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This same dialog is playing out across the country. Socrates had a principle, that behind every Thesis+Antithesis there is common synthesis, a perspective that both positions recognize as mutually valid, that upholds and expresses what they really want to say.

The opportunity in this moment is to find what it is that is actually desired by all concerned and find a way to express it. If you think about it, it is probably on the tip of your heart this very second.

What we all want is “for the good to manifest”. We want a good country. We want all that is good.
And we want it without any of the bad.

We want happy people, living their dreams, engaged in jobs that they enjoy, earning profits and wages that give them a feeling of gratification, doing things that benefit others and bring new and exciting values into their lives. We want freedom and security. We want friends and associations that we respect and trust. We want to walk out into the world feeling like our neighbors are good and honest people. We want clean air and water and lush happy plants and interesting animals to learn and make friends with. We want rainbows and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We want unlimited energy (sustainable and renewable, of course) to harness for our exciting and creative projects. We want access to raw materials and technology. We want our lives filled with excitement and romance. We want adventure and discovery. We want dynamic physical health. We want our loved ones to be happy. We want the people all over the planet to have the same opportunities to have these things too. We want to make life so wonderful that we would choose to live forever, and then we want to create technologies that would allow to actually live forever, in ever young bodies, with ever expanding hearts and minds.

That’s the future, because that is what people like me and my friends are committed to creating and offering to anyone who would like to live in such a world.

We are committed to creating that world without any of the negatives that people don’t want as well. But there are really only three thing that we don’t want: 1) the initiation of force, 2) threat of initiation of force, & 3) fraud.

The Geniuses of society are committed to creating an incredibly beautiful future for everyone who will allow us to do so. All that we ask is that we may do so without 1,2,3 above: force, threat, or fraud.

The challenge is in people’s minds. People have been receiving benefit for so long, acquired through government threat of initiation of force against the innocent. They have been taught to feel scared that they will not receive these benefits UNLESS they are secured through the government and by government threat of force against the innocent.

Imagine a young child growing up in a mafia family. The child sees that all of the good things the family has comes from the intimidation and violence against others. Such an environment is incredibly disturbing to any honest individual, it breaks our hearts when we actually understand it. Every child will speak out against the mafia parents at one point or another when the child understands, and say, “hey wait Papa, please don’t make an example of him this time.” And the child will be taken away from the scene of murder because the mafia don knows that these things only hurt the child to see. Later that night some explanation will be made to the child and the skill of the mafia don as a parent will determine the course of that child’s life. Either the child will come to accept the justification for the use of violence against the innocent and really become “part of the family”, or the child will see through the illusions and know that it is wrong, and will forever seek to bring justice to the conflicted world.

The same drama plays out for us all. As we come of age and see that our uncle sam is wielding threat, intimidation, and ultimately pre-emptive violence against the innocent, we know that it is wrong. We have to stand against it, we have to point it out. We have to rally to the defense of the innocent.

Because when abuse and violence is committed against the innocent there is no neutrality, to say or do nothing is to endorse, support, and condone the violence and the abuse. There IS NO NEUTRALITY.

Understand that behind our system of taxation there are consequences for not paying, the IRS can and will freeze your bank accounts, seize any available funds, enter and seize your property, and and gun point escort you to jail, and if you resist to aggressively they can and will execute you.

Because it is the government that is doing it, there is a kind of sense that the majority of society is in support of this. Even so, that does not make it right. We have reached or are have very nearly reached a point where the majority of the people in America are receiving more benefit from the government than they pay for. Consider yourself, do you get more benefit from the government than you pay for? If you had to estimate your contribution to the tax pool and the amount of value that you have received so far in your life, does it balance out?

If not, recognize that you are much like a mafia child living a life of luxury beyond what would have been honest for your family to provide you. The question is, are you willing to give up those luxuries for your honesty? Or are you going to continue asking for you mafia father to bring you more nice things while divorcing the awareness within you of how he gets them.

It takes tremendous courage to say, I want to live honesty more than I want to receive values I have been receiving dishonestly.

The great lie is that people are entitled to things that can only be provided by others.
The only rights that anyone can validly claim are rights that do not depend on someone else providing it.

Healthcare as a service cannot be a right, however, you could have the right to self-medicate, to self-evaluate, to self-prescribe. It is actually a VIOLATION of your rights to say it is illegal and punishable by fines and imprisonment to decide what goes into your body.

Education as a service cannot be right, however, you could have the right to study and investigate and learn and communicate. It is a VIOLATION of your rights to do this when government censors and makes illegal certain forms of expression.

Government can NEVER grant rights, they come from Nature and Nature’s God. What government can do is DEFEND your rights, which means if someone else seeks to abridge your rights, GOVERNMENT may step in and assert that they cannot do this. Rather than PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE, what our government does is violate those rights by making things illegal, and then they provide PRIVILEGES to certain people to do those exact things that they had just made illegal for most people, this is the basis of all licensure laws.

Our world is the way it is, because the morality of people have been corrupted. We have all grown up in the house of a mafia don. The vast majority of us have all gained disproportionate benefit beyond what we have contributed, and this creates the kind of irrationality and self-hate/self-loathing that dominates our world.

Real Happiness, Real Self-Respect, Real Self-Esteem are all possible, but only after a person has committed to live honestly, to earn his or her way through life without violence, threats, or frauds against others. To actually consider what it would take cannot be done lightly. The weight of the task can feel incredible. “Am I really willing to give up EVERYTHING that government does for me that I do not pay for directly?”

I still care passionately about many of the wonderful things that government does for us. I know that others also care, we are NOT going to simply end these things. We will pay for them voluntarily. The only thing that we must release is that we will not FORCE OTHERS to “pay their fair share”. It means that if others don’t pay or don’t give, that we must be willing to do our best without their help, it may mean that we give much more than we are currently giving, it may mean that we stretch ourselves so thin that we break or bleed. But we will do it, because this is truly the only way to live honestly.

I will never force another person to contribute to something, no matter how noble it may be, because the moment I revert to force, I am no different than the mafia don. All people MUST have the freedom to participate or not in every government project, there is no exceptions. Anyone who asserts otherwise is siding with and supporting and encouraging and promoting a tyranny. The moral dilemma is upon our society.

It is the duty of all honest people to truly feel the incredible weight that we are asking our neighbors to help carry with us. It is our duty to do everything we possibly can to bring about a world of honesty and to withdrawn our support of dishonesty and tyranny. We help others find the courage to cast off this tyranny, by promising and committing to carry much more than our fair share.

I will. Please give the geniuses of society the freedom to create the future. Let us protect the rights of ALL THE PEOPLE.

To learn more about this philosophy, please visit http://tvp2012.org/

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