So What do You Think of Ron Paul?

This post was written by Yon on January 4, 2012
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Millions of people are watching Ron Paul. We watch him because we’ve listened to him for more than the 89 seconds that he was afforded during CBS debates, and what he says is refreshing.

But we’re also watching something else. We’re carefully watching you. We watch you and your reactions to the different ways that Ron Paul is presented in the media. We see first hand the power of the media to influence thought. But amazingly, the media’s spell is breaking. Every time the media says, “He’s not electable” something happens inside of you, you can’t even really help it, but you see a little bit more of how the game works. The media influences the way people think by telling people what the media owners want you to think.

It really is that simple. The voice on the TV or Radio speaks the words that become the thoughts of the masses who nod their heads in agreement.

Imagine for a moment if the media was saying, “Ron Paul has the most loyal grass roots organization the country has ever seen!” (he does, he’s been building it for decades) and “He is a very strong contender in the race for GOP Presidential Nomination!” (he is) and “His ideas are clear, rational, popular, and easy to support” (they are).

If the media was saying these things, people would continue nodding in agreement, but now they would be nodding in agreement with ideas that could actually turn our country around.

Just pause a moment and think about it. What people hear and see and read has an impact on them. It’s that simple. People take in what they hear, and read, and see; and those words and images have an effect. Sometimes our ideas are challenged, sometimes our ideas are reinforced, and sometimes we see entirely new ideas that we’ve never seen before.

It’s easy for me to say, “Ron Paul is good for America”, but I don’t expect you to just nod and agree. Why would you, you have seen over and over and over the media attacking him, planting subtle seeds in your mind that cause you to ask, “but isn’t he too extreme?” and “but isn’t he unelectable?”

Just for a moment, don’t even think about politics at all. Just look at the genius of the media “thought shaping system”. It is so elegant, so simple: present the views that you want people to agree with, hide and minimize and ignore the people and ideas that you do not want people to see, think about, or agree with. And if something does come up that you don’t like, be sure to show lots of examples of respected people belittling it.

Whenever anyone voices support for Ron Paul, you subconsciously know that your job is to mirror the positions taken by the respected authority figures you see on TV.

But here is the really weird thing, doesn’t it seem ODD, really RIDICULOUSLY ODD, that all of these people are attacking and belittling Ron Paul? And at the same time there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who speak with clarity and confidence saying, “No really, take a look at him; Evaluate him for yourself using whatever metrics you like. If you like him, cool. And if after looking you still don’t think he’s awesome, that’s just fine too. Look past the media non-sense and find out what he really stands for; find out why so many people are excited about the future: a Ron Paul Presidency!”

About the Author: Yon Cole is a man with a family, a job, a masters degree in physics, and a vision for a bright future. He is another amazing person who has fallen in love with honesty.

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