More about GIN (The Global Information Network)

This post was written by Yon on December 22, 2009
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More about GIN (The Global Information Network)

The Global Information Network is a combination of:
1) a private social network for incredibly cool people – I am amazed by the quality of people that I get to associate with as a result of my membership!
2) a source of global geopolitical/economic information – how to protect your assets, reduce tax liability, grow your income, investment opportunities in pre-launch/early-launch, etc
3) an incredible training program – The Basic Training is delivered in 12 courses or levels, and then subject specific training is based on interest (Real Estate, Trading in Stocks and/or Forex, forming corporate/legal entities, health, martial arts, mental abilities)
4) Live Trainings & Networking Events – There are four weekend long events per year that are free to members – the first was in Cancun Oct-Nov 2009, the next is in Dominican Republic Jan 2010.  These are remarkably affordable events and VERY EXCITING! – You can also listen to the training online if you can’t make it.
5) A vehicle for wealth creation – there is an affiliate program that is free to participate in, which also includes many incredible free events as well.

To learn more, become an affiliate for free:

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