Ron Paul Volunteers Save The World from The Zombie Apocalypse

This post was written by Yon on April 19, 2012
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Dear Ron Paul Volunteer,
You are magnificent! THANK YOU for all you do. We live in curious times: just a few years ago it was only 1 out of 100 people that could understand that we are at war with an entrenched elite class (international bankers at the FED, career politicians, military industrial complex, and those whose agenda is a tip-toe-of-tyranny that seeks to control and enslave the masses…or worse). Today, there are far more of us who can see what is going on, we are perhaps 5% or even 10%. We are winning, we are gaining ground, we are showing up and by doing so we amplify the power of our voices. As a result, it is getting easier and easier to help others to understand as well.

For many of us, our involvement in politics is not just “to support a great cause”, we literally engage in our activism as if our lives depended on it. Naturally our victories energize us and release incredible emotions of love, excitement, hope, courage, and even euphoria. Like you, every time I learn of another person who realizes “oh, the situation is more serious than I ever imagined”, something inside of me leaps for joy, I have a new brother or a new sister, another person to whom I pledge my sacred honor.

We have a duty to do the best we can, to win delegate seats (including those delegate seats that are linked directly to leadership positions by GOP constitutions), and to get candidates endorsed that understand our situation as we understand it. Just like 90-95% of the masses, a similar percentage of elected politicians fail to see how they are part of a machine being driven from the top. [It can feel like] Our survival depends on either helping to wake them up, or getting them replaced by people who understand. We do not need to stand and approve of incumbent candidates simply because they were previously endorsed by our party.

The “zombie apocalypse” is a metaphor more apt than many would like to imagine. All around us are people who have good intentions, yet their level of understanding prevents them from realizing that they are voting for and endorsing people who will do nothing to slow or halt the machine that desires to impose total enslavement upon as many people as it possibly can. In their minds, any candidate in their party is better than any candidate in the other party. Of course, you can’t explain this to a zombie, it would hurt their feelings and mostly confuse them, and in reality it is ineffective.

But as strong and as organized as we are, it is not yet enough. We are in a race for the future survival of mankind, anyone who denies this or balks at such a statement need only watch the movie THRIVE for abundant evidence. We need to find more people who can understand. Think back, who was it that shared something with you that started your journey of understanding? Think about the people that have touched your life and showed you another aspect of our situation. I suspect that you hold each of them in your heart with a kind of special gratitude; for me, every time I think of those people I feel this: “Thank you for sharing what you did with me, it has been an important part of my life journey.”

I have a dream of starting our conventions, before we bring up any of our elected officials to speak, that we play this video:

If you haven’t seen this 8 minute video “The Philosophy of Liberty” in the past few months, it might be time for a quick watch to re-energize what we are really doing. We are creating the world that we dream of, a world of honesty and rationality, a world were the rights of all people are protected, a world filled with happy, productive, exciting, innovative, competent, honest, wonderful people, people with golden hearts whose happiness and actions are a blessing to all who have the good fortune to know them, we are creating a world filled with people like you. It is such an honor to me that you understand what I have written here. THANK YOU for being honest enough that you would look at life and persist in your desire to really know reality even though doing so required you to disagree with people that you love and trusted.

Lastly, hold the vision of the world that we are creating in your mind as you interact with the zombies, doing so will remind you and inspire your interactions, you will find yourself constantly seeking better words and more loving interactions that will inspire the eyes of their heart to seek out more truth and greater understanding.  Become a welcoming face, inspire others to find the courage to look for themselves.  Ultimately,  genuine love is the balm that transforms zombies back into vibrant love filled humans.


It is an honor to know you!
Thank you for all you do!

– Yon

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Written By Yon on April 19th, 2012 @ 10:14 am

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