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The easiest way to manipulate the masses is to direct the discourse.

If life were “Good vs Evil” or “White vs Black”, everyone would see the Evil and withdraw their support, and Evil would lose.

Evil knows this and so evil seeks always to disguise itself.  Evil LOVES to make the debate Red vs Blue, Prolife vs Prochoice, Insurance Companies vs the people,  Religion vs Science

When Evil can wiggle it’s way OUT of the spot light it is then able to create manipulations that allow it to advance it’s agenda.


What is the nature of Good and Evil?
Life/Liberty/Justice = Good  (Note: Liberty = Freedom w/ Responsibility)
Death/Murder/Destruction/Criminality = Evil

Evil is not the people that break the laws out of feelings of desperation.
Evil is attempting to make their thievery and fraud acceptable under the law.
The problem with the Health Insurance is NOT that there is “Not enough Regulation”, the problem is NOT that health insurance companies are “too large” or “too profitable” or that “they can just drop you” or “they can claim pre-existing conditions”…

The black and white picture of the health insurance industry is this:
1) regulations require that any company offering plans that cover medical treatment meet an incredible number of requirements
    These requirements set a quality standard for the whole country.
    Established companies helped write these standards.
    Established companies spend a tiny percentage of their resources on meeting them.
    Any new health insurance company would be required to meet these requirements at considerable expense and would require a huge percentage of their start up resources.
    The effect of ‘minimum standards’ is to keep out of the industry new companies that would try to compete.
    The regulations act as a barrier to entering the marketplace

    These regulations do NOT benefit the consumer!  The established companies are already meeting these standards, the regulations are a direct attack on small would be insurance providers by the established companies in the industry.  They remove CHOICE from the marketplace, the choice to buy less insurance, the choice to buy from companies that you like better.  By removing competition, those that remain in the industry naturally raise their prices since competing has suddenly become more expensive.

  (Imagine if Rolls Royce successfully lobbied congress so that all cars must have their newest safety system costing $3k or even $10k or even $50k – [the more the better for Rolls] whatever the increase is, it will be a comparatively smaller increase for the most expensive cars, but for cheap cars it is a HUGE price increase, suddenly people see the price tag on a Rolls Royce and think, ‘gee, it’s not that much more!’)

   The bottom line is that regulations and quality standards in ANY INDUSTRY will ALWAYS work to the advantage of the ESTABLISHED COMPANIES in those industries.  They are typically already meeting those standards, so requiring by law that other companies meet them as well, is really an aggressive action by the established companies to gain advantage over their competition.  It is always sold as “for the consumer’s benefit”, but it is really saying, “No consumer has the right to buy _____ with less quality than this standard.”  ie, “IF YOU WANT HEALTH INSURANCE, then YOU MUST PURCHASE A PLAN THAT MEETS THESE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.”

“What if I don’t want ALL of that?”  “WELL, THEN YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY!”
The law currently is written to PENALIZE anyone (up to $2500/year) for choosing to NOT have insurance.  Do you think this will help or hurt the Insurance Industry?


2)  Regulations LIMIT THE LIABILITY for INSURANCE COMPANIES!  In fact, under the new proposed law it would be impossible to take your insurance company to court in most situations!  So even though the laws appear to be tough on insurance companies, if they are granted additional limits upon their liability, there is even more opportunity for abuse.

Established Insurance Companies LOVE the new legislation!  It is not HARD ON THEM!

Evil is attempting to keep out of the market place any competition by setting still higher quality standards and requirements.
At the same time, making it easier for insurance companies to get away with fraud.
What is the reform that we SHOULD be seeing?

 – make it easier for new insurance companies to start up and compete.
 – let the consumers decide their level of coverage and the quality standards that are appropriate for them.
 – remove the limits on insurance company liability so that they may be held accountable in courts
 – allow insurance companies and their customers to enter legally binding contracts that define their agreement, and ensure that courts can handle these cases as efficiently as possible.

 – allow the market place to decide what kinds of clauses and coverages are appropriate, and how expensive they should be.


Communicate to everyone in the US that healthcare is not a Right, like freedom of speech, religion, association, press, etc.

The difference between healthcare and our Rights, is that our Rights do not require someone else’s resources.

When Healthcare is considered as a right, a claim is laid upon either: the doctor (who should be free to decide how much his/her time is worth – and whether or not to work), and/or the taxpayer.

No matter how hungry I am, I do not have a right to steal the farmers corn.
No matter how sick I am, I do not have a right to make people pay for my doctor’s bill, not even when doctor gives taxpayers a great deal.

Evil seeks to polarize the debate between two parties/ideas that can both be used for either Good or Evil.

Who is the value creator?
Who is the value destroyer?

That is what it should come down to.

“Think of the Children” “Think of the Poor” “Think of the Uninsured” – noble sounding ideas, and they could be noble ideals,
but when these ideas are used to create massive bureaucratic systems that are rewarded with increased funding for poor performance, where a politician can create cushy jobs and appoint his political friends to sit them, when these ideas have the real effect of wastefully consuming resources, and increasing the resources confiscated through threat-of-force taxation from honest value producers, it is easy to see that such programs should NOT be around.

All of the social good type programs SHOULD be paid into voluntarily, but let individual people decide whether or not to support them, if they become inefficient, people will stop supporting them, and when people look around and say, “something should be done about it”, instead of running to their politicians, they should organize!

Well organized community efforts receive donations.
Those that do are using their resources towards their stated objectives well enough that noble people voluntarily contribute.

When you have to FORCE someone to pay for something, you can be pretty sure that it’s NOT a good deal.
Yet EVIL wants “everyone must pay, because this is a noble cause” and “everyone must pay, because everyone benefits”.  EVIL uses force, fraud, and threat of force to achieve it’s aims.  Business uses Value to motivate voluntary exchanges.  People who pay for something voluntarily are FAR more likely to be happy with their purchase.


EVIL seeks to keep the people confused, to see the insurance companies as the problem, and the only solution is to regulate them more.
The HONEST answer is to stop doing business with them.

“BUT WE NEED INSURANCE, and there are no other options!” – Exactly!  And how is more regulation going to help new companies enter the market place?


A “Public Option” works the same way, it subsidizes a quality standard at someone else’s expense.


See through the rhetoric of “Greedy Insurance Companies”, and see that this ‘reform’ is really just more of the same, legislation to that will ultimately boost profits and LOWER the required value delivered for established and inefficient insurance companies that don’t want competition.
 – Yon

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