Negativity, Gratitude & Co-Workership

This post was written by Yon on September 20, 2013
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There is so much that could be better. The CDs that I am sharing with you provide the most important training I have ever heard anywhere about how anyone can make their lives better.

Life is lived one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, … one moment at a time.

A happy life is made by filling the days, hours, minutes, and moments with LOVE, POWER, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, and every good quality that you desire to experience.

The mastery of life is learning how to create THIS ONE MOMENT as perfectly as you can.

Scientology works in two directions:
FIRST by removing those things that block self-determinism
SECOND (and it’s very rarely touched upon) by creating life as it is desired.

In 1952, LRH presented material on this SECOND option, but it was very limited. It’s called, “Creative Processing”, it is getting a person to use his/her mind to envision mental creations.

The numbers “8-8008″ are especially significant in this regard, they mean: “The attainment of infinity – by the reduction of the apparent infinity of the physical universe to zero, and the expansion of the apparent zero of the thetan’s own universe to infinity.”

“Operating Thetan” is a being who is knowing and willing cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Universes, and Life.

You have total freedom to create whatever you desire in any moment.

You begin the process by determining what it is that you want to experience.

Every mental and emotional state that you desire is available to you instantly and immediately if you simply create that state within yourself. Mental/Emotional states of being are EASY to create. Simply think about how it would feel if you were feeling what you want to feel, and keep thinking about it, and keep thinking about it and adding more and more detail to that mental creation… and suddenly the emotional experience of that state comes into being in your present time experience. Nothing outside of you has changed, yet suddenly you FEEL the love/power/excitement/fun/gratitude/wonder/etc that you created for yourself.

Society programs people to falsely believe that, “your thoughts and emotional states are determined by ‘what happens to you’.”

Because of this programming, people believe that some events are good, and some are bad.

A person on a sail boat does not worry about what way the wind is blowing, any wind can be used to get the boat where the captain wants to go. The captain must simply adjust the “set of the sails” and the boat can be made to go in the direction desired.

In life, you can steer your ship ANYWHERE you want to go, and you can use ANY life situation to help you get there.

The ONE THING that anyone must first know is this: “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?”


The real work that we are called to do, is to look within our hearts to find out what it is that we really want.

If you know what you really truly deeply desire… no force on earth could keep you from getting it.

(The amazing thing, the most shocking and terrifying thing, is that at this very deep spiritual level, what we want “really, truly, deeply” is exactly the experience we have been having and are having in this moment. The conscious/egoic structures of our minds are shocked and confounded by this realization…. We actually, at our deepest core level, are in love with the world exactly as it is, we love the destruction and the pain and the suffering and the stupidity. We LOVE these things, and we are actually creating them actively in this moment… and we LOVE them, BECAUSE they give us contrast and dramatic tension. We LOVE and CREATE all of reality, exactly as it is, with all of this chaos … creating all of this at our own deepest spiritual level, so that we can have this exact experience in this moment. Infact, you have created me, and these words are the words your heart has said are right for me to share with you. You can do whatever you want with them. We create each moment of our lives with such perfection. However, in order to see that perfection we need to understand our own spiritual nature. We are here in this universe to become masters of perfection and gratitude, to gain the ability to feel such intense gratitude for everything in life… the way this is achieved is by experiencing contrasting experiences. When was the last time you felt so grateful for air? Air is all around us, it is only an experience of lacking air [like being near drowning] where a breath of air is taken in and gives such an incredible feeling of gratitude. “Hunger is the best spice” is another way of saying that the absence of food prepares a person’s heart to receive food with gratitude. Once we understand how powerful our negative experiences are for giving us gratitude for the good and positive things… suddenly, everything changes within us, and we can even begin to experience gratitude for the negative things. Not only are we grateful for the positive things, we are grateful for the negative things that allow us to experience the gratitude for the positive things. … And we even become grateful for all the time in our lives that we weren’t grateful and didn’t understand gratitude.)

“Perfection” is living one perfect moment at a time, where each moment is filled with joy and gratitude and love; where there is no need to change anything; and where our actions flow naturally and effortlessly from this incredible love for all life.

You can do it.
You can begin creating one perfect moment at a time.

“I am so grateful for the corruption in the world, because I know that we are doing things about it, and on the other side, when we have cleaned up this mess, we will have this overwhelming incredible feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and love for the chance to help heal the world. We will rest and celebrate. We will cry with joy as we tell our stories, and celebrate the contributions of every person who helped in this transformation. And we will say, ‘What a gift this life is, to have so many amazing friends, and amazing experiences, and for the chance to work towards such an amazingly beautiful goal!’ And lifetimes from now, we’ll look back at these lives and we’ll still cry because of how our lives changed forever because of our time on Earth.”

This is the greatest challenge that many of us have ever faced.

Other beings, out there in the universe, could land on earth and fix/heal everything in a split second… they would mentally project the understanding of the real situation directly into the minds of all people on this planet, they would encode the instructions for fixing it as a mental energy packet. Every single life form would understand and act in harmony with the plan/vision, and swift and perfect action would be taken by all.

Such beings have no need to come to earth. They allow us the opportunity to learn and grow through this amazing experience. And we are. And at our deepest spiritual level, we are so so so grateful for this experience.

Of course, most people would pretend to not understand this. You see, they know this is true, but they aren’t yet ready to allow themselves to enter into this level of consciousness and understanding. They are going through experiences of diminished consciousness for the purpose of PREPARING themselves to experience such profound gratitude FOR consciousness when they again re-allow themselves to enter INTO fuller consciousness.

It is perfectly acceptable for anyone who will read this to say, “yeah, I don’t know about that. It’s just not that real to me right now.” Which is perfectly acceptable.

For those who read this and can honestly say, “YEAH! THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE!” The only rule is “follow your heart”. We embrace every experience. We love everyone and everything. We transform every experience into gratitude. Grateful for the good. Grateful for the bad. Grateful for the mundane. Grateful for the gratitude. Grateful for life.

And then within us, there is also that subtle coordinated, alignment of excitement and action. There are those ideas and visions and goals and actions that our hearts will give to each one of us. And by following the direction our hearts give to us, we co-create the most amazing life possible for everyone. There is an invisible structure of harmony and love and coordination, and dancing in time with that structure is the greatest joy of all. We become Co-Workers with God.

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