The Magnificent Future, The Parallel Society, & Subconscious Suggestions

This post was written by Yon on March 7, 2012
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Your life will change profoundly… if you read and understand this message.
All good things can flow into your life faster than you ever imagined.

I have had one basic question my entire life: “What is good?”

The answer? ┬áThere is always room for improvement, thus we view aspects of goodness on a scale…

Life is better than Death
Prosperity is better than poverty
Health is better than infirmity
Happiness is better than sadness
Ability is better than incompetence
Intelligence is better than stupidity

and of course there is Love… which has no opposite.

All consciousness desires more of what is good -> more life, prosperity, health, happiness, ability, intelligence, love, and every other good quality.

Subconscious suggestions influence us daily. Rarely are those influences for our benefit. The messages that we should be surrounded with, but generally aren’t include the following:
– You are good
– You are worthy
– Your are interesting, fascinating, amazing, wonderful, exciting, sexy, valuable, capable, competent, growing, on track, magnificent, awesome, … good!
– You can do it!
– You can accomplish your goals, you can achieve your dreams
– You are the one who made the choices that has brought you to this point in your life, you could have chosen differently, and you have total freedom to create a new and different future for yourself by exercising your freedom to choose your future decisions
– All good things are coming into your life

These positive suggestions might remind you of the good feelings that you deserve, simply by living. It is your right to live any way you choose, and choosing these ideas may be of value to you.

Do you choose these ideas?
Do you want others to choose these ideas for themselves?

Not everyone does. Infact, most of the power structures on this planet feel threatened by these positive suggestions. It is liberating and shocking to discover that so many of the institutions that we are taught to respect and honor, are actually intent on undermining people, they offer subtle subconscious suggestions like these:
– people are confused, and must be guided and controlled
– people have needs that must be fulfilled, we have compassion for their depravity
– people are all basically the same
– most people are incompetent at living, they need us to tell them what to do and think and how to live
– only the rare individual will ever accomplish anything significant
– most people are the victims of circumstance, and it is unlikely if anything will change that
– it looks like things are getting worse

Institutions also often add this suggestion
– without us there is little hope, if you do what we say, then … (potential of something good)

By putting the two sets of subconscious suggestions side by side, you can see and feel the dramatic difference.

How has this happened?
How has our society so completely accepted subconscious suggestions of such pessimism and degradation?

Indoctrination is the process by which a person is subconsciously influenced to pass along to others the subconscious suggestions being indoctrinated. The subconscious beliefs of a person color everything that s/he will say or do.

From the time a person is born until s/he is ~8 years old, s/he will generally take in and accept as valid the signals offered by the external world; but it’s not completely true, you will hear stories of many young children who even at just a few years old will discover that they are being treated unjustly and will reject the source of the injustice. When someone acts or speaks in a way that communicates to you that you are less than you know in your heart, you do not question yourself, you know it is not true, and you may reject in anger or frustration the source of the degrading beliefs. Nearly all women know what it is like to be thought of and treated as a piece of meat. I think it is safe to say that at one time or another we’ve all been treated as if we are naive or immature or irresponsible or in general “looked down upon”. We can feel the subconscious beliefs of others about us, projected in the way those people act towards us.

Most people are completely unaware of carrying these negative thought seeds and transmitting them to others.

In response to these kinds of interactions, we will generally do one of these things:
– accept it as valid (and feel awful, and engage in self-loathing)
– accept it as valid (and use it as a spring board to become better, feeling wonderful knowing that we are growing)
– reject it (in reactive anger and frustration)
– reject it (by reacting with covert hostility invalidating and minimizing the source)
– reject it (from a position of serenity, simply knowing that it is not true, and having compassion for the source, knowing that it is really his/her own issue that is falsely being projected onto you)

Examples could be given of each, but you understand, you see how it plays out in your life.

So what can we do with these understandings?

Catch of vision of where these understandings lead: Imagine a world where you are surrounded by people who honor and validate you, imagine also that all of the people around you are people that you respect and admire. When you look around you, it is so incredibly rare that you ever feel negativity towards others; you do not feel disgust, you do not feel frustration, you do not worry about what they will think of you, you do not feel that they are making stupid mistakes, you do not feel inconvenienced… instead you feel wonderful that there are such incredible people around you, you feel honored to have them in your life, you feel patient and you make an effort to understand them, you trust the people around you with good reason – they are all honorable and golden-hearted, you are confident of who you are and that others respect you, you feel respected in every interaction, you generally understand the people around you and can comprehend their honest motives easily, you feel that everyone in your life is helping to make your life even better.

This is the world that I am helping to create. It exists, it is real, it is already available to all, you may enter into this world immediately.

We exist as a parallel society which overlaps and interpenetrates the existing global civilization, we live lives of incredible excitement and growth, we associate near constantly with others of like mind. We are all engaged in personal development, as the refinement of character is what allows such a society to exist at all.

Entry into this parallel society is by invitation only, and is offered only to those who are willing to submit to a program of personal development. Our training system allows anyone to uncover their own subconscious negativity and systematically remove it, allowing everyday to be filled with more vitality, excitement, positivity, creativity, and wonder than the day before.

And while the paradigm shift that we are creating will eventually touch the entire world, at this time, our society is not for everyone. Not everyone qualifies. The doors only open to those who are willing to do the work and exert the effort. Literally billions of dollars have been expended to create this global network, if its something you’d like to learn more about, ask me to help you begin the training.


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