The End of Oppression

This post was written by Yon on June 28, 2013
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In response to this facebook status: “This pride I’m walking for all my black / African brothers and sisters who r in the closet/oppressed and in memory of Nelson Mandela… We shall over come!”


Fighting what you don’t want? –> Or can you simply begin creating and experiencing what you do want?

Envision the world the way you want it. It starts by getting clarity on what you DON’T want (I don’t want ANYONE to be oppressed.) But it’s NOT enough to just identify what you don’t want, the ENERGY required to create the world we DO WANT is only found once we get clarity on how it would actually be. Eliminating oppression is focused in the wrong direction, what we do want (I believe), is to EMPOWER PEOPLE, to live in a world where people KNOW that they CAN MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE. Oppression is a barrier, and it can “feel” like an impossible challenge to overcome.

Overcoming oppression, means personally succeeding DESPITE OPPRESSION; and then helping one individual at a time do the same.

Oppression is like cancer. When a cancer surviver says, “I BEAT CANCER” it doesn’t cure cancer from the whole world, but that one individual has faced it, and DID OVERCOME IT, and now lives FREE OF IT.

The smallest minority in the world, is the minority of ONE. We are each individuals. Yes there is oppression of one group by another. But there is unification and power in simply focusing on the individual, every individual, every precious amazing fascinating unique individual.

You create division us vs them when you talk about specific groups. ALL PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET are being oppressed. And the answer is to OFFER EACH INDIVIDUAL the opportunity to SOAR FREE of that oppression. Imagine if the oppression would simply disappear 5 minutes after you read this… then what? –> At that point, we’ll still have challenges, we’ll still have hopes and goals and dreams, and we’ll still need to WORK to make them manifest, the only difference will be that one aspect of the challenge will have been diminished or eliminated.

When a person says, “I can’t make my dreams come true because of _________” they are justifying why they don’t try. Others have and will say, “I CAN DO IT DESPITE ______, and so I swear to you that I will.”

I will live in a world of love and peace and harmony and gratitude and respect and honor and responsibility. Even though there may be a few individuals that choose not to participate, even though there may be a few individuals who compromise themselves and make excuses for why they do so; I WILL NOT ALLOW their self-inflicted victimhood to prevent me from making MY DREAMS COME TRUE. And I will guard and protect my family so that they know that their dreams ARE attainable, and I will block those who would tell those I love that “they can’t do it”. I will tell EVERY PERSON that THEY HAVE THE POWER INSIDE THEM, that they do not need to succumb to their abusers, they do not need to accept the suggestion that they are victims. And to fix their situation, they do not even need to fight their abusers. They should DISCONNECT from their abusers, and they should CONNECT with people who will support them, back them, build them up, and help them unlock the love-power inside their hearts to make their dreams come true.


It is a SUPPRESSIVE ACTION to tell people they are oppressed, and to then focus their attention on their oppressors. This is actually the action of the agent provocateur who starts wars.

FAR BETTER to ask them what they DESIRE in their hearts, and simply help them overcome ALL obstacles along the way to get there.

I am creating a world where every person has a network and team of support and friendship that works together synergistically to help all people live amazing fulfilling lives.

If you had the choice to be surrounded by people “who genuinely wanted to help you make your dreams come true” or people “who wanted to band together and fight this or that source of oppression”… which do you think would be more rewarding?

There is something amazing that happens when someone is FOR YOU, when someone else WANTS TO HELP MAKE **YOUR** DREAMS COME TRUE. That support is profoundly healing. It gives us hope. It starts to give us the feeling that “maybe it is possible”.

Most people share many of the same hopes and goals and dreams: to live in a safe, respectful, honest community – surrounded by people who you can feel proud to have as neighbors.

There is NOTHING stopping ANYONE from doing that. We do it by simply leading by example, and becoming the best neighbors we can be. Not everyone will like it at first, not everyone will automatically give respect and appreciation for what is being done, most people may not at first trust you (“he’s too nice, there must be something wrong with him”)… but over time, through CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT GOODNESS, people will experience the shift: “IT REALLY IS REAL, YOU REALLY ARE THAT AUTHENTICALLY GOOD! I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE IN MY LIFE!”

Consistency, authenticity, and making the effort to become our personal best is what it’s all about.

There will always be challenges. It’s unfortunate that there are people in the world who act out of smallness and pettiness and disregard for others. I ACCEPT 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR SMALLNESS. I apologize for not inspiring more people to step up their efforts to become the kinds of people we want in the world. I will do better starting immediately. I will inspire more people to live with goodness and honesty. I will help and empower ALL individuals to soar to the heights of magnificence that are their birthright. I will begin by doing this myself: I will engage in this work as if my life and the lives of my loved ones depended on it; for in truth, our lives do depend on it.

And as we march forward towards the world we DESIRE, we leave behind the old world of hopelessness, victimhood, and oppression. Years from now, we may look back at the world we left behind and authentically feel grateful for it. It was bad enough, that it inspired us to take a personal stand, to take personal responsibility, and to LEAVE IT. And the world we are creating will be SO GOOD, SO FUN, SO EXCITING, SO REWARDING, SO FULFILLING, that these incredible feelings will fill our hearts. I’m so grateful for the oppression, because of it, I have discovered the love-power within my heart, and I have seized my power to create and live this magnificence and love. The oppression gave me focus. The only reason this new world here today that I am enjoying now is so incredible… is because I felt that oppression, and I DECIDED I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I HAD TO CREATE SOMETHING BETTER FOR MY FAMILY.

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