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This post was written by Yon on August 17, 2010
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I was recently hit with the IFRAME virus that sends my visitors to -> Don’t go to that site, at the time of this writing it has a Java based Virus that will attempt to hijack your passwords from Filezilla, and then upload them to some remote host so that they can hijack your webserver.  When they hijack your webserver they upload and execute a simple script that will insert their <iframe></iframe> tags into all of your files named index.*

If this has happened to you, you can see that it shows up as a line in your files named index.* – usually this line comes immediately after the start of the <body> tag.  Otherwise, it can be the last line before or after the php closing tag:  ?>

If this has happened to you.  Here are some steps to take.

1) change your webhosting password immediately.
2) stop using filezilla until this security risk has been eliminated.
3) I have created a quick script that you can use to remove these lines from your website, the link is below
This script is offered with no guarantees and I assume no liability for it’s use.
4) to use it you’ll need to download it, upload it to your server, telnet/ssh into your server and excute it  or write a quick php page that can execute it.  (You might need to talk to tech support for your webserver if you’re not sure how to do all that.  The script is pretty sweet and tech support would probably be happy that you made it available to them.)

The sample lines of code that would show up, that would be removed by this script are:
<html><body><iframe src=’’ width=’0′ height=’0′ frameborder=’0′></iframe></body></html>
or simply:
<iframe src=’’ width=’0′ height=’0′ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

Good luck!
I hope this has helped you remove the Iframe virus.
Protect your passwords, and don’t store them where hackers can find them.

If you would like to donate, take a look at

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