The Evolution of Social Consciousness: WHOLE LIFE HAPPINESS

This post was written by Yon on March 31, 2011
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Your time is valuable.  Every word, every moment, matters.

Increase the value of your resources, your time/money/energy/effort.  GET MORE result and enjoyment out of them.

Feel your level of consciousness rising.  Consciousness and awareness and attention are coming into focus, here and now.  This new subtle growing intensity is a spring-board from which to create your future.

Invention is the process of first seeing what does not yet exist.  And if it is desirable enough, to find a way to manifest it.

The future that the genius inventors are creating is more amazing than anything anyone has ever seen or conceived.

How can you create something more amazing that what you can conceive?  By setting into motion the systems that will bring you new visions of possibility.  Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see farther.

We each have our own vision, our own understanding.  I decided long ago, that I wanted to see what others see, I wanted to expand the breadth of my perspective.  It takes confidence and internal strength to be willing to let go of what we believe we know long enough to actually understand a new perspective.  The willingness to be wrong about something is the first step to becoming more right.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  We do the best we can with what we have.  Yet when you look around you, how many people are willing to risk exposure to a new vision by looking through your binoculars?  Do you remember the internal resistance that they felt as you offered them a new perspective?  You could likely almost see the internal struggle:  Is this new perspective potentially worth the time and effort that would be required to actually look at it with an open mind?

How many strange things have you walked past and just known inside yourself: “yeah, that’s one of those things that I just don’t need to worry about right now.”  And so it is.  At the buffet of life, each year brings forth ever more nutritious, delectable, and tantilizing culinary creations.  But our plates (and stomaches) are only so big.  At the end of the day, we want to feel satisfied and excited for tomorrow, not overwhelmed-frenetic-exhausted.  You do not need to sample it all, you do not need to seek out everything.  Your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual well-being, and that of your family, are important.  When you find yourself feeling wonderful in all areas of your life, that sweet spot carries with it such feelings of love and contentment beyond anything that most people have ever known.

The creations of the future are focused on bring this experience to you:  WHOLE LIFE HAPPINESS!  It means that your needs are met and you have the time/money/energy resources to begin building for an even brighter future.  Personal/mental/emtional/financial/spiritual growth becomes exponential growth in all areas of your life.  Master the art of creating valuable interactions and relationships.  Reduce expenses, increase income, live below your means, use the difference to create financial freedom (invest in assets and knowledge that will provide you more of what you want or need, or make it easier to get these) so that in the future you will have more time/money/energy available for higher levels of creation and excitement.  Discover and Master the art of regulating your emotions by choosing your thoughts to be in alignment with who you really are.  Discover and explore The Art of Spiritual Dreaming – spiritual growth allows us to experience more and more love in our lives; every moment of life becomes increasingly precious, another opportunity to share this love that we’ve found with anyone and everyone.  And we make efforts to become more effective at offering this love in ways that others can receive it.  Often love is only communicated when it is first  demonstrated.  With love, the world is transformed.

What is the future that we are creating?  We carry with us and offer to others our best, and everyday our best is getting better.  WHOLE LIFE HAPPINESS in the moment is available to all, and the techniques and understandings for how to achieve this are already everywhere.  I have explored more than 5 separate organizations that you have likely never heard of, or have passed by.  Each one is working in these directions, each in friendly competition with the others to reach and uplift those individuals who find the organization to be a good match.

Having seen people achieve WHOLE LIFE HAPPINESS in each of these organizations, I now know that the particular route is always a personal journey.  There is no ‘one route’ that everyone must follow.  We are each exploring the buffet as individuals.  It was truly a wonderful feeling to release my inner zealot that used to want so badly for others to find the wonders that I had found in each particular route.  It could only have come for me after having seen again and again that people can progress wonderfully on so many different development systems.  That spacious freedom changed everything for me.

Now all that matters to me in my interactions with others is the quality of communication that we might share.

We each have valuable perspectives.  I would love to hear yours.  I’m happy to share mine.

Every new creation is always the best route to the creators goal that the creator understands.  By clarifying the goals, and by making efforts towards those goals, the next few years will bring forth many incredibly exciting new creations.  We’ll see bew groups, new ideas systems, that make those goals achievable for many many people, faster and easier and cheaper than ever before.

What are the goals that we are focused on?  WHOLE LIFE HAPPINESS + exponential growth + expanding visions + open-ended dynamic vitality.

Any group that fails to evolve will become antiquated, and eventually obsolete and irrelevant.  From a study of exponential functions, we see that it doesn’t matter where two things start, in the end, the only factor that determines which one wins is the rate of sustained exponential growth.  What this means for us, is that those people/idea systems things that are growing/evolving the fastest win.

Today we find ourselves in a precarious situation.  There is so much potential for our civilization to enter a rapid social evolution for the benefit of all life.  This potential has existed ever since consciousness emerged.  But there are reasons why it this kind of rapid evolution has not happened.  And today it is time to begin to see why, and what can be done about it.

Beginning here, this post changes in nature.  It is easy to use positivity and vision to create a pull towards what we want, but unless people come to understand the actual barriers that are holding them back, we will not be able to reach our goals.  The fly may be able to see the beautiful outside world, but it will continue to ram into the glass window with no success time after time and it will not reach it’s goal until it finds a way around that seemingly invisible barrier.

Built into our society is an invisible barrier that prevents us from reaching the goal that we all want.  And it is very much like the carrot hung before a donkey, our efforts to achieve our goal is productive for the one who is dangling the carrot, the donkey walks forward carrying the rider where he wishes to go.

There are a great many vested interests that are being carried forward by efforts to “solve problems” that are really not problems at all.  And at least a few of those problems are created by those who desire to get paid to ‘solve’ those problems.  Perhaps one area where this is most obvious is tax law – by making tax law so complex, tax lawyers become highly valuable – and is it then surprising that they are the ones who write the tax laws?  But there are also a great many people who do not want there to be a simple taxation system (like perhaps, God forbid I suggest it, “no taxation”).  But this isn’t just about taxes and politics, it was just an easy example of the creation of a system that serves its creators at the expense of others.

The Banking Industry and the Military Industrial Complex both made huge profits by having the banks fund both sides of World War I and II, and then making the victors pay for the losers debt.  When you actually look at the money flows in this situation, people were effectively paying the banks and arms manufacturs to kill each other, and also promising that they would have their children and grandchildren pay for those debts.  We are still paying interest for debts incurred to fight in those wars.  And more recently, US acts of war in the middle east were simply decided upon by Presidents without first obtaining the constitutionally required authorization from congress.

But this section of this article isn’t about wars and acts of governments, it’s about vested interests that do not want to see the kind of rapid social evolution that is possible, and that all rational people want.

If you simply begin to think about what professions would become obsolete if actual solutions to problem were found, you can begin to see areas where these dynamics might exist.  In my research, I have found a number of connections that are strikingly convincing that some of this is going on (“who killed the electric car” to name one, my intention is not to make this article a clearing house for that kind of information.  And so I will only lightly indicate the kinds of situations where the dynamics that must be understood could exist.

If we found a cure for poor eye sight, optomitrists and lasic surgeons would be freed up to explore improving eye sight to new levels.
If we found a cure for cancer, the entire multi-billion dollar cancer industry would be freed up to research millions of new aspects of biological activity -> possibly going in the direction of age-reversing technology.
If we found more efficient energy sources, the oil industry could be freed up to focus on material synthesis & bulk transportation & distribution.
If we found a cure for Mental Illness/depression, psychologists/psychiatrists would be freed up to explore the heights of human potential.
If we had effective education systems, graduates would be prepared for more than the menial tasks that they told they must do unless they get a college degree.
If the underlying reasons people engage in illegal activity (drugs, prostitution, gangs, theft, etc) were addressed [starting by celebrating the decision to seek help, rather than vilifying/stigmatizing it], these multi-billion dollar life destroying ‘industries’ would go away, and the police force that has gotten a bad name by seeming to mainly focusing on penalizing/ticketing victimless crime laws while not providing citizens with a sense of safety/protection from actual violent crime, could return again to the defenders of the peace sense of strongly supportive of the community.
If there were efficient high speed trains around the country, nearly all shipped goods would be cheaper, transportation would be cheaper, trucking and air travel/air shipping would both be challenged to increase efficiency and focus on what they are best at (trucking = within city transit, air travel = urgent &/or remote transit).

The call for advancement and innovation, are often met by quiet disapprovals.  No one comes out and says, “If you do that, you’ll hurt our profit margin, and so we’re going to try to block you.”  That kind of action is done covertly through: trying to buy the patents and sit on them, through political gambits: lawsuits/regulation, through media: smear/discredit/ridicule/ignore, or through outright illegal action: theft/destruction/murder/blackmail/disappearing/threat/etc.  Stories of these kinds of things are so stimulating, and yet the reality that is found by those who look is often stranger than fiction.  “Who Killed The Electric Car” is one of my favorite examples.

Anyone who is actually looking for real solutions to the real underlying problems of society will encounter these dynamics sooner or later.  There is simply so much vested interest in treating symptoms, any real solution is seen as a threat, it would seem to expose those who are ‘in positions of authority’ as being lazy and dishonest.  In many cases, these people have simply been taught that there is no better answer to the situation than what they are doing, anyone who says otherwise is probably an outsider who doesn’t really know – it is up to them to do the studies and demonstrate that they can get real results, and until they do those studies, it is probably not worth the time.  “If they have something real, then it should be no problem for them to get funding and conduct a study.”  This isn’t ‘laziness’ or dishonesty, it’s perfectly rational given the training and perspective that these individuals have.

There are real solutions.  There are ways of making things better.  Look for them.  And when these dynamics are encountered, that is the real opportunity.  Those who currently have vested interests will rarely look at something if it means that their years of effort could potentially be undermined by a superior way of addressing the situation.  We are in the process of creating new dynamics where people who accept a loss and do what is right and for the greatest benefit of all, such will be rewarded in other ways, starting with tremendous recognition and appreciation.

Look within yourself and what you are doing for a living.  Do you find that the solution that you offer really is the best solution available to your customers?  If not, notice that.  The dynamics of honesty vs dishonesty, productive action vs laziness, are everywhere.  As we step up ourselves and do better, we learn that self-awareness and doing what is right can be a hard pill to swallow.  It’s not something we can force down someone else’s throat.  What we can do is create a space for that introspection to occur, and create a new culture where introspection and increasing honesty are safe and commendable.  We can/should/must vilify dishonest and laziness as a whole, but no individual ever needs to be vilified, because we are each where we are at, and it’s a process to become more honest.  It is the greatest and most rewarding adventure that I have ever embarked on, one that I believe will hopefully never end.

I’d like to thank you for reading, and for that subtle decision that you have already made to do a little bit more and be a little bit better.  Those small subtle lifts in consciousness really can and will lift up the whole world.

If you’d like more information about any of the tools, ideas, and systems that I have found to make this process go faster and with greater rewards, I’d be happy to share them.  My gift to you.

 – Yon

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