day free trial of the Easy Profit Strategies subscription.
  14. I updated my blogs ping list, so that new posts automatically notify more search engines for indexing.

Not bad for about 3 hours of effort, 4 hours of audio training done during my commute, and 2 hours of video training! This has been a really interesting experience so far! I’m getting excited about creating my own information products! I would love to help you take a project idea (a report, a course, a how-to video, etc) and turn it into online program and then help you market it!

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