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This post was written by Yon on January 30, 2010
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The Supreme Court Decision to allow unlimited funds from corporations in Political Campaigns certainly is a serious situation.  But notice the possible answers now being proposed.
Listen to the FEAR in their voices as they tell you “our country and our politicians are going to be bought off by the rich”

The answer is obvious, but why won’t those with fearful voices come out and say it: The answer is to HOLD GOVERNMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION – Government SHOULD NOT be doing anything that is NOT contained, explicitly, in the document that we used to form our country.

The REASON is that these who attempt to stimulate you with FEAR, who decry the idea of others wielding unlimited POWER IN GOVERNMENT secretly wish to WIELD IT THEMSELVES.

They speak of “American Democracy”, our country IS NOT a “Democracy” – a Democracy is when the majority may wield the FULL POWER of GOVERNMENT as they see fit.
Our Country was founded as A CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED REPUBLIC – where IT DOESN’T MATTER if 99% of the people want to kill you, you are still entitled to a fair trial before an impartial jury of your peers.  Where YOU MAY EXERCISE YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH or PRESS or RELIGION, without fear of having your property seized or being required to present your papers or being harassed by authorities or losing your rights or privacy.

If you really want to protect the little guy, all you need to stand up for is “THE RIGHTS OF EVERY LAST INDIVIDUAL PERSON”.  The Democrats are willing to stand up for “The Rights of Minorities” and “The Rights of the Poor”, and whatever other voting block they can afford to protect.  The Republicans seem to be bought and paid for already by big business, by the military/industrial/complex, and by the Federal Reserve (a private company, with a deceptive name, with secret share holders, that has a Federal Mandate to print our ‘legal tender’ – that charges interest on the money in prints, and has a fiduciary responsible for making profits for its share holders, … and the US Treasury could just as easily have printed the money, and saved US Taxpayers $Billions per year).  And Both parties are willing to pass all manner of non-sense legislation that gives big business effective monopolies (established big businesses secretly LOVE regulation, because their cost to comply with the regulations is just a tiny percent of their operating costs, and new budding competitors see the regulatory bar rising and rising and give up saying “we don’t have the capital to get our product/service to market with those regulations” – and with no competition, big businesses are able to rise their prices… even more than they are paying to satisfy the regulations) – you listen and both party will say, “We agree that there must be regulation, it’s just a question of how much”.

The vilification of the Corporation and Profits is not the answer either – because nearly every material thing you value exists because of the Genius business men and women who have figured out how to deliver these valuable products to you – at prices that both reward their hard work (and sustain their lives), but also allow you the choice to VOLUNTARILY PURCHASE the product or not as you see appropriate.  Companies that don’t seek political favors, that conduct themselves honestly, that deliver valuable products at decreasing prices, … these ARE what make our economy go!  It is PRECISELY their PROFITS that allow them to create jobs (without profits a company cannot create another job that long endures – [note that cash reserves can be used to create a job, but such jobs will only endure when they result in profits]).  Contrast the Benevolence of Honest Business, with Malevolence of our Government or with Dishonest Business that (often covertly) seek monopoly inducing regulations in their industries:  Our government DECIDES how much each individual will pay, and what they shall receive for paying their ‘fair share’.  The lies that ‘everyone benefits so everyone must pay’ and ‘I don’t mind paying my taxes, so shut up and pay yours’ and ‘you must be greedy to talk about ending government programs that provide for the poor/elderly/sick/and handicapped’ – These are lines that are said by people who Don’t Value their resources and see no way to do better with their resources than what the government is doing.  When you value your resources, you have an internal demand that they be expended creating the greatest value, and when you earn your resources honesty by creating real values for your customers, you have no guilt about spending your money as you see fit.  It is only when people acquire money through deceptive forms of theft that they feel guilty and must atone by sacrificing their unearned resources to ‘higher causes’.  But any honest person, seeing inefficiencies in government compared to other ways of utilizing his or her resources SHOULD naturally feel frustrated.  Imagine seeing two companies side by side, offering similar products, but one charges more and has sour faced men out front – and then the government tells you, under threat of losing your house, that you had better buy from the men with the sour bureaucratic faces, and when you suggest “I think I’d like to shop around,” they gently pull back their overcoats to reveal their steel.

It is precisely market pressures of being able to choose to VOLUNTARY Support a business or program that will make those businesses or programs motivated to deliver the most value for the resources consumed.  ‘There are some projects that could only be done by government, and only if everyone paid their fair share’ -> well, if we can’t fund it VOLUNTARILY, I would prefer to not have it funded at all.  I would NOT want to accept the responsibility of using the THREAT of a THUG FORCE to bring my pet project to fruition.  Yet that is what EVERY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM DOES!  Behind the ‘for the public good’ there is a VERY UGLY CREATURE of DARKNESS.  “Yeah, but, it’s the only way to get anything done” … sure it may be expedient to FORCE PEOPLE TO FILL YOUR PET PROJECT’s PURSE, but deep down those who do this secretly feel worthless, they must constantly avoid thinking about what they have done with FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY – they must always avoid the thought of “what about the people that didn’t want to pay their fair share” – those people must never be thought of, they are ‘greedy’ and ‘selfish’ and ‘stupid’ and ‘they have no vision’ and ‘they have no compassion’ and ‘they just don’t understand’ and … ‘and they probably get their money by stealing or defrauding their victims with their little con-man business operations’ -> notice that it is precisely the people that use government force to fund their projects that say these things about those that don’t want to pay for it… and really, it is the people PROMOTING THE GOVERNMENT PROJECT that have these EXACT QUALITIES!
No, our country is NOT a DEMOCRACY, and those who are afraid of someone else taking control are really scared of LOSING THE POWER that they DISHONESTLY wield.

The ANSWER is to CUT GOVERNMENT back to TINY TINY TINY – to use VOLUNTARY contributions to support our public works.  Hold the Government to THE CONSTITUTION.

Gave a government that PERFORMS ITs ONE TRUE PROPER FUNCTION: to physically protect ALL of the people from those that would commit violence and fraud, and to bring restorative justice to the innocent that are injured by the guilty.

EVERY OTHER aspect of government that is NOT focused on PROTECTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL in BODY, PROPERTY, and CONTRACT is unnecessary – and could just as easily be delivered by voluntary participation in social organizations.

See through the lies of lazy politicians who see the easy way to fame and glory in mobilizing a THUG FORCE to provide the naive with their every last desire.

See through the lies of dishonest political activists who claim American is a Democracy, and that we need to fight back to protect our way of life.

See through the lies of the bought-and-paid-for media men and women who unthinkingly and without understand defend all manner of irrationality about the economy:  the health of the economy is based on one thing: PROFITABLE PRODUCTION – those with money that could be used to create jobs via investment will not do so until it is clear that there is stability – what kind of stability are they looking for – they want confidence that our government is not going to swoop in and laden their industry down with fresh new regulations that will give undue benefit to a competitor or undermine their profit margin.  When the Government is actively imposing all manner of new regulation in every industry, no company is safe, and in such a situation the ONLY RATIONAL COURSE OF ACTION would be to ‘sit and wait’ or to move overseas where there is a bit more stability.  STABILITY above ALL ELSE is needed to make Business Decisions – even a 90% rate of taxation is preferable to the chaos of a government that will regulate or nationalize at whim.

See through the lies of the Federal Reserve and the Media and Politicians that Defend it.  The Federal Reserve is the biggest fraud in the history of our planet; we should shut it down immediately, print our own money, and not pay interest on it.

Don’t believe anyone who invalidates a third party; they are just parroting back what they were told by dishonest people who want your resources, who want easy glory and fame, and who want control.  It is time to clean sweep our government, and put into office individuals who have never been there, and who can agree to a few simple points:

1)  Governments ONLY PURPOSE is to protect the ALL of the people, physically, their property, and their contracts.
2)  All other aspects of Government are unnecessary and should be sold off in the most profitable way possible to pay for the commitments our government has already bound itself to.
3)  Empower the STATES to find the best solutions they can – and allow states to enter friendly competition with each other to deliver the product of “The best place to live and work”.
4)  The LIMITS on Government specified in Constitution of the United States should be STRENGTHENED with an over-riding PRIME LAW that ELIMINATES the Governments use of INITIATORY FORCE.  (Initiatory force is different from reactionary force.  It is appropriate to respond with force when attacked or threatened.  It is also appropriate to respond with force to someone who is using coercion or fraud.  Government must respond VERY STRONGLY to anyone who or any country that INITIATES force or threat of force or fraud against ANY INDIVIDUAL PERSON in this country.  But it is COMPLETELY in violation of RATIONALITY to sanction ANY use of INITIATORY FORCE, this could be the definition of NOBILITY – real nobility is when the strong restrain themselves from EVER using INITIATORY FORCE.  )
The Opposition to this idea will be INTENSE.  In every case, the ONLY explanation for the opposition will be THAT INDIVIDUAL GAINS BENEFIT from the Government’s use of INITIATORY FORCE.  He or She is dependent upon a THUG FORCE for his well-being or livelihood or the benefits s/he gains from the government.  In ALL such cases, the response is simple, “What benefit are you afraid of losing?” (answer) “Would you consider hiring a THUG FORCE to help you have that?”  if the response is “yes”, then you turn from him or her and announce to the world or any other passers by, “This man would hire THUGS to FORCE YOU to pay for his/her pet project.  I personally feel threatened by him/her and the THUG FORCE s/he is considering mobilizing to coerce us to fund his/her dishonest project.  TODAY YOU HAVE A CHOICE, will you support this Mafia Don, this would be Criminal, because of a promise s/he makes to share with you the spoils of his/her exploits?  Or will you choose rationality and life, and prevent this man from attacking and injuring the innocent?”

I have signed my name to a contract that I swear to uphold – By it I swear that I will NEVER vote in support of legislation that INITIATES FORCE or Threat of Force or Fraud against ANY INDIVIDUAL, PROPERTY, or Contract.
Given a choice to do so, those who have signed a similar contract will ALWAYS receive my vote before someone who is on the fence about whether or not the Government should be INITIATING VIOLENCE against the Innocent.

We are nearing the end of the a 2500 year era of camouflaged violence and force against the innocent, perpetuated by the cleaver and lazy by making promises to the naive.  We are nearing the birth of rational civilization and where honesty, self-responsibility, self-restraint, and productive effort replace: irrationality, irresponsibility, violence, criminality, fraud, camouflaged laziness, and deceit.

To learn more about the newly formed political party (formed July 2009), please visit:

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