Reactions to CBS’s Blatant Ron Paul Shun

This post was written by Yon on January 10, 2012
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In response to this:

It is so interesting to me to try to understand how this happens. Is it like “oops, sorry, we just forgot to include Ron Paul?” Was it a minor oversight? If so, the appropriate thing to do would be to acknowledge it and represent it fairly, with honesty and dignity. We’ve all seen news make mistakes and then responsibly correct themselves. It’s wonderfully refreshing to see that. But 4 days later, and thousands of comments later asking for clarification or explanation, and still no mention of what happened… it becomes pretty obvious that something isn’t quit right inside CBS. There are specific people who are making decisions to not include Ron Paul in the news. And the intention is pretty clear, “we don’t want you to see or think about Ron Paul or the ideas that he presents.” Here is yet another classic example of “information ‘they’ don’t want you to know about”.

Why would the media be concerned about Ron Paul? Because his common sense, genuine, and honest approach to politics makes every other candidate uncomfortable. No other candidate really cares about the American people; all of the other candidates have to posture themselves to continue receiving campaign contributions from their corporate special interest sponsors. We have one candidate who speaks honestly and can clearly articulate what is not working and how to fix it. And we have all the other candidates who basically represent the status quo. It would be easier for the other candidates if Ron Paul was not running, then the insignificant differences between them would seem important.

More people than ever want the r3VOLution, and are ready to stand up and help make it happen. Journalists are in a tough spot, they know they lose their jobs if they step out of line, they have to live and eat too. You can’t really blame the media pawns, (you can have compassion for them, as they live in a state of moral compromise). The reality is that we’ve all compromised ourselves at one time or another. Today we’re stronger than ever, our hearts shine brighter than ever, and we have the strength of honesty to call them out, not with hatred, but with love.

Everyone who does an about face and helps get things moving in the right direction is welcomed back in the family of conscious human life with open arms.There is Glory for those that see the vision early and help make it happen: Ron Paul does win in 2012, he does become President, and the records of history show for all to see, at what point each person gave up their fear and dependency on corruption, and choose to live honestly in support of the constitution, individual liberty, and honest government operated for the one valid purpose of protecting the lives, rights, property, and contracts of all the people.

More and more people are seeing the vision, and choosing to claim their own share of the glory of bringing honesty to America. Ten or 20 years from now, what will you tell your children was your contribution? I’ll get to show them this.

I’ll show them that I was a delegate for Ron Paul at my caucus and county and state conventions. I’ll show the phone call logs of my Ron Paul activist dial from home support. And I’ll share with them the pictures of the incredible people that I worked with to bring honesty and rationality to America. We do it for love. We do it for the future. It’s time. The Revolution is here.

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