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This post was written by Yon on August 7, 2009
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WOW what a day of major break throughs! It may not sound like much, but today I am putting a form on my blog for YOU to subscribe to my newsletter! I won’t be sending out much, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe on every email, but this is a major step.

What valuable content will I be sending you that would motivate you to sign up? I’ll be sending you some INCREDIBLE IDEAS -> have you ever had a valuable idea? An idea that made you so proud to have figured it out? These are the little nuggets that I’ll be sending to you. Short, Sweet, and not too often. They’ll give you a little boost! Go sign up now in the top right corner! (Please.)

Here is how I did it:

To put the little advertisement on the side of my blog, I had to log in as an Administrator to my blog, then I clicked on “Appearance” and “Editor”. On the right hand side I needed to pick the template files to modify: I selected “sidebar_l.php” I read through the code to see what was going on. It was written in php and was a bit confusing with custom function calls. I found a spot that looked like it might work, and I pasted in the code I got from the gold affiliate program Business-In-A-Box campaign program. If you’re interested in getting started just click the advertisement and sign up for the Free Course, it’ll show you how to access these links so that YOU can start making money online!

After I pasted in my code, I clicked update and then I checked and THERE IT WAS! So simple! If you’re trying to do this right now and are confused on where to put the code I’ll show you. Inside the theme, I looked for something that I could see on the screen, and I found this:

“Latest Posts”

and right above it, I posted my code:

I did the same with the form – now this one wasn’t as easy, I spent hours developing my subscription system! But I just found the spot I wanted to put it, and I copied the code… and after a bit of html magic I got it looking like I wanted it.

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