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This post was written by Yon on January 11, 2010
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In the near future I will be making yet another launch into the world.

Think about this:  in order to earn an honest living, there are two routes:  create values for yourself AND/OR create values for others and trade your creations via mutually beneficial voluntary exchanges.

I am Moving MORE AND MORE in the direction of creating values for OTHERS!  As I increase my ability to do this, I will be more efficient and draw better and better returns.

Consider for example a new business in webdesign.  I am currently in process of building a website for a friend, you can take a look at what I’m working with here:

In the process of creating a valuable website for my friends, I AM GROWING!  Instead of watching TV or other distractions I am creative a value for someone else and learning in the process.  This takes my skills to the next level, increases my ability to create values for others, and… I’m getting paid to do it! (You wouldn’t believe what I’m charging it’s so low!)

The idea of launching a fully realized business with huge profits right from day one is exciting, but as of this moment that is outside of my sweet spot.  One project at a time as I grow is realistic and fun and exciting!

For the past year I have been going through a training program unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  And very soon I will be ready to make this same program available to others in my area!  I will act as a contact point and facilitator for this intense program.  Imagine if you had access to something wonderful and you were the first person in your area to be able to make it available to others!  I have just written an advertisement that I will be placing in the local newspaper.

This is me launching into the world of creating values for others!

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