Consciousness is the Fundamental of Choice

This post was written by Yon on May 27, 2011
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This post is in response to a facebook status update: “Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself, either. Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.”


Consciousness is a property that either exists in the moment or else it does not exist.

Consciousness is the position from which choices are not chance. Creating your own reality is achieved by first recognizing that you have the absolute freedom and absolute responsibility for what you will have in your life, and then applying rationally directed efforts toward your goals. From this position there are no failures, there are only learning experiences, and EVERY experience is valuable and worthy of congratulations and celebration.

Consciousness is the supreme value of the universe, for it is the ONLY aspect of reality capable of evaluating anything, and it is the only standard against which anything can really be judged. Any moment that ANYONE is aware of being aware is worthy of celebration, because as consciousness becomes your foundation for operation, more values flow through your life for the benefit of all.

Consciousness is the fundamental of choice, without it, the social programming will direct your thoughts and actions in an emotional-mechanical fashion. As you look around, you see those who act out their emotional-mechanical social patternings, and those who don’t are put in the ‘weird’ box. The seemingly automatic desire to judge this reply as ‘weird’ is part of the social programming that is designed to penalize consciousness and reward conformity and submission.

The 2012 ‘end of the world’ marks the anticipated rise to consciousness of the majority and the ‘end of the world’ for those who desire to suppress consciousness for their own profit. The awakening is occurring now, already we are nearing the tipping point. I would encourage anyone to listen to the people who have been called crazy and weird, (as opposed to following the emotional social conditioning that encourages the substitution of someone else’s opinion for your own observation). Some of them really are crazy and weird, but even in that, you’ll discover new perspectives that you would have never seen before.  You might also discover, that they are not weird at all, and that instead they offer stimulations that undermine social programming and encourage real mental/emotional freedom for all through consciousness, and have developed systems for assisting individuals in breaking through the barriers that resemble “the fear of wolves will keep the flock close”.

 But mostly, make continuous consciousness your goal, including remaining conscious through dreaming, and acknowledge every moment of consciousness as worthy of celebration, for YOU are magnificent! And only in consciousness is it possible to appreciate how incredible YOU truly are. Make the effort, it’s worth it. Go Free. Love. Forever. Welcome to a new world. (and by 12/21/2012… we’ll be in the majority and the world will change.)

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