Happy New Year! Your Wish Is Your Command, and the New Culture

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What an incredible adventure life is becoming.
New awesome and wonderful people have been flooding into my life, and it’s all because of Your Wish Is Your Command.
This CD series is changing the world.  Each person encounters it in just the right way, and at just the right time.  And it is our gift to offer it to them.
Its message reaches inside the hearts of the listeners, prepares the soil with teachability, and plants the seeds for a magnificent future.
In the past few months, our team has grown with new members and affiliates in:
Iran, Nigeria, France, Germany, Canada and the US.
Congratulations and welcome!
It’s getting close to the new year, a great time to think about your hopes and dreams.
What is it that will make 2013 the year your life took a radical turn for the better?
Perhaps a growing team of people who want you to succeed, who want to see you happy, who have abundant energy to share with you, who are willing to help you back up when you get knocked down.
Perhaps it’s the books you’ll read, the audios you’ll listen to, or the events you’ll attend.
And what will you achieve before 2014 that will earn you a little recognition from your peers for a job well done?
Your Life is a white page of paper in your dream book.  Are you ready to put down your visions with blue ink?  Are you ready to make some magic?
The route is simple.  Once you know what you want, DECIDE that you will get it, making changes in your life to see that decision through…  what are you willing to give up?  How willing are you to accept change?  Dial in the frequency of exactly how you will feel when you have achieved your goal.  Dial in the added frequency of confidence rooted in rationality that you WILL achieve your goal… this confidence comes from knowing that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, knowing that you will see it through.
What goal is valuable enough for you to change things in your life to get it?  And can you really believe that you will get it?
The power of the Global Information Network (GIN)  rests in the momentum cycle:  Success builds Confidence, Confidence creates Action, Action creates Habits, and Habits create Success.
Every little success you achieve builds your confidence, inspiring additional actions, which form success habits, which take you your next step.
No matter how big your dreams… there is one next step directly in front of you.  The question is, will you take it now… or will you wait another decade, another year, another month, another day, another hour…. or will you do the thing NOW?
“Do the thing, and you will have the power.” – Emerson
If you are not clear on what you want, then nothing else really matters does it? —> drop everything, clear a space, grab your white paper, grab your pen with blue ink… and write down your dreams again… explore the qualities of the life that you want for yourself and your loved ones.  What is the legacy you want to leave behind?  Starting in 2-5 years, what lifestyle would you like to have?  What will you have accomplished in 20-50 years?
Generous, Spiritual, Honest, Open-Hearted People have visions of the future… happy people, living in harmony, helping others to soar to new heights, where crime has evaporated and would-be criminals never become criminals because they have a community that loves and respects them- that helps them to achieve their goals, that inspires them to respect themselves and believe in themselves… so that they never need to turn to crime.  Wars too are unnecessary, we’d rather devote resources to creating values and offering them to others at lower and lower prices, and offering our would-be enemies the opportunity to develop their own civilization unmolested if they choose… or to participate in the new civilization we’re creating based on honesty,  rationality, value creation, and mutual voluntary exchange.  Disease, Aging, Death… will be met with increasing effectiveness by the geniuses of society who wish to help all people achieve vibrant health, age slowing and reversing, with the ultimate goal of being able to live indefinitely… and soar into never before dreamed of realms of spiritual consciousness.  We’re surrounded by people we love, respect, admire, honor, cherish, … people who fill our hearts with gratitude that they are part of our lives.  Those same people feel the same way about us, and they share their feelings of admiration and gratitude towards us because of the life-enriching benefits we’ve offered to them.  “I am so grateful that I know you, that you are part of my life.”
And all of your friends will be energized with excitement as the creative visions constantly stream through their minds… they see the visions of the future too… they aren’t waiting for their situation to change while they take in another movie… they put blue ink on paper… they plan… they use the advanced manifestation technologies available to all who reach for them… and they take swift and potent action… the puzzle pieces fall into place, and their hopes, dreams, and visions manifest before their eyes and yours.  And you’ll get the invitation to another party… another party of celebration of the achievement of an amazing goal.  Your friends become HEROES as they soar to new heights… as they fulfill the purposes for life that they discover within their hearts.
The culture change that I’m describing is not far off.  It’s happening RIGHT NOW.  People ARE crashing through the emotional control programs being broadcast by the elite class… the programs that say:  “don’t worry about the future… just enjoy the entertainments and distractions we furnish to you.”  “You can’t make your dreams come true, so why bother trying.”  “Everything worth doing is impossible, everything possible for you is mostly irrelevant.”  You can feel the emotional content of these messages embedded within nearly all national advertisements, government activities, news programs, and most forms of entertainment.  Recognize them when you see them.  Then slice through them, they become reminders that we have the power within ourselves to make our dreams come true… but ONLY if we know what we want, and take action.  Every person who turns off the TV, cuts out of his or her life distractions, and allocates TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY, towards what really matters (as judged on a self-determined basis)… makes it EASIER for all other people to do the same.
The New Year is the time when the world gets refocused.  We’re all doing it.
Most people are in far worse financial shape than they are willing to acknowledge, …than they are willing to confront… than they feel able to handle.
You know people that are running away from reality… running to:  their favorite prime time distractions, or worse… their favorite forms of slow suicide.
You know people that have children who may be doing a good job of keeping up appearances… but they may be only one or two situations away from serious trouble.
2013 is the year to reach out to others and offer them love from your heart.
This is the end of the world of broken dreams and false facades.
When we take down our masks, when we work with love and authenticity, people can feel the gift that we’re offering to them.
Whether you just finished listening to Your Wish Is Your Command, or whether you listened years ago…
Take a look at where you are.  Confront it.
Recognize that your checking account is exactly where it is ONLY because of a series of transactions for which you are 100% responsible.
Recognize that your life is exactly what it is ONLY because of a series of choices of how you have spent your TIME, MONEY, ENERGY… and specifically the choices of what you have THOUGHT.
Every single moment of your life, you had the choice to pause and think about what you really want, and then to make different choices.
Imagine if at 5 years old you had been taught how to think about what you want in life, and the power and value of doing this on a daily or even hourly basis…. Remember all the time and energy that was used “as best you knew how” back then… and recognize that the situation is no different today… you are still using your TIME/MONEY/ENERGY resources “as best you know how”…
By reviewing how we have arrived where we are NOW… and by taking 100% responsibility for getting HERE… we mentally and emotionally position ourselves to make different choices and to powerfully seize our future… beginning NOW.
… flash forward into the future, talk to your future self, catch a glimpse of how your future self uses TIME/MONEY/ENERGY… and bring back those insights for immediate use.
Drop Distractions.
Every moment of life is precious, fill them with love and connection.
Focus on the purpose that you discover within your heart.
As more and more people do this, their individual level of prosperity rises, their spending habits change, they use their time/energy/money to get the greatest reward possible for themselves and their families.  They give up what is no longer worthy of their time… because they have hopes and goals and dreams that … it cuts to the heart… are more real than the superficial distractions that previously slowed or halted their growth and advancement.
Can you feel it?  Can you feel the world-wide emotional barrier of which each person carries some share?… that barrier between the lives that we have been living on a moment-by-moment basis… and what our lives will become the moment we fully connect with who we really are at the deepest levels within our hearts?
Your Wish Is Your Command, and The Global Information Network… are about so much more than the money… we want your success, we want you to discover the life of your dreams, we want you to soar.  We’re creating a new world, a world of champions, a world of heroes, a world filled with people who go for their dreams.
You can shatter the emotional barrier between your heart and your mind.
You can allow the REAL life impulses to flow within you.
You already know the life your heart longs for you to live.  Pick up your light-saber.  Put on your crown or your tiara.  You are the God-King of your own life.  The life impulses from the Supreme Source of All  are asking you to step into your destiny.
You are supported in whatever you choose.
White Paper.
Pen with Blue Ink.
Write your dreams.
Discover the 20-50 year vision.
Then find SOMETHING that will allow you, in 2-5 years, to have the passive residual income you need so that you can focus exclusively on your legacy.
Then take the one next logical step that is before you.
Offer everyone you know, everyone you meet… the chance to listen to Your Wish Is Your Command.  It’s the gateway into this new world of REAL LIFE, of total emotional fulfillment, of prosperity, of genuine happiness, of exciting romantic love, of real friendship, of transformational personal development… and everyone who enters into it, makes it more magnificent for us all.
If you have read all the way to here, you will have surely gotten a TASTE of this new world for yourself.
You are welcome to share this message with others as you see fit.
If you are interested in learning more about Your Wish Is Your Command, you may read about this remarkable program here:  www.ywiyc.ws
Get back to the person who shared this letter with you, and ask for the opportunity to listen immediately and for free.
Today, Energetically, we are no longer just holding the doors to this new world open… we have taken the doors off their hinges, and we are taking hammers to the wall that once previously separated these two worlds.  That wall is coming down, so that all may see this vibrant pastel world of light for themselves… they can see it and feel it in our hearts, everywhere we go:  Love, Strength, Power, Honesty, Justice, Rationality, Creativity, Innovation, Freedom, Friendship, Respect, Honor, Responsibility, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Authenticity, Intensity, Focus, Generosity, Fulfillment, Euphoria, and cascading levels of happiness beyond conception…
Simply enter into the experience of these qualities EMOTIONALLY, and hold them in your experience throughout your life.
Invite others to do the same.
And suddenly the world changes.
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