Recording a Phone Call

This post was written by Yon on May 11, 2011
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I was recently asked how to record a phone call.  Below is what I wrote up.

Step 1) create a free account with – this will involve providing contact information and choosing: conference ID and moderator PassCode
Step 2) learn how to use the system:
 a) you need these pieces of information:  The phone number for call in (given to you), the Conference ID (suggested by you and approved), and PassCode (chosen by you)
 b) you call in the number, enter the Conference ID, then star *, then PassCode – and you’re logged in “as a moderator”
 c) you need some controls:  *7 will lock out any other users (so no new callers can join) [*7 again unlocks this],  *9 prompts for a recording ID number and begins recording, [*9 again ends recording]
 d) recordings are available for download a few minutes after the recording ends on the website by logging in.
Step 3) Learned the system by making your first recording:
 a) call the number
 b) enter conference ID then * star
 c) enter PassCode then #
 d) *7 lock out all other callers
 e) *9 to name the recording
 f) enter a number (I usually choose the date: yyyymmdd and optionally a final identifier if I’m making multiple recordings that day:  yyyymmdd2 yyyymmdd3 etc)
 g) press # after the number to start recording
 h) speak a little
 i) when done press *9 to end recording
 j) wait while the audio loads up
 k) login to the website and click on ‘recordings’
 l) download and listen to your recording.
Step 4) now that you know how to do it and have tested it out once,
A) set up a conference call, tell someone the DATE/TIME of the call, the NUMBER to dial, and the Conference ID (followed by # unless you want them to moderate).
B) get on the call and as moderator (step 3 a-d),
C) ask if it’s ok to record and if there is anything else to say before the recording,
D) Start the recording (step 3 e-g),
E) have the call and
F) when it’s done done finish the recording (step 3 i-l)
The other option is to get into the recording yourself and then do a threeway call.  This looks like:
I) steps 3 a-d  (or step3 a-g) depending on whether or not you want the other person to here you initiate recording.
II) then three way the other person you want to record the conversation with
III) activate the three way connection so that their voice is also heard by the conference line  [you may want to have a third person monitoring the conference line so you can be sure that the conference line is hearing the person you want to record]
IV) start the recording if you didn’t already (step 3 e-g)
V) conclude the call and end the recording using the online control panel.
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