Gunmen, Friendship, and Creating The Future

This post was written by Yon on December 14, 2012
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Most people do not understand, and actively refuse to understand, the mental state of people who commit these crimes. Most people become uncomfortable when you begin to speak honestly about depression. … much less suicide… much less criminality… much less murder… much less genocide.

Mass Murder doesn’t “just happen”, it’s the result of a person descending through levels of personal hell that are simply unfathomable to most people. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. There is no virtue in being depressed/suicidal/psychotic … but if you’ve ever been there, the actions of others don’t surprise you – even things as crazy as dismembering children and/or cannibalism and/or torture.

There is something deeply wrong with our society, but the answer is not to point the finger out at others and blame them. The answer is personal responsibility. You may not have been in a position to prevent this last shooting… but there are people in your life that may be on their way into the abyss of depression and insanity. You may even be teetering on the edge yourself. There is a REASON why people are mentally unstable, and as unbelievable as it may seem, I believe that the reason why so many are mentally and emotionally unstable is because there are people who profit tremendously because this situation persists, and they actively suppress individuals and technologies that would help.

When I have looked back through school shootings, I found that most of them included a mention of psychiatric drugs. There is a tremendous 
amount of information documenting the APA as pseudoscience.

Here’s another article written yesterday.

There are many people like Prof. Thomas Szasz who have spent the past 30 years of their lives focused on restoring sanity to the mental health industry.

While this information may sound bleak, there is information that you can use immediately to: a) make your life better, b) improve the lives of those around you, and c) help prevent future tragedies from happening.

Consider for a moment, how your life would improve if you had even just one more real friend in your life. And by ‘real friend’, I mean someone who:
a) cares about your and your happiness,
b) recognizes your awesomeness,
c) likes to spend time and energy with you,
d) actively helps make life better for the both of you,
e) that you like/respect back,
f) that you feel is awesome,
g) that you like to spend time and energy with, and
h) that you feel excited about actively helping make life better for the both of you.

There are many people who do not have a single real friend in their lives.

You may not have a single real friend in your life.

Real friendship is valuable. Real friendship is a safety net. Real friendship can be the difference the protects someone from having a life cut short by stupidity and carelessness or worse… murder or suicide.

Be a real friend to others. Find people who are capable of being real friends to you. Talk to them on a regular basis. Deepen your relationships by doing things together that enrich your lives.


There is a lot more that could be said about how to create a life of happiness for yourself and those around you. There is technology available to assist you in discovering it.

Here is a sample:

There is much more that could be said about guns and governments. But like many conversations… those who know already know… and those who don’t know aren’t ready to listen, so speaking won’t help.

To them, you must prepare the field of their mind through real friendship, creating a connection of honor and respect that allows a person to feel validated in their position first, with enough stability that they can let in new ideas and consider them authentically.

The technology to transform our world into a continuous experience of excitement, joy, love, gratitude, wonder, growth, rationality, honesty, and authenticity is available to anyone who cares to reach for it.

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