Gratitude and the Experience of Perfection

This post was written by Yon on April 27, 2012
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Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

There are precious moments in life when we feel total sufficiency, total perfection, that truly life could not get any better. If you have ever experienced such a moment you know exactly what I mean, the blessing of such a moment is incredible, it changes a person forever. There is NOTHING that is desired, it would be enough to simply live in that moment FOREVER. — But those moments pass.

Very very few people ever even have one such moment in their entire lives, and those who have experienced such a moment may only find their way back into that space of perfection only a few times. The way into the experience of truly feeling life is perfect, is to see reality through GOD’s eyes. GOD created reality as an absolute perfection, there is NOTHING that need be changed or adjusted; this is not an intellectual exercise, it is an experience to be sought; until you have had the experience and KNOW with absolute certainty that all reality exists in a state of dynamic perfection there is no such thing as ‘enough’.

“Enough” as a concept is often mixed with emotions of guilt and/or compromise. When you look at your life and you feel “this isn’t enough”, that IS GOOD! It is because within you there is a feeling that you KNOW you can live a more wonderful life. That knowingness within you will drive you forward to live a life in greater alignment with who you really are.

When you see the suffering of others, and this hurts you, you know in your heart that you must find a way to help them.

When you look at the world and are frustrated by wars, you know in your heart that you must find a way to bring them to an end. Whenever you find discontent with your experience, it is because you know that something better is possible. When you FIND IT, when you KNOW HOW TO HELP THOSE YOU LOVE, when you know the SOLUTIONS TO ALL PROBLEMS, when you realize that people must have freedom to accept or reject what you would offer them, and when you can use what you know to create the life that you desire whether or not others avail themselves of the salve that would heal all their wounds, then you will breath a sigh of relief and say, “THIS LOVE IS SUFFICIENT UNTO ITSELF, THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAT I NEED, IF LIFE COULD BE NO MORE THAN THIS, I WOULD LIVE THIS MOMENT FOREVER.”

Don’t let false concepts of “you should be grateful” cause you to reduce your dreams, you need not feel any guilt for having visions of possibility greater than what others see.

Not everyone desires to experience real genuine gratitude, many people don’t even know that it exists, they hear the word and don’t really understand it. Real gratitude only comes with genuine appreciation, the realization that there is something incredibly good in my life, and it wouldn’t have to be there, but it is.

A fish living forever in water can only experience gratitude for that water after it has felt it’s scales begin to dry and the pain of death begins to grow within it. For the man who does not wish to live, it is not possible to experience gratitude for life or anything. Deep within every individual is the impulse to live, to fulfill a purpose.

Those who don’t know what their purpose is all have the pain/ache/yearning to find it. They cannot feel “enough”, for them, there will never be “enough”… until first they uncover the desires of their hearts and begin the work of fulfilling their purposes. In life, the obstacles and barriers and failures to living our dream life have buried who we are under layers of pain and sadness and frustration. No one can ever feel “enough” until those layers are lifted and the most precious part of ourselves, that magnificent soul, the child of the past, is restored as sovereign, heir to the thrown of all life. You may decide to life the life of your dreams at any moment. You have the GOD-POWER within you. All of your deepest wishes are good. All that you truly desire will be a blessing to all concerned.

We hold ourselves back only because we doubt if we are good enough, would I wield the GOD-POWER with love and love only? Until you know the answer is yes, you will withhold it from yourself. But the time will come when you will have a vision of perfection, a vision that is good and honest and beautiful and true and beneficial on every level, and in the moment you conceive that vision, something within you will activate, and your vision will manifest instantly, and you will know that throughout history those who have spoken of the love and power and mercy of the lord, have all spoken the truth.

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