Will you help Fix America!?! I AM!

This post was written by Yon on October 21, 2011
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Dear friends!
Exciting things are happening. People everywhere are looking at politics in the US and realizing that things aren’t working. AND THIS IS EXCITING!

In just the past year is seems like 1 in 3 people are waking up, and are finally hearing things that the 1 in 10 have been saying for years.

We need to go back to the CONSTITUTION!
It matters. It is the only thing that can stop the Federal Government from spending America into a 3rd world condition.

We need to CUT government programs! (just like families in tough times stop going out to eat)

We NEED to bring our troops home!

We know from our own finances, (or the financial situations of others that we know), that the fun stops when credit cards get max out. Responsible families put in “austerity measures”, they stop buying things that they can’t afford. They reduce things down to the bare minimum. They do it either out of fear of the collection agency, or they do it out of hope for the future, and those families that don’t do it, find themselves headed for very rough times.

There are many individuals and families facing very hard times.
You don’t need to look very far to find them.
People are hurting, and they want answers.
They know that things aren’t working, and they don’t understand why things are falling apart.

Ron Paul has been explaining THAT things would fall apart for years.
Those who have listened to him know WHY things are falling apart now!

He explained in 2001 that the Fanny & Freddie policies would create the housing bubble
He explained in 2008 the Bailouts would lead to a credit crisis
He has explained that when financial institutions finally release the Bailout funds, there will be inflation. (It’s coming!)

He hasn’t changed his positions in 30 years.
He’s been right about everything he’s talked about for 30 years.

The things he says make sense.
Yet they disagree with the prevailing attitude presented by the media which is generally accepted as sufficient by the 6 out of 10.

In this email, there are a few short clips
that show you what is at stake and
what we can do about it!

FIRST, have you ever seen what $1 Trillion dollars looks like?
Government talks about a trillion dollars here, a trillion there.

The Federal Reserve, which was recently audited was found to have lent out $16 Trillion in private loans not publicly disclosed.

What does that look like?
Watch and be amazed!

[16 of those were lent out to the politically connected friends of the private/quasi-governmental Federal Reserve Bank – given to big banks, foreign banks, and foreign governments.]

Who has been talking about Ending the Fed?
There is only one politician serious about it.

Please enjoy this amazing video!


So now that you’re reaching the end.
What WE NEED is to get RON PAUL on the ballot!

It’s easier than you might think!
This video explains how:

Register as a Republican.
Go to the Republican PRIMARY or CAUCUS and participate in the process.
Amazingly, once people see what is going on, it doesn’t matter what political party they are normally involved with, they TAKE ACTION to get RON PAUL on the ballot!

Democrats, Libertarians, Constitution, Green, Independent are ALL saying it’s time to give RON PAUL a chance.
AND they are motivated to make it happen!

Please watch this short video above
to see how easy it is to get RON PAUL on the ballet!
We need you to take ACTION

Please pass this email on with the subject line: “Will you help Fix America!?! I AM!”
and let people know that you are going to vote for RON PAUL in the primary or caucus of your state!

Thank you so much!
YOUR PARTICIPATION …. NOW… is worth hundreds of votes later. Without effort NOW, we WILL max out America’s credit card. And the international collection agencies (foreign held us debt) will come here to buy up every last tangible resource that they can find.

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