The END of the War of Two Worlds -> Honesty Triumphs

This post was written by Yon on November 9, 2010
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We are in the midst of the War of Two Worlds – the dishonest parasitic elite have been weaving irrational illusions that trap the naive into supporting them in their usurpation of the values earned honestly by others.  The media is the key tool for weaving these illusions.  They use non sequitur emotional gambits that leave people feeling like the speaker must be right and good and should be supported, without understanding the full implications of what is being suggested.  The basic goal of all these gambits are to build plausible justifications for the use or threat of government initiatory force -> taxation & regulation.  Every law that government passes gives government more power.

Government can only offer someone a privilege if they have first made it illegal to do that thing.  Before it was illegal, everyone naturally had the right to do it.  Government can only offer tax breaks to those it chooses if it first imposes massive taxes broadly.

Justification for taxation and regulation consist of:  “we need this now” and “they are out of control over there and people might get hurt”.  As much as we may need something and need it now, if it was really needed and wanted it could be funded voluntarily – doing so may require more creativity than using an IRS thug force to threaten people with asset seizure if they don’t put in their ‘fair share’ – but anything that is really needed or wanted COULD be funded without taxation.  And as for control, we don’t need to control people, we just need to ensure that EVERYONE is able to seek justice effectively.  The SINGLE VALID PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT is ONLY to protect the rights and property of the people by ensuring real JUSTICE is available efficiently.  Real Justice is not a judge deciding who he likes most, it is about being fair and equitable, especially in challenging situations where all parties involved are going to end up with less than what they started with, and it must be worked out who should and will accept the greatest losses.

If there was real justice: fast & efficient, finding the right culprit, delivering fair rulings & sentences, people would go out of their way to stay well within the law, which would ideally be simple (perhaps intuitive even) to understand and not subject to constant legislative revision designed to shift advantage from one entity to another.

Recognize these two actions of taxation & regulation, justified through “we need it now” and “they’re out of control”, and see them for what they are; they are irrational ploys by government officials to strengthen their power base.  They are simply thug force commanding bandit leaders who wield the government weapon, and the more laws on the books, the more justifications they have for using that weapon against the innocent, and the more advantages they are able to allocate to those they like through tax breaks and licensed privileges.

There is NO rational justification to initiate force or threaten to use force against the innocent.  NONE!  I don’t care how badly you want/need roads or education for your children.  If you are seeking to elect government bureaucrats that are running on a platform that effectively threatens innocent people with asset seizure to pay for your pet projects, then I see YOU are standing behind the bandits saying, “TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, and give me some!  We must make them pay!”  The government is NOT a weapon to be used by the majority to steal the wealth of the minority.  (But there IS a rational use of government force, and this is in response to criminals who – threaten to use force, actually initiate force, or commit fraud.  Such criminals must be brought to justice swiftly, given a prompt trial that protects the rights of the innocent, and treats everyone as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.)

Are you one of the manipulated who is looking for the government to provide PROGRAMS (that will then justify taxes)?  Are you supporting politicians who speak about Regulation and Control instead of Justice?  If so, you are starting to look like the enemy of the people.  WAKE UP!  REALIZE THE DECEPTION!  THEY ARE USING YOU to APPEAR LEGITIMATE, and they can ONLY DO THIS WITH YOUR SUPPORT!

How long do you imagine rational, honest, productive individuals to endure injustice, irrationality, dishonesty, and a constantly destabilized economy resulting from bureaucratic & legislative manipulation, before they assume their natural rights and declare a new independence?

We no longer live in a Constitutionally Limited Republic.  Tell me one law that the Federal government could not pass?  What happens if they decide to pass laws saying everyone must pay 100% of their income, or everyone must acknowledge Federal ownership of all property, or that everyone must give 20 years of compulsive military service, or that everyone must spend 13 years in a brainwashing facility, or that Tuesdays you must wear red and carry an approved newspaper, or that you can’t have a garden in your backyard without purchasing seeds from an approved supplier, or that you can’t use lightbulbs that don’t meet certain efficiency requirements, or that you may only make exchanges that are first denominated in US Federal Reserve Note Dollars, or that certain crimes are only punishable if you’re not politically connected.  When the political body votes to approve these kinds of laws, they PASS, they become law, and they go into effect, and innocent people either comply or face penalties, and while the penalty is being endured the ruling may be appealed until it reaches the supreme court which can then decide what is to be done with it.  But in any case the legislators gain immediate power and glory from passing the law, and suffer no consequence if it is later found to be unconstitutional, and everyone is victimized by such a law, at least until someone endures the appeal process to get an unconstitutional law removed.

What reason do politicians have for reading the laws they pass?  The more laws they pass the more power and glory they get, and there is no penalty (beyond possibly being voted out in the next election) for passing tyrannical unconstitutional legislation.

Do you know why all laws pass by only a one or two votes?  Simple, because if you have a large consensus on something, you can add more legislation to the bill and get more laws passed with the same vote.  Just keep adding in more regulation or program creation until the vote works down to a nice 50%+1.  At that point, pass it, and move onto the next bill (“opportunity to expand government”).

But what about roads & schools & other government “services”?  -> We’ll find a way to fund them that does not require threatening innocent people with asset seizure.

“But I like government, I like what I get, I don’t want to pay more.” -> When a horde of bandits is rounded up by rational and honest individuals who have finally had enough, and the bandits are put on trial and found guilty of harassment, threat, violence, theft, and vandalism, rape, and murder; and then they see the millions of duped naive people that supported the thugs, giving them an air of credibility and legality to their actions, what then shall the honest and rational people do?  They will say, “Listen carefully, for you are on trial too, you have supported criminals and attempted to make their crimes legal.  You have been duped, manipulated, and used.  You are victims of a crime syndicate that has bought you with half truths and platitudes, they have stolen from you an incredible wealth that you didn’t know you had, and instead give you a pittance for which you felt grateful.  You have given the bandits your support, and you have made them and their actions to appear legitimate.  But the higher law of the universe is one that everyone knows – that it is wrong to encroach upon the life and rights and property of another.  We will have rationality and honesty going forward, and you are invited to be a part of it starting now.  We would like to invite you to publicly announce to the world that you were wrong to support the bandits, and that you will no longer use force, threat of force, or fraud (personally or through your supporting others who do).  This public acknowledgment, is all that is necessary for you to earn amnesty for the very real crime of supporting and encouraging bandits to commit acts of violence and fraud, especially if you received a share of the spoils through any of the government programs designed to purchase votes and credibility for the bandits.  However, recognize that we are very serious about bringing justice to the innocent, so that the innocent may never again be victimized by irrationality and dishonesty.  To laugh at, to mock, or to ridicule this offer of amnesty will put you upon our list, and we will find you and summon you to trial, and we will seek justice, we shall seek that any value you have received as a result of the bandits be returned to the innocent from which it was stolen on your behalf as determined by a review of your tax and government records.”

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