Energetic Preparation for the New Year: 2012

This post was written by Yon on December 31, 2011
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2:23 AM 12/31/2011

Dear One,
You can no doubt feel the preciousness of this moment.

The New Year is almost here!

The preparations are being made to launch the new year so that within the next 366 days, all that is anticipated may come into manifestation.

What will it mean?
What will be different?

and most importantly, “what can I do RIGHT NOW to maximize this opportunity?”

Of course, by now, you know that ALL of these answers are up to you, and you alone: YOU have claimed 100% responsibility for your life so far, and as a direct consequence you possess 100% authority for your life here, now and forevermore. You are a CHAMPION! Yet you are never alone. Your magnificence has allowed you to perceive that there are others like yourself, and you have found your way into our company, you are a CHAMPION among CHAMPIONS.

In preparation for this moment, you have been dreaming your dreams, visualizing your desires, broadcasting the energetic frequencies of your wishes… fulfilled!


You are the living vortex of creation.

You are magnificent beyond measure!

And shortly is the moment where you will have the opportunity to synchronize the DECISION to transform your life.

1/1/2012 00:00 is the moment, in whatever timezone you find yourself.

Energetically the ripple of time will wave its way around the globe, cascading from timezone to timezone; building until the transformation is complete.

Nothing will change… unless you change.

You know, within your heart, the life that you are meant to live.
The moment is coming when you will have the courage to abandon all else, and be true to your heart more deeply than ever before.

The two questions to ask are:

To embrace the new, we will be letting go of the old.

It is TIME.

It is TIME to LET GO.

It is TIME to release ALL that is not in alignment with what you truly desire within your heart.

Release ALL that no longer serves you.

And step into the new life that has always been yours, but you have always withheld from yourself.

We will all be taking the step together, those of us that choose it.

We are each strong enough and brave enough to make this transition at any time of our choosing. Yet choosing to do it at THIS TIME is significant.

It will allow you to forever say, I MADE MY DECISION with the dawning of 2012.

There is no looking back.

The train is leaving the station never to return.

DECISION: from latin “To Cut Off” -> to cut off all other possibilities, and embrace the one singlar choice that has been decided upon.

When Julius Cesar landed in Britain, do you remember what he did?
He burnt the boats. All of them.
There would be no retreat.
There would be victory or death.
There were no boats with which to sail home.

It is time to say goodbye to the old self, the old ways of thinking, and the old ways of being.

The new mental structures have been planted as seeds over the past days, weeks, and months. Have you been listening? Have you been reading? Have you been associating with others of like-mind? Have you been building relationships? Have you been giving and receiving recognition?

Do you crave to know JUST A LITTLE MORE about the basics?
– Who do you listen to?
– What is your teachability index?
– What is the training balance scale?
– what are the four steps to mastery?

So few people will keep their ‘resolutions’. Make none yourself if you are not prepared to follow through fully with them.

Consider instead something more subtle.

Consider the possibility that it will be easy.
that it will be FUN!
that it will be effortless!
that it will bring you good feelings, even euphoria, possibly exhiliration, and almost certainly a sense of calmness, peace, and focus.

Visualize the future. But now let us do it correctly. Every desire you have shall be fulfilled. The SPEED will depend on you. Dial in your frequency to the wish fulfilled. Focus on your desire with power and intensity, feel your broadcast signal ripple through the ether, feel your desire rippling through the field of consciousness surrounding Earth, feel the universe respond with a question (“are you sure?”), feel your energetic reply… a perfect… “yes”; a YES that contains the perfection of the wish fulfilled, with power, with 100% belief and validation, with 100% confidence that you KNOW it shall be yours.

Behold as the fear, doubt, and hesitancy arise and subside within you. And as you watch with quiet invincible confidence, you see those negative feelings evaporate into light; in their place is the radiant form of your own inner self, a mirror reflecting YOUR LIGHT. And behold you luminescence is so intense that you would nearly blind yourself. Release the intensity within you, there is no need to dim your brilliance any longer.

The magic that we are weaving is unlike this world has ever known. For the first time in history, consciousness has awakened en masse. We have found each other, and we all understand the simplicity of what we must do. We must be ourselves. And as we see others being themselves, it is our duty to RECOGNIZE and celebrate their victories over stagnation and false living. RECOGNITION is validation and energetic support that we offer to each other; it is the encouragement to be REAL, to be who we really are, to dispense with societal demands to attack and invalidate those who deviate from the norms established by external authorities.

Very simply: WE HAVE WON

There is no longer any need to fear, “what will people think?”

YOU KNOW WHAT WE WILL THINK (We’ll think you’re even more amazing than we know you are now), and you KNOW that you are LOVED, you KNOW that if you are acting in alignment with your heart that EVERYTHING will work out.

We are the new hippies, placing flowers in the societal guns of negativity, dancing and laughing and singing and SHINING the light within us for all to see.


and starting TODAY, let there be no doubt, that WE HAVE WON.

Our inner strength is reaching levels where no one and nothing can shake our inner calm, our FOCUS, our love for this life.

When you love life, it is easy to accept life for what it is, without fears, without resistance, without struggle. We just love… but we also COMMAND.

You are the COMMANDER of your life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this life MAGNIFICENT.
And it appears that you are WAY ahead of schedule!


And it is an HONOR to have you in my life and as part of my team, … part of my family.

My world is filled with gratitude and love.
There is nothing else…. except perhaps sweet anticipation. Visions of the future unfold before my eyes… can you see these visions too? Can you see that life continues on, getting better, and better, and better, and better, … forever?

With every success, your confidence grows, your confidence creates activity, your activity creates habits, and your habits bring you even greater success.

Your light is shining brightly now.

But behold the world of darkness is no more. For everywhere you look, you see more radiant beings illuminating this world. We are everywhere. We need not compete to see who will shine the brightest, we shine as we do, and for every light there is gratitude and recognition.


for letting your light shine

let it shine
let it shine
let it shine

this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.

But this time, I mean it.

For centuries, consciousness has played a game of trust and betrayal with the world. The world has said over and over again, “I’ll catch you” (I’ll accept you, I’ll allow you to be yourself), “Just close your eyes, release your fears, and allow me to embrace you as you allow yourself to fall into my arms”…

Today, the game is over.

The sting of betrayal is nothing. It is an illusion designed to create dependency. And today that sting has lost it’s venom.

We do not need anyone else to embrace us.
We do not need anyone else to accept us.
We do not need anyone else to validate us or catch us.

As individuals we are strong enough, on our own, to decide for ourselves if we really are who we are. We have the authority and the power to SELF-VALIDATE.

The phrase to speak within ourselves is simply this: “I have the authority to self-validate”.

There is NO ONE from whom we seek license to live, to be ourselves, to lay honest claim to the lives we desire – the lives we are meant to live.

And even if you or I or any of our friends were the only light shining on this world, we each now have the strength to illuminate the whole world.

Spread this message far and wide.

It is time!


4:00 AM 12/31/2011

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