The Living Waters

This post was written by Yon on December 8, 2013
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Inside each person there is a spark of magnificence, love, power, perfection. It may wake up for the briefest moment every now and then. But the mental machinery that soul uses to interface with the body is incredibly powerful and has incredibly aggressive ‘auto-pilot’ type functions. As soul gets up the courage to try once again to assert manual-override on that equipment there are sensations that hit awareness… you might liken them to the awful mechanical vibrations/jarrings that would come from trying to have your cart’s wheels not in the well worn grooves of an ancient cart-path.

Speaking words that contain a higher quality of honesty and rationality is an invitation for soul to once again awaken. (hello there, sweet magnificent wonder! You are so amazing and so good and so appreciated!)

Before attempting to install new mental machinery, or modify the previously existing auto-pilot routines… consider simply supplying those you love with the breath of life, the spaciousness, love, and freedom. The total acceptance. The total validation of who they are. Give them, as deeply as you can from the wellspring of your being, the living waters. Give this consistently and give only this until they are ready for more.

The greatest gift we can give is the gift of ourselves. The world is thirsting for your magnificence. I’m am so grateful that you are here, that you understand, that you can help. We are changing the world. We are saving the world. With love and honesty. You are so incredible, so powerful, so heroic, so good.

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