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People with INTENSE ENERGY are frequently misunderstood.

Some people elevate such individuals, placing them on pedestals, believing them to be faultless, and feeling hurt when others see them differently.

Others see that these same individuals with INTENSE ENERGY as leaving behind them a trail of wreckage and shattered lives, and they ignore all else and invalidate any benefits gained by those who like the ‘leader’.

These ‘leaders’ themselves may look only at the happy crowd that stays with them, while ignoring or dishonestly pretending that there aren’t others who aren’t happily satisfied…

These leaders might then blame the injuries in their wake on the weaknesses and attitudes and smallnesses of those that didn’t make it. “Did you actually listen to the YWIYC CDs?” (no? then what basis do you have?) “Did you actually pay for the GIN membership and use the product/information as recommended?” (no? then your opinion is irrelevant.) (oh, you did? do you accept full responsibility in your life? then why are you playing the victim card? Stop acting like a loser and grow up. I don’t care if you don’t like me, I want you to succeed in life, and if you think you can do that better without me, that’s fine, you have total freedom, but don’t blame me, don’t pretend that I compelled you or manipulated you into doing something that you didn’t want to do. I offered what I offered, and all the warning signs and disclaimers were there, and either you didn’t see them, or you ignored them. In any event, blaming me for anything is actually an invalidation of your own power and responsibility and that of others. If you believe in people, if you actually want people to grow into mature responsible self-respecting individuals, you must allow them to own the responsibility for their lives. I don’t care if you see me as a scam artist/con-man, I don’t care if you work to educate others so that they are not taken in by scams, I don’t care if you try to create something better. Trying to convince people that they are victims or have been victimized actually infects their minds with the belief that they are less powerful and less able than they actually are and could be. Building people up means that they must reach a point of accepting responsibility for everything in their lives.)

With a product (GIN Membership) that includes a free sample (YWIYC) that is PAID FORWARD by the affiliates building the affiliate program, and that free sample includes basic training that says, ‘stop complaining, you are responsible for everything in your life’ …
And the membership agreement basically says: ‘we guarantee you nothing, you get whatever we provide, you can quit at any time, you basically can’t rejoin if you quit, we can kick you out at any time for any reason, and we can take your money and disappear at any moment’.

That original setup was DESIGNED so that only certain kinds of people would join. MOSTLY it’s to create a space where exceptionally awesome can gather, people who understand exactly the situation they are entering, and they enter into that situation voluntarily and with their eyes wide open. They know they will have no complaints if they get NOTHING out of GIN (ie, they pay, their money is gone, they have no recourse, and GIN is gone). Exceptionally awesome people would STILL NOT COMPLAIN if this happened, because they would have understood that this was the real worst case possibility, they acknowledged it, and they entered GIN emotionally prepared for that exact scenario.

Unfortunately there is also another group that do become members: they don’t really understand the situation. They don’t believe that the worst case scenario is actually possible. They have false and delusionary notions that they are paying for something other than what the club PROMISES. The club PROMISES that there is no guarantee you will get anything, that there is no guarantee that GIN will be around tomorrow. THAT is the real promise. (“We promise that we will NOT guarantee…”) Imagining it any other way is self-deception. Presenting GIN any other way is dishonest. What I can do as a member/affiliate is make a personal promise to those that I sponsor, “If you become a member, I will do by best to ensure you have access to the training materials if GIN ever goes away. I will do my best to give you the opportunity to meet the people that I have met in GIN that I found to be exceptional and valuable individuals.”

Those who have false and delusional ideas about what GIN guarantees and promises may be in store for a kind of rude awaking/disillusionment experience. When it comes, it will either crush their spirits and reveal their weakness/smallness/irresponsibility/whining/loserishness -OR- they will allow that experience to crack through their previously inadequate mental processes that allowed them to operate with delusional expectations. If they do this, a tremendous surge of energy and vitality will arise within them as they reclaim their authority and power and personal responsibility. At that point they can then say “I didn’t do my due diligence when I joined, I did not honestly acknowledge the actual worst case scenario, and I accept MY responsibility for MY choices to not do so.” They may then say either a) “I now choose to leave this club.” or b) “I choose to stay here, at least for now, with my eyes opened a bit wider. I recognize that there may be even more that I don’t know, and I may be in store for greater disillusionment yet, and I accept responsibility for that as well.”

Asserting that GIN is all about money, or that it is a scam, are actually dishonest self-defense mechanisms designed to diminish the rational pain that would be experienced by acknowledging personal responsibility for previously inadequate mental processes.

I have gone into many things that people consider to be scams. I have done so with my eyes wide open.
In all cases, I accept full responsibility for my experience.
I have not always gotten the value that I had hoped for, and I have experienced some worst case scenarios of losing my entire investment and saw no benefit.
But even then, I don’t call it a scam, instead saying: “It didn’t work out the way I hoped.” + “I wouldn’t choose to do business with them again.”
To imagine that people are weak, ignorant, victims, incapable of discernment, unable to to deal with the wreckage that may follow a bad decision… the real wreckage is self-inflicted when people fail to acknowledge their personal responsibility, and then carry the weight of negativity forward with them and continue to experience those negative aspects continuously forever… until they finally say, “I’m done with that. I did it. I did it to myself. I made the choice. I took the step. I paid the money. I put in the time. I had failed to actually acknowledge the worst case scenario. I did that too. It was MY MENTAL/EMOTIONAL processes that short circuited the step of looking at the worst case scenario. And then I blamed something outside of myself for hours/days before I accepted personal responsibility. …”

Paying $1 or $100,000,000,000 ($100B) into something, with false expectations sets up anyone to be ‘scammed’ and to carry the feeling of being ‘scammed’ forward until personal responsibility is acknowledged.

The moment the actual worst case scenario in any decision is acknowledged, you can never be scammed again.

The essence of every ‘scam’ is a failure on the part of the ‘victim’ to take personal responsibility. (Fraud and Theft are different. They are real crimes. And people go to jail for them.)

Selling products that speak directly to personal responsibility, that challenge people to gain the benefits of accepting personal responsibility is putting yourself directly in front of those most likely to either a) get profound benefit from your offering, or b) decide it was a scam.

Was it a scam? THAT is always, and ONLY, up to you.

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