The End of Criminality

This post was written by Yon on March 8, 2013
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Violence is fundamentally rooted in unhappiness and seeing no other option to achieve ones desires, whether those desires are: another fix, another meal, another million. When people feel that their desire (and specifically fulfilling the lack of it) is more important than their integrity… they compromise themselves, often at a level that is beyond their own awareness.

People are conditioned to see violence only in the thugs, murderers, rapists, burglars that are portrayed on TV and in the news.

The real essence of criminality is the belief that one is entitled to something which is owned or must be supplied by someone else. For example, the criminal mind believes that they specifically (and often people in general) are somehow entitled to emergency room visits, doctors, education, libraries, government programs, welfare handouts. (I personally want all people to have access to these services, and I am willing to voluntarily pay and contribute out of my good will to see that these are available, but I would never suggest that we should force others to pay for them. These things cannot be something which others are entitled to, because they depend upon others to provide them, and it is unlawful for an individual to force another to give up his resources.)

The criminal mind is also present very directly in the thief who believes (or acts as if) he were entitled to take that which he sees and desires.

The criminal mind is also present in the wall street banker who sees assets he would like to purchase but which he does not have the trillions of dollars required to purchase them, so he uses political maneuverings to secure trillions of dollars of Federal Reserve Discount Window Lending funds at incredibly low interest rates, uses the funds to buy up the assets which would have otherwise been purchased by someone else, then when the general economy improves a few percent, he resells those same assets for a 4% profit and pays back the Federal Reserve with 0.5% interest, and has just acquired 3.5% profits on a trillion dollar deal which was only available because of political connections with the Federal Reserve, and it was not available to any of the other hundreds of other investors who lack those connections. (True Story: )

The smartest criminals are the ones who execute their crimes legally. They don’t use overt violence. They use hidden violence. They use tactics which amount to fraud, but they execute these frauds in broad daylight via legal machinations.

The essence of crime is the diminishment of the values of others.

But now consider the contrast. The OPPOSITE of crime… is to INCREASE the values of others.
The word that best describes this is actually “Business”. Genuine and Honest Business has as its essence the desire to increase values for self and others. We do this by creating things which we believe may be valuable for others, and we set a price that allows us a fair profit, and our customers come and evaluate our offerings and then decide if their lives would be better of after transacting business with us. Whenever a customer voluntarily engages in a transaction there is a little bit of joy that flows over the whole world, because both parties are in a BETTER position after the transaction. If the customer was not in a better position after the transaction, s/he wouldn’t have done it.

Sometimes however there is a kind of “business” which is not really business as described above. When politics mixes with business, when certain individuals and companies get the government contracts, when legislation is passed to regulate an industry; these laws and advantages place one individual above another through a political process… it is dishonest and a form of “legal” criminality.

Why this discussion of criminality? Simple. Criminality is the ONLY SOURCE of artificial scarcity.

When you look to end scarcity and lack, the starting point is to STOP DOING those things that create artificial scarcity.

The cure for the criminal mind… is to empower people to create values for others in a world filled with competitive value creation.

When a person has the passion to be the best candy man… and he sees Willy Wonka’s success, he has two options: to be driven forward by his goal to achieve even greater levels of success and wonder… or to become a vindictive envious small-minded individual who desires to destroy and diminish Willy Wonka. (You may recognize this in the often overlooked character Mr. Slugworth, who was actually created by Wonka, a true genius, to see who was honest enough to receive the ultimate gift…)

Very simply, all criminals are simply individuals who have compromised themselves, who have given up on their hopes and dreams, who believe themselves to be worthless and unable to create competitive values for others. Only after this treason against self does a person become a criminal who is willing to diminish the values of others for spurious personal gain or ego gratification.

The answer to criminality is to assist those people around you to become competitive value creators, to help those around you to discover their passions and turn those passions into potent vehicles for wealth creation.

Every criminal can be “saved” from a life of self-loathing, there is “forgiveness and redemption”. You may be surprised just how widespread it is that people have compromised themselves. I think it’s safe to say that every living person has done it a few times.   People must face those moments in their lives where they betrayed their own hearts. Doing so allows us all to recapture that innate honesty we once had as small children: and today as adults, living with the pure hearts of children, we become something that this world has never conceived before, we become heroic sexy powerful individuals who make dreams come true for ourselves and others. We become the people we were meant to be.

This is the end and answer to all criminality. It’s right here. But it starts with us. It starts by each of us as individuals making the commitment to honesty, to ourselves, to living according to our own hearts, to refuse to diminish the values of others, to refuse any form of false entitlement.

If you are not willing to abolish taxation, if you are not willing to give up the good things that government provides (but only after they have initiated threat of force against the innocent), if you are not willing to stop asking politicians to force other people to contribute to your pet projects, if you are not willing to fund your pet projects voluntarily, if you feel entitled to ANYTHING from ANYONE… you are still not as honest as we must become to end criminality. It is a hard challenge to rise to, we’ve been told so many sweet lies our whole life about how government is the only way… it’s the same lie that a mugger tells himself before he breaks into another house.

And even after we have committed ourselves to living honestly, living without diminishing the values of others for our own benefit… we still must look ourselves in the mirror and ask if we have done all that our hearts demand of us. Because even after we do not owe anything else to the world, even after we have become net value creators whose very lives and presence uplift and benefit all around us… even after that, we still must face ourselves and ask our hearts if we have done enough. Even in the final moments of my life, I pray that I am honest enough to regret that I didn’t love more.

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