Kevin Trudeau Scammer or Hero

This post was written by Yon on December 18, 2011
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The mediocre always doubt, until they see it for themselves; to them, everything that is not yet achieved is impossible.
Genius and Invention look beyond the “what is” of today; we see and create the “what will be” of tomorrow.

Are you mediocre? Or do you possess the stuff of Genius?

The businesses of tomorrow will deliver things that are “too good to be true” today.

Look at the businesses of today! Do you see how they deliver things today that would have once been “too good to be true”?

Every real businessperson desires to create a value proposition that will blow people away, delivering far more value than the price tag would indicate. Those who achieve this are heroes to their customers (who become zealots in defense of the incredible values they receive). These heroic value creators deliver so much more value than their competition, that the competition appears worthless by comparison. The competition lashes out in a final attempt at self-preservation seeking to invalidate the new coming paradigm. Those who blindly and dogmatically follow their subconsciously chosen external authorities, those who default on their responsibility to perform their own independent investigation, those who adopt the judgments passed by their priests and leaders and experts all act to retard progress.

Drug companies are corporations that have a fiduciary responsibility to increase share holder value and profits. Curing diseases may sound exciting, but the current marketplace does not reward drug companies with increased profits for doing this. The ideal drug is one that maximizes profits – a drug for which a daily, life-time prescription could be justified; a drug which would cause side effects that would justify additional prescriptions where the benefit of the original drug still outweighed the risk and harm due to side effects. The ideal social environment would be where individuals blindly accept “doctors orders” without hesitation or question; or going a step further; being able to strong arm parents into medicating their children by using threats of “medical negligence” and Child Protective Services.

Kevin Trudeau offers ideas that “They” don’t want you to know. This information presents perspectives that many people find valuable. Yet, it undermines vested interested as well as individuals and industries posing as “external authorities” to the masses. The message in Kevin’s books is simple: You must become your own authority, Ask the good questions, Consider all of your options. It’s a message that is terribly upsetting to those that don’t want other people to think. Naturally such people desire for Kevin to be seen by the masses as a crook and a scammer, how else could they justify their desperate assertion that “there is no value in performing your own investigation”?

Kevin’s claims that different natural cures are effective, even when clinical studies have not yet been performed, has two primary impacts: to open minds to new possibilities and to demonstrate the principle that “those treatments which would not be profitable are not likely to be studied with clinical trials”.

Consider your options.

Responders all reveal themselves. Behold those who are threatened by Kevin Trudeau’s honesty and personal empowerment, and so they call him dishonest and assert that people are too stupid to make their own evaluations. Behold those who attack because they have been told to do so. Behold those who attack without reason based on blind prejudice.

Behold also those who have looked for themselves and are happy to support Kevin because we know the power of his message: Think for yourself.

We are fighting a kind of mental war, those who want individuals to think for themselves vs those who want to do the thinking for the masses. This war is going to be ending shortly. Everyone will think for themselves, even you. Every person who takes this step will do two things: 1) encourage all others to do the same, and never again act as external authority to someone else, and 2) defend the rights of all people to exercise their right to free speech (which includes your free speech rights to assert that Kevin Trudeau is a scammer, my free speech rights to defend him, and the free speech rights of people in the future to offer outrageous presentations of a dubious nature.)

Could you imagine a world where, before anyone says anything, they had to pay a fee to find out if they were telling the truth or if they were in some way misrepresenting themselves? I don’t think anyone wants that. So consider that there is no way to prevent people from “stretching the truth” or even outright lying in their commercial presentations. It is going to happen. Customers will buy. The damage will be done. What should the consequences be? What should the preventative actions be? Is not the most important first step to EMPOWER PEOPLE to be responsible for themselves? What if the “outrageous claims” are found to be valid by many people who are very happy with their purchase? In the case of Kevin Trudeau, most of the time he offers a money back guarantee, and he still seems to do pretty well. The people who don’t like his books can get their money back. The people who like his books generally feel that the books are worth their price, or else they would return them. The only people who are really not liking Kevin, are those who depend on their status as external authorities over others.

But the tide is turning. More and more people see through the game. We see destructive dishonesty, (and it’s not Kevin Trudeau), and we call it out, and make it plain for everyone to see.

In Love and Honesty,
– Yon

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