The Discovery Process

This post was written by Yon on March 21, 2011
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I woke up this morning was a new understanding, and a vision to explain it.

“I keep discovering these new and wonderful things!  How can I accelerate this?  How can I share it with others?”

It is as if I am reading a beloved story book for the 100th time, and on this particular reading I discover that there are 2 pages stuck together that have never been separated.  Carefully, using a knife I separate the two pages to discover text and illustrations that I had NEVER seen before!

The way things flowed from page 35 to page 38 seemed natural.  It was the way that my mother had read it to me.  It is all that I knew, and by chance, the text flowed together acceptably.  But now with the two full pages of additional text, I see something that I’ve never seen before, the story is changed ever so slightly, and my satisfaction with the story is felt even more fully.

And so it is with the new discoveries that I have been having every few months for the past 12 years.

Something new will come along and reveal to me that my personal reading through of “The Book of Life” had been incomplete in a way that I had never before considered.  The new pages give me additional understanding.

It is almost certain that you have encountered someone who was ‘missing a few pages’…  they were!  And try as you might to show them, we can hardly ever be effective at showing another person the pages that s/he has inadvertently skipped over.

But what we can learn from is how we ourselves discover new ideas and then make them our own.

I’m seeing now that my ideas will never be your ideas.  Just as the wonderful ideas that I have read and have fallen in love with… I do not think exactly the way the authors think.  The author’s ideas are his or herown.  And I have my ideas.  And I love my ideas the best.  And I look to the authors and feel gratitude and wonder.  My heart is happy for the gifts of new perspectives which have helped me see life in a new way.  But the way I understand things is entirely my own.

And so I write for you, not to tell you how it is, but rather how I see it.  And if I’m right about you, you’ll take these ideas and use them as a springboard:  you’re already a few concepts and integrations ahead of me.  If I’m able to offer you something that inspires, then I have done my job.  But mostly, I’m just glad that you’re you.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me… in Love.

 – Yon

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