Rationality and Gun Control

This post was written by Yon on January 15, 2013
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The reason the founding fathers included the right to bear arms as the second amendment was because even in their time they had seen that governments go crazy. A well trained and well armed society is not going to be invaded, and they will not tolerate irrational tyranny.

Before a government does really messed up things (like Genocide), they take away the guns of all the people they can. A quick google search for: gun control genocide
turned up an interesting one page article showing the gun control laws implemented by countries just prior to 7 different examples of government sponsored genocide:

“Our government would never do that” is the full extent of the argument most people present when confronted with the idea of genocide. Most of the Germans were in denial about the holocaust while it was happening, the signs above the entrances to the concentration camps read, “arbeit mach frei” (translated: “Work makes (you) free”) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei .

At some point there may be a round up of people who are opposed to some government action…. they’ll be put into FEMA camps, and who knows what will happen inside. The mainstream media and government will simply assert that these people “failed to comply with well published requirements that are in the best interest of all people” and “They will be treated fairly and released when they are ready to grow up and be part of our country like the rest of us.”

But that scenario won’t happen if the people have guns. Round ups and forced relocation are one step away genocide. And while most of the trains cars would probably go to facilities that are genuinely what they claim to be… it’s that one train car out of a hundred that heads to the camp with the furnace that begins the genocide. There would be enough people coming back from the camps or facilities with their descriptions and stories of hardship and frustration… but no genocide.. no, “I didn’t see anything like that.” And of the millions of people who pass through the normal camps… there’s only that small percentage that are “lost in the chaos”…

That’s how things worked in Nazi Germany. That’s why the people didn’t know it was happening. That’s why the people continued to trust their government.

Today we’re seeing a tiny hint of the strong rational stance against government that we would see if a) government actually came to take away guns, or if b) government began taking more aggressive actions against the citizens.

Imagine what would happen if the government passed a law that set the income tax rate with mandatory withholding at 50%, and/or allowed the government to seize the bank accounts and/or 401k accounts of anyone who didn’t abide by it. (or perhaps a tax on saving accounts, the more money you have saved, the higher the tax rate…or perhaps they will simply pass a law outlawing cash all together, requiring that all transactions take place electronically with government supervision).

These kinds of laws are all ready to go, there are hundreds of politicians who would happily vote for them… except… we still have guns. And any laws that are so aggressively confiscatory would likely flip a few too many people into radical/anger/survival-mode.

Every person has their own threshold… we all tolerate a certain amount of government abuse and interference… and we tolerate it because (a- “there is no other way”, b- “it’s not that bad”, c-“it is necessary if we want the services government provides”, etc). But if you were taxed at 99%… or if you had to jump through hours or red tape to do what you needed to do… if you could no longer live your life the way you wanted because the interference and burden placed upon you by government was too much… at some point you too would stand up and say, “It’s too much!”

A well armed and well trained society is a protection against such forms of tyranny.

“Well what should the tax rate be?” and “What should government be doing?”

The right and proper role of government is to protect the rights of the people, and to physically protect the people from aggressors: both foreign and domestic.

We LOVE a good strong military and police force. We LOVE that they keep us safe from aggressors. We LOVE it when they swiftly apprehend violent criminals. We LOVE it when they swiftly apprehend fraudulent criminals. We LOVE IT that we treat all people as innocent until proven guilty, that we afford everyone a strong legal defense, and that we never exact justice until the criminal has been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of unbiased peers.

We LOVE having a STRONG, SWIFT, and incredible FAIR justice system. THAT is something that we can and should pride ourselves on.

But that pride breaks down when the laws that the justice system is enforcing are no longer about protecting the rights of all the people. Laws that punish “victimless crimes” are virtually all designed to give certain people/special-interests advantage over others.

As much as we depend, today, on government and tax funding for different GOOD projects… all of those GOOD projects could be funded without taxation. There is NO NEED what so ever to EVER force a person to pay “his fair share”. If a person doesn’t feel that the results of the project justify his contribution, he won’t contribute, and he shouldn’t be FORCED or COERCED into paying for it. Taxation allows ill conceived projects to get funded that would NEVER be funded without forcing people to pay for them. Every truly valuable project will inspire people to contribute, and those people will feel PROUD of their contribution… not resentful.

I would never ask someone to use their resources for something if they didn’t believe it was worthwhile. And I would NEVER advocate using the threat of IRS Asset Seizure to motivate people to contribute to a project. Voting for anyone who advocates taxation is to silently endorse a system of forced contributions. There ARE other ways.

When government comes for our guns… it’s a warning that they intend to do things to us that they know would sufficiently outrage rational people to the point of viewing government as the enemy.

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