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This post was written by Yon on February 24, 2010
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The opportunities are there!  Here are some hints I’ve picked up from my involvement with The Neothink® Society.

It really all comes down to exchange and creating an honest value for others.

Everyone can find something productive and creative that they are drawn to, you don’t want to pick an area or project that is like an up stream battle for you – you want a project that is like heading down-stream, so your natural attention and energies carry you forward.  Be on the look out for a project that you would LOVE to work on – something you’d work on on a Friday Night and all day Saturday – something more exciting that prime time TV or sports or anything else.  Thank back through the past few years of your weekends, was there ever a weekend you did something that was both creative and fun?

Once you have found a creative/productive project with this kind of down stream feel, the next step is to monetize it.  Since you selected a project type that you love to do, you have a huge advantage over your competition which has lost that fire and now does the job just for the money.  You are able to charge less and work harder with more attention to fine detail.  Quickly your good work and dirt cheap prices get around, and what started as less than minimum wage profits can grow as demand for your services expands, as your efficiency increases, and as your prices naturally raise up toward the level of other professionals.  See how the key to getting started is to find something you LOVE to do!

Often someone will get started in a direction, but then abort the project when they don’t see results immediately.  It’s important to be honest about expectations.  Businesses can take months or years before they have ANY INCOME (the medical device company that I am a partial owner of took 15 years and $105m just to reach market – just to get permission from regulatory bodies to give us the ok to sell a product).  Some of my Internet based businesses also took months of marketing and SEO optimization before they had their first sale.  Having the long-term vision is key.  You may not see any results.  Here is what is going on:  As you are building values, they start small, but every thought, every effort that you put in is building, building, building those values.  Like writing a book, you build value with each revision, each draft, each edit.  Put your products/services out in the market place early – even before they are ‘ready’ – if you are pulling yourself up by your boot straps, you can and should promote FIRST – and then get ready to deliver (be sure your promotion is honest and that you could deliver what you promised, in the time-frames and at the price point you have set).  Expect that no one would take you up on your marketing at the very beginning, but by being ready to take a sales order, by being open to that possibility, someone may find you and your marketing and become your very first customer!  In the mean time, you are building, building, building the value of what you offer, improving your skills, improving your product, expanding the extras and freebies and bonuses that you can offer.

Remember, your goal with each transaction is to WAY OVER DELIVER – exchange in abundance.  You want your customers to be AMAZED by the value that they receive from you.  BLOW THEM AWAY!  After the sale is complete, follow it up with MORE, EXTRA, Unexpected Value – that is cheap/free for you to give away.  Leave your customers feeling SO GOOD about having done business with you, and SO EXCITED to share your name with everyone they know.

As your business grows, you will want to REPLICATE.  The information in the Neo-Tech literature explains this process (you can get it used off of ebay, look for Neo-Tech System, Cosmic Business Control, Nouveau Tech package of Inside Secrets, The Neo-Tech Weapon Pincer Two, SOS Secrets – all of these publications contain the 100 pages on REPLICATION).  But the basic outline is like this:
identify a subset of tasks that you are currently managing that have this property: “these tasks can be performed by one person, and include every action necessary to making profits, and every responsibility for ensuring things are done right”.  In the example of a painting business, you could replicate out other painters.  They would have the responsibility to:

1) achieve the same level of quality that you deliver
2) generate their own business
3) manage the nitty-gritty details for their projects

You are creating a brand name for yourself, you stand behind the quality of your budding painters, you handle complaints/concerns from your customers.  Your painters gain value by being part of your team with growing brand name recognition, they are encouraged to innovate, their pay is directly linked to performance, their tasks & responsibilities and agreement with you are such that you accept only the most basic liability for their work.  Your team know that they are earning MORE MONEY by being part of your team than they would if they were on their own, and because you always provide more value to your team than they are paying you.  You elevate your painters to the next level by showing them how they too can replicate.  As you are able to leverage the efforts of more and more people on your team, your empire and profits grow – and everyone wins: Customers, everyone on your team, and YOU!

This same model is used for just about every business – every chain restaurant or store is achieved through REPLICATION.  Multi-Level Marketing is this same principle stripped down to three components: sales, replication, & personal development.

Big Business is done the same way, with a twist – Each new product is a REPLICATION of ‘the product development cycle’ – the twist is the most big businesses like to keep their ‘worker bees’ in stagnant routine rut specializations – it’s only the white collar managers that really have the opportunity to grow and expand – and among the white collar class, you can find abundant examples of camouflaged laziness – where a manager will delegate responsibilities to worker bees, accept the credit when things go well, and blame the worker bees when it doesn’t.  Such white collar hoaxers gain unearned raises, promotions, prestige, and credit and those that did earn it get jilted – they remain trapped in their specialized tasks, unable to make independent decisions that could profit the company and themselves, always needing approval from the higher ups that benefit from their externally regulated efforts.

REPLICATION and Independent Innovation are the real keys to open ended wealth, and are what Big Business is terrified people will discover.  To keep people from starting their own ventures, Big Businesses have always lobbied for legislation to make starting a business a huge liability and a very confusing process for would be entrepreneurs – artificial and arbitrary barriers – (look up the licensing requirements in your state to see what I mean).  You will especially see when you look at the cycle of an industry – an industry is born by the innovation of one or more companies that grow huge by being their first and winning – and as quickly as they see competition, suggestion laws to regulate the industry that will be relatively easy for a large established venture to satisfy, but a considerable difficulty for any other companies to meet – this is the ‘barrier to entry’.  Big Business also benefits from workers rights movements and unions – these organizations, seemingly opposed to Big Business interest, actually serve to keep smaller businesses down by consuming a larger percentage of their working capital – this allows the Bigger Businesses to maintain their artificial monopolies with higher profits that outweigh the expenses associated with appeasing unions and regulatory requirements.  This same principle also motivates the fomentation of class hatred.
Business should be a happy and voluntary experience – people voluntarily purchasing what they want at prices they find acceptable, and being content if not pleasantly surprised if not thrilled by the quality/value of the products/services they receive.
Find Your Down Stream Focus – the productive/creative action that you would LOVE to do in the Evenings and Weekends.  Monetize it and Promote it.  Build Build Build the value in it.  Have the vision for the long range.  When you do have a customer: Over deliver what you promised – go the extra mile.  Expand and Flourish.  When it comes time, REPLICATE – and do it right – ensuring that everyone is winning, empower your partners with open-ended responsibilities so that their innovation and drive are rewarded.
Do not look for established businesses or governments to create jobs for you – both are failing under their own weight.  Exert the effort to build build build values for others that will grow into a business of your own – but before you begin, be sure that you have the long range vision, and you have selected a project that you would do for free with no visible results for months or years.

If you can’t think of anything, go out and meet people, find out what they do for work and hobbies, find someone who is 4.0 Enthusiastic, and then listen…. listen for something that clicks for you… maybe it’s just the feeling they have about what they’re doing.

(My businesses include: 1 Medical Device Company, Real Estate, website development, 2 affiliate programs that I created, the associated hard-goods order fulfillment for one of them, 3 Multi-Level Marketing businesses, internet sales of information “infopreneuring”, life coaching/mentoring, and writing – I also assist my wife with filming her instructional music lessons, and assist my 2 year daughters with their ebay based jewelry business)

When you love what you’re doing, it’s not about immediate profits, it’s about doing it – as the value builds the profits come.

Why spend so much time writing this up?  Because EVERY SINGLE PERSON that goes into business and delivers real value to his/her customers is making the world a better place.  Wealth is created by individuals who exert effort to elevate the value of their resources.  If I could inspire people to trade in their prime time television watching hours for productive effort, not only would their lives improve, but the total wealth of our world would be raised.  Everyone benefits.  And it is very likely that I would benefit directly, possibly as your first customer!

I bet you would LOVE to be among the first customers for a budding new PASSION ENFLAMED Entrepreneur – a person committed to seeing that every last detail of your order was handled perfectly, and was willing to over deliver on a way under priced service.  You should have seen the faces of some of my first customers!  Their happy expressions of excitement made me a businessman – a capitalistic value creator – a voluntary exerter of productive efforts.

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