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This post was written by Yon on December 31, 2009
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Before any business achieves profitability and success it has to go through that most important building and germination phase.  I remember once hearing the story of a kind of bamboo that grows roots for 29 years before ANYTHING develops above the ground, then in year 30 with a well developed root system, that bamboo plant will grow more than twenty feet tall!

The realities of business, particularly this early building phase are never talked about in school so most people have no idea what it takes and what kinds of expectations they should have.  This is certainly one of the reasons that people are so fast to judge a budding entrepreneur.  It is also a primary reason that so many start up companies are abandoned.

Once you see the big picture, as gained in the Neothink Society founded by Mark Hamilton and in Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts, it is far easier to steadily build your empire, starting with the root system.

Just think!  As more and more people discover the excitement of building their passions into part time businesses, and stick with it for a few years, there will be thousands of new successful companies creating exciting products and services – driving down prices, stimulating the economy, and increasing standards of living for everyone!

Keep up the great work!



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