Why is There No Maximum Wage?

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Why Is There No Maximum Wage?

Why Is There No Maximum Wage?

Money is a symbol of value and resources. When money is earned honestly, it means a person did something or created something that was valuable and worth while for someone else, and the two exchanged with each other. (Money acquired dishonestly is a whole different story, and every honest person can agree that individuals who acquire money or resources or advantages through dishonest means should be boycotted and/or reformed. But in this post, we’re talking ONLY about earning money honestly…)

It is out of our own personal abundance that we profit – our abundance of creativity, our abundance of energy, our abundance of willingness to serve each other. Our wages and profits go up as we learn and grow and become better able to create more value in the lives of others.

The old model of “get good grades, get a secure job” no longer works, that advice is today equivalent to telling your kids, “find a good master and become his slave”. That advice creates a relationship of INSECURITY and DEPENDENCY. The better advice is “Find what you love to do, and develop your ability to such a degree that you can get paid to do it”, and even better advice is, “learn how the world really works, find people who are living the life that you want, and find out where they came from and how they got to where they are today. Listen to people who have what you want, and who have also been where you are. Do what they did when they were where you are now.”

Look at this picture, here is a man who has a story. You can see in his face that he desires freedom, he has tried in the past to live his dreams, but every time he has been blocked. Can you see it? Can you see all of the doors that have been closed to him? I don’t know the hopes and dreams that live in his heart, but I get the impression that perhaps he would be wonderfully happy as an artist, creating magnificent images that capture and inspire the imagination, that awaken the spark of love and hope in the hearts of others. I’m seeing visions now of the incredible artwork that he would bring forth, possibly inspired by his chemically induced, or chemical-free, spiritual adventures.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine this man having dreams and visions that would fill his heart with wonder? Can you imagine him craving the opportunity to share and express these wonders that he discovers within his heart?

Yet instead of developing his talent to create values for others, he is wasting his time and energy protesting people who have applied themselves. Look at him! He has a life work that he could and should be working on. It’s a life’s work that would leave a legacy of wonderful valuable expressions that would be enjoyed by millions for years to come, it’s a legacy that would give him a sense of pride and genuine self-esteem and fulfillment and well-being. It’s a legacy that his children and grandchildren would discover at some point and say, “WOW, Really!?! Dad/Grampa did THAT!?!” And his lineage would think of him with respect and good feelings and “Wow, there is more to him than I ever expected!”

But he hasn’t even hardly started his journey yet. He’s still gathering to him the experiences of pain and frustration and envy and hate and fear and a sense of worthlessness – and these feelings will eventually build to the point where this man has a life changing experience. These negative experiences will build up within him giving him an incredible sense of love and compassion for others who are struggling, for others who have been beaten down by a harsh world. He’ll use all of these feelings to create expressions that have incredible emotional depth, that will touch the hearts of those who have been there too. And once he has found his route from here to the life of his dreams, he will help others do the same. Maybe his life changing experience will come in a few months, maybe a few years, maybe it will come when he turns fourty or fifty… or maybe it will never happen for this individual, but the potential is there. The life changing experience comes when he cuts through the illusions that hold him captive. And when you think of him, realize that the longer he waits the fewer values he will create, the longer he will dwell in his own mental/emotional prison, and the more he will experience the harshness of a world that gives nothing to those who don’t give of themselves first.

Imagine what will happen when he does finally break through… imagine what would happen if this man suddenly started applying himself. Imagine if he started today to work on his dream, to develop his skills. He absolutely could and would create something wonderful, and chances are, many people would love to buy it from him. He could develop his skill for a few years, and then a few years from now, he would be able to create something in just a few hours, perhaps a piece of art, perhaps a vision for a movie, perhaps a vision for a sculpture, and the value of the project might bring him $30,000 – either as a single payment, or possibly, like a poster that sells for $10 of which he receives $2 and it gets bought by 15,000 people… and suddenly this same man would be able to bill his time for a few thousand dollars per hour. He would have the freedom to choose his projects, and focus on those that fill his heart with love and wonder and gratitude, projects that give him a sense of euphoria and excitement and fun.

Looking at his picture again, all I can feel is “what a waste! Why aren’t you finding your passion and GOING FOR IT!?!” (I do know the answer to why he isn’t, keep reading and see if you can see it too…)

One of the keys to success is focus. Don’t believe the lie that you ‘should get a secure job’ (perhaps you’ve noticed that there is no such thing, government regulations can sway the competitive balance of any industry with one stroke of the pen). Individuals who soar to heights of prosperity do it by believing in themselves, having a dream for the future, and APPLYING THEMSELVES in AGGRESSIVE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. To become valuable to other people, you must do the work to develop your skills and heart to such a fine degree that people will recognize your superior ability in some area of life. Look at every person who is more successful than you, and observe that they are doing something that you aren’t, they have integrated a number of specific skills and achieved profiency or mastery of those specific skills to a level higher than you have right now. That is why their lives are on exponential growth curves that out pace that of others. Perhaps most importantly are people skills, learning how to work in harmony with others, learning how to structure relationships with others so that everyone wins, learning how to see things from the perspective of another, being open and allowing your own perspective to change so that you can build mental bridges within another person from where that other is today to a way of seeing things that will inspire cooperation.

It’s been said that anyone who puts in 10,000 hours of focused effort can become a master of anything. To put in that amount would be 10 hours per day for 3 years, 3 hours per day for 10 years. If you do the work, if you have the dream and vision of what you want to do, and if you are willing to put in the time BEFORE you see any return on your time/energy invested in developing yourself – then in 3 years or 10 years – you will be at a place where you can do something powerful, wonderful, magical, and do it profitably.

Find your passion and commit yourself to it.

You don’t pay a price for success (if you’re doing it right), the journey is a joy, because every action you take fills you with the good feelings of “I am making my dream come true.”

The real price that people pay is the price of failure, the price of ‘giving up on their dreams’. When a person says, “I can’t do it” or “I can’t make my dreams come true” – even though they may enjoy the comforts of mediocrity, inside themselves they feel the stabbing pain of their ‘defeat’ every time they see someone else succeeding.

What is their ‘defeat’ made of? It’s all in their heads! Inside their minds, they dwell on ideas like: “I can’t do it”, “I can’t get paid what I’m worth”, “Working for someone else isn’t worth my time”, “If only ______, then I would be able to make my dreams come true”, “I can’t have an amazing life because _______”, “Even if I did the work to make my dream come true, it wouldn’t really be worth it.” — These are the thoughts that go through a person’s mind, and trap them… that lead them to one day making a sign like the one pictured here. But look at those thoughts, are are NOTHING, there is no validity to any of them. Those thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies to those who dwell on them, their validity is based entirely on the individual who chooses to spend time engaged in such thoughts (or lacks the discipline to change his or her thoughts).

Where do these self-defeating unnatural thoughts come from? Mostly, they come from authority figures in our lives especially our youth, but also as adults: parents, teachers, religious leaders, police officers, university professors, employers, and tax collectors – all of whom have an easier time ‘keeping order’ or ‘guiding the herd’ if everyone will just go along with these ideas. These individuals in positions of authority “know” that “most people will not achieve high levels of success” and so because they are working with so many people will generally assume that any particular individual “is not likely to soar”. And when they treat people like that, they are subconsciously telling people “you can’t do it”, “just do what I say”, “here is how it is”, “you can’t do it without me”, “I know more than you, you should listen to me”. And most children (and most adults) are not taught self-defense against these kinds of subtle invalidations. The danger is not that other individuals will say and do things that invalidate us, the real danger is that we believe them. Especially with people in positions of authority, it is so easy to find ourselves agreeing with them, because to disagree would be disrespectful. The correct and rational response to ANYONE saying or implying any of these things to or about ANYONE is to say, “EXCUSE ME, I’m not sure if you noticed, but you seem to be implying some sort of diminished status or diminished ability by the way you said that. That attitude is not conducive to long range happiness for anyone. Would you care to rephrase what you just said?” While self-important individuals posing as external authorities may feel it is disrespectful of them to say such a thing, there can be no respect for anyone outside of ourselves if we don’t first respect ourselves, and that includes defending ourselves from individuals who would have us believe that we are less valuable or less able or less capable than we atually are.

When individuals allow others to influence their thinking, by subtle implication or direct invalidation, they pick up the negative and self-destructive thought patterns that will ultimately trap them and hold hostage the amazing life that they could be living. Some individuals actually want others to be trapped and know this consciously, but most of the people who are responsible for trapping the minds of the youth simply have no idea that they are doing it, they have no idea that they hold diminished opinions of those that they are being paid to serve, and they have no idea how their subtle beliefs/opinions manifest and are communicated to others. If they did, they would make changes immediately. Self-awareness is key.

Every person I have ever met is wonderful, kind, good natured, fascinating, loving, capable, honest, responsible, and generous. The challenge is learning how to bring those good qualities out of them, the challenge is getting them to put aside whatever tough and rugged social armor they’ve been using to protect themselves from a harsh world that steals dreams and grinds them into nothing.

If you’d like to learn this magic too, the world needs more people who are willing to learn, the opportunity has never been greater, you can begin the training here www.g1n.us

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