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This post was written by Yon on July 28, 2009
Posted Under: Marketing

I’ve had a number of project ideas that have just recently come into view:

  1. Because I don’t want to pay for an auto-responder system (opt-in forms, email confirmation, message management, user subscription management, opt-out form, etc) I’m inclined to build my own! (After sending my first email message through PHP, I’m one step closer to the final product. Other recent experience with php/mysql connectivity will make this a fun project to work on. I also see that this would be a valuable product for others interested in getting started with their newsletters.
  2. Affiliate Programs! – I would love to learn how to set up an affiliate program, so that affiliates could join my sites and promote products… and I could help others set up their own affiliate programs for their products. The affiliates promote the products, customers buy those products, the product originators & the affiliates both get paid, the affiliates are able to track their effectiveness.

Both of those projects seem very interesting to me. I’m looking forward to developing them… and then marketing them!

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