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Everything that you want in life is achieved through a single faculty: CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness is your ability to PERCEIVE and MONITOR your perceptions, to make JUDGMENTS and DECISIONS and to put those DECISIONS into ACTION. Look around, it’s easy to see that some people are running on “auto-pilot”. If we’re honest with ourselves, most people will acknowledge that have a few moments of CONSCIOUSNESS and then they run on auto-pilot for a few minutes to a few hours… another moment or two of CONSCIOUSNESS… and back to auto-pilot. The Challenges of the world today exist as they do because there are a small minority of conscious individuals that WANT the world to go exactly the way it is going. They are the ones that use emotional manipulation tactics to divide people into ‘camps’ and have the camps fight against each other, each side of the debate does not hear or understand the other, they only know that their lives depend on their side winning. In this condition, people are on emotional auto-pilot and will take those actions that align with what they understand.

You are hereby invited to PAUSE, BREATH, Become CONSCIOUS! You are looking at a screen. You are reading these words. — And YOU hold the key to fixing the world. YOU are the one who will make the difference. YOU are the one that can carry the message of HONESTY to the world.

What is the message of honesty?

You know in your heart what it is. It goes something like this:

“It is time. It is TIME to make thing better. It is TIME for honest people to DO SOMETHING, to STAND UP, to DECLARE what we STAND FOR. What do we stand for? We stand for a very simple proposition: ALL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS. We want to live in a world where the RIGHTS of ALL PEOPLE are protected. And what specific RIGHTS do ALL PEOPLE HAVE?

ALL PEOPLE have The Right to LIFE —> No one may kill anyone else:: those that do are murderers.
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to SAFETY —> No one may initiate violence against anyone else, no one may threaten to initiate violence against anyone else:: those that do are thugs or assailants.
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to PROPERTY —> Those things that you create are YOURS and no one else may take them away from you. Those things that you acquire through mutually voluntary exchange with others are YOURS and no one else may take them away from you:: Anyone who does is a thief
ALL PEOPLE have The Right to CONTRACT —> It is fraud to enter an agreement and not do what you say you will do. When you enter a contract and do your part, you have a RIGHT to have that contract enforced and the other party may be compelled to uphold their side of the contract. (Enter contracts carefully, don’t enter contracts that are too confusing, take 100% responsibility, if people read contracts and decided not to do business with companies that used long hard to read contracts those long contracts would go away, companies would feel the pressure to make simple contracts that customers would be happy to read and sign.):::Anyone violating a contract is a defrauder.

GOVERNMENT has one valid purpose: TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE. Government has the valid purpose to use the minimal force necessary to bring to JUSTICE anyone that violate anyone else’s RIGHTS: murderers, thugs, assailants, thieves, and defrauders.

ALL PEOPLE have the RIGHT to be treated as if they were INNOCENT until they are PROVEN GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt by a JURY of unbiased peers.
ALL PEOPLE have the RIGHT to face their accusers.
ALL PEOPLE have the RIGHT to legal defense.

When we look at government today, we see more and more that GOVERNMENT is violating the RIGHTS of the people. How does it do that?

Government passes laws that allow government officials to act as thugs.
Consider that armed federal agents will enter businesses with guns drawn and confiscate the property of business owners (including freezing their bank accounts) if those business owners have not met all of the regulatory requirements of the FDA or FTC.
Consider taxation – armed federal agents from the IRS Criminal Investigation division may enter your home or business and freeze your bank accounts if they suspect you of not paying what they declare you owe. In many cases laws are passed that force people to modify their contracts, preventing some people from receiving what they would otherwise be owed under their contract.

When governments pass laws that make it “legal” for someone to:
– commit murder
– initiate violence
– threaten to initiate violence
– steal
– or defraud

There is a PROBLEM.

People are emotionally manipulated into believing that laws that allow these actions are “needed” and “good for them”.

Honest people know that “If a project requires using violence and threat of violence to ‘convince’ people to fund it, it probably isn’t that well thought out.”

Of course the easiest way to fund any project is to go from door to door with a pillow case, a gun, and team of black clad IRS agents behind you and tell each person you see to ‘put in your fair share’.

Honest and Responsible people who love their lives do not need laws to tell them not to consume mind altering toxins. Those who use drugs do so largely because they know the world is messed up and they seek to alter their experience of it and feel powerless to do so in any other way. Criminalizing drug use adds a negative stigma that acts as an additional barrier that actually prevents people from getting clean and finding more effective methods of fixing the world. The DEA, with guns drawn, breaking into a drug users home is far more like a thug force, than most drug users.
Individuals have the RIGHT to do with their bodies as they choose.
Adults have the RIGHT to engage in mutually voluntary economic and sexual exchanges.

We may not like their choices, we may not condone their actions, but Rational and Honest people recognize that violence of a black-booted guns-drawn thug force acting against individuals who have not violated the RIGHTS of anyone else is far more detrimental to society than the combination of FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

THERE IS ONLY ONE JUSTIFICATION FOR THE USE OF POLICE or MILITARY FORCE: and that is: to bring to justice INDIVIDUALS who have violated the RIGHTS of others.

Whenever an INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, or GOVERNMENT initiates violence, threat of violence, theft, or fraud against another, it is a CRIME. And those INDIVIDUALS who are responsible should be brought to JUSTICE, quickly, treated as if they were innocent, given fair trials, and then sentenced to MAKE UP THE DAMAGE that they were responsible for causing.

When people embrace and STAND UP for this message, the world will change.
And what about all of the actions taken by CRIMINALS that have been made LEGAL by politicians who used emotional manipulation to build justifications for legalizing acts of violence against the innocent?

Amazingly, the vision of the world that results from taking this stance is SO Compelling that we don’t even need to worry about bringing these past criminals to justice. By simply creating the new world that we desire, EVERYTHING of the past can be forgotten. We can forgive them and move forward, and let their own conscience drive them to make things right; many of them will ask for help in doing so out of feelings of profound guilt.

Today is a new day.
TODAY is the day the world changes.
TODAY is the day, we move forward, putting our foot down, STANDING UP for the world that we desire.

YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART that it is WRONG to commit murder, to threaten violence against the innocent, to initiate violence, to steal, and to defraud.

ALL that is called for in this STAND is for honest people to say NO to these basic crimes.

WE WILL NOT have them any more!
WE WILL NOT allow government to JUSTIFY them any more!

WE WILL support government that can efficiently bring violators to JUSTICE, and treat them as innocent until proven guilty.

WE WILL have a world filled with happy, honest, productive, creative, exciting, enthusiastic people that know in their hearts that they are GOOD, that they stand for and defend the RIGHTS of ALL PEOPLE. Those creative geniuses will also enrich the lives of ALL people by using their MINDS to create things that are valuable and beneficial to others.

In this new world, Business will only earn profits when they can provide real value to customers who voluntarily purchase their wares. That means every transaction adds value to the world, because both parties are better off as a result.

People will do business with those that understand that it is not just profits that are important, there is more to life than profits, there is also knowing that what you are doing is good. Do business with those that deliver incredible value for the price they ask, and look closely to see what they do with their profits, do they use them to deliver even more value? Those that commit their profits back into increasing values are the most honorable individuals on the planet. Look for them! They are everywhere! They are heroes! They choose to create values for others, even though they don’t need to do it. Protect them! Cherish them! Honor them! … And shortly we will have MORE and MORE OF THEM!

Create a world where honest creativity and productivity in support of CONSCIOUS LIFE are given highest honors.

Create > Destroy
Life > Death
Honesty > Dishonesty
Rationality > Irrationality
Respect > Emotional Manipulation
Justice > Justified Criminality
Confidence > Hope
Vision > Unconsciousness
Love > Hate
Forgiveness > Revenge
Productivity > Stagnation
Euphoria > Depression
Trust > Suspicion
Friendship > Hostility
Voluntary > Enforced
Mutual > One-sided
Exchange > Theft
Health > Languishing
Vitality > Exhaustion
Happiness > Sadness

CONSCIOUSNESS > Mental/Emotional Auto-pilot

What will you choose?

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Written By Yon on November 23rd, 2011 @ 5:18 pm

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