The Global Community of Open-Hearted Awesome is Everywhere!

This post was written by Yon on March 26, 2015
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The global community of open-hearted awesome is everywhere!

Simply expect people to have open-hearts; treat people like they are awesome; they’ll catch on soon enough.

(Danger, what follows includes linguistic self-expressions which the mentally unfree and emotionally insecure may find offensive, as I am about to tear apart mental structures of fear based societal conditioning…)

There is a heavy, heavy societal emotional conditioning which says: “You can’t extend your enthusiastic euphoric self-expression into the world without danger” (people may call you crazy and take you away, or they might take offense and kill you, or they might just decide that you’re weird and shun you and exclude you from their lives).

[yes, I too have been shunned for being too awesome, …they called it ‘weird’, and I pretended not to feel crushed, felt suicidal for 15 years, before healing the past and integrating the life lessons. And it is certainly true that I creeped out more than a few magnificent women that I couldn’t help but love and drink in a little too deeply, such was my heart as a boy-child. [Today I know that the greatest love I can give to all women is to love MY WOMAN, MY WIFE, with all my heart, and prove to the world what authentic masculine love for a woman can be.]]

The work we are doing is actually ATTACKING this emotional conditioning structure, we laugh in it’s face, we stand up to it, we say: “I will be awesome anyway! I will be awesome even though they may kill me. I would rather live every moment as the living radiant fire that I AM, than hide myself and my light for fear of … ” … and that’s just it… what were we afraid of?

Whatever it was: we cross the threshold, dare to fly free and honest, dare to love deeply, communicate authentically, dance irresponsibly (yes, I don’t know what it means either), sing embarrassingly (and then decide to not be embarrassed after all), live without regrets, embrace every moment, and tell the awesome people you meet how we feel about them, we let the chips fall where they may … and everyone else will simply start to catch on.

This is the new global culture. It’s time. It’s time to love people, even though they may kill us or hate us or try to send us to padded rooms.

It takes courage. But let me tell you how grateful I am to those who have proven to me that the fears are unfounded. O My Liberators: O sweet angels of dance freedom, and O heroic champions of chemical-free natural euphorias, and O the infinitely sexy euphoric communicators of love and power and acceptance and freedom; O the triumphant jungle bitches and their unbreakable spirits; and O the titans of honesty and rationality who pledge their sacred honor to protect the lives, rights, and property of us all. How can I show them my gratitude but by embracing their messages and telling the world that these champions are right! How can I honor them more than by being myself: FEARLESSLY.

The party is starting. The bass thumps, the drops ripple with sick-delicious eargasmic wonder (and if you haven’t had an eargasm yet, you’ll know when you do, oh my!); the fun of being awesome becomes toooo compelling for people to resist, and suddenly… the once fearful explode onto the dance floor gyrating in awkward and curious awesomeness as they find their feet and realize that we love them even more just for deciding to come out and play. They are all loved and accepted exactly as they are.

[all bigotry, all invalidation, is rooted in personal insecurity. Expressions of awesomeness can activate those feelings of insecurity, bringing them right up to the surface, and that is where we have seen violence and covert attacks starting. We need not express ourselves so freely to everyone that they feel offended or violated. We certainly never need to push ourselves into anyone else’s space… ] […hey, I gave fair warning.] [… and this is just the tiniest fraction of what I would say, if it weren’t for fear of … -oh, what a hypocrite I am, but I can embrace that too…]

[maybe one day there will be a space for even greater authenticity…] [… until then I offer as much as feels right, and then privately revel in my own magnificence beyond that which others may suspect… I just wish others knew how magnificent they are, because if you knew… if you only knew… you would explode as you cried golden tears brighter than the sun, shattering all illusions- tears of euphoric gratitude for your own being, gratitude to the source of all for every moment of precious life…. and those radiant tears would dissolve the illusion that the only reality is love and love only…. you would know that this universe started with a big bang born from a golden tear from someone just like you…] (ah poetic gibberish)

Is the world “ready”?

No. Not yet. Spiritually, there are many people who are still craving and needing the experiences of offering to the world bigoted arrogant judgemental condescending invalidative rigid stiff clumsy fearful unawesome stupidity. As spiritual beings they must be allowed the freedom to have these experiences. And similarly, there are others who having been on the delivering side, who today deny completely that they ever offered such energy to the world; they must now experience the receiving side, the balance of karma, what ye sow so shall ye reap; in their receiving they baptism is with fire; and the pain of being “a victim” carves a larger space within their hearts, as they come to see, ‘yes I too am no better’… and then the swift balm of healing forgiveness can bring mercy and redemption. … And on the far side, the true liberation brings us gratitude beyond measure: Gratitude for the whole cycle – Behold, we have given ourselves the greatest gift we could have given, for here on the far side we know the horrifying embarrassment and degradation of being cruel, the pain of denying our own reality- our own selves, the pain of experiencing ourselves what we caused others to feel, and the full integration of the cycle. “Now I know completely this aspect of the human experience” aho & amen.

Many more such cycles await us, as we spiral into euphoric magnificence, touching hearts, opening minds, discovering the breadth, depth, width, heights, extends… of love… beyond all limits.

John 14:12

So have we been called.

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