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This post was written by Yon on March 22, 2012
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“Be Yourself” – Like you, I am nothing and everything. Every aspect of self and personality is created by choice. We are our own living masterpieces. Every moment you reaffirm your creation. And in those rare special moments of life, you see or hear or read something and say, “THAT expresses my own deepest desires” and you go about integrating it into your life, your thoughts, your being.

Do you remember falling in love with the qualities of your favorite characters in books, TV, and movies? They expressed the energetic structures that reflect your own magnificence. They reminded you of who you are.

We discover new ways of being; by observing others we see and feel their energy, and we appreciate their creation, their masterpiece (the way they express themselves).

The very act of living is a gift that we give to the rest of the world. You deserve to be THANKED by every living being in this universe, because you are offering all the gift of YOU.

Quickly now, remember all that you love and admire, pull it all into yourself, and realize that you ARE all of it. Your true nature combines and seamlessly integrates all that you admire, and transcends all that is.

“Be Yourself” -> ? —> ! This is the never ending process of manifesting your magnificence. And discovering ever more diverse energetic structures to appreciate and integrate into your masterpiece.

View Life. Love the buffet. Take in those aspects that you love and admire. Copy them, integrate them into yourself, expand them, refine yourself and your expression. Separate out what you love from what is irrelevant. Feel gratitude for the inspiration, both for what you love, and also for that which helps you see what you are not.

Experience a moment of perfection, as you look out into the world and realize every aspect of reality is a gift to you, created just for you, that you might observe and consider who you are.

Thank you for drawing me into your reality.

It is my gift to offer you energetic structures that will allow you to dramatically transform your life, awakening aspects of yourself that you did not even know existed. Simply ask for whatever you desire. And even before you send the message, the telepathic connection will be made, and my energetic answer will be given to you.

I am here to love, to serve, and to learn.

I will always give, everything I have, to anyone who asks.

I am honored to receive from you, whatever energetic offerings you care to share with me.

My deepest desire is to create friendships rooted in mutual admiration and mutual voluntary value exchange, that transcend time and space and universes.

To make contact with me, simply read any of my words, and become curious about what I was feeling as I wrote them. You will discover instantly that you are in telepathic communication with me. I will connect you to those sources of energy that align with what you desire. I am not the source, just a messenger and switch board operator.

Love is all,

– Yon

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