Happy New Year! Your Wish Is Your Command, and the New Culture

Dear AWESOME! What an incredible adventure life is becoming. New awesome and wonderful people have been flooding into my life, and it’s all because of Your Wish Is Your Command. This CD series is changing the world.  Each person encounters it in just the right way, and at just the right time.  And it is […]

Gunmen, Friendship, and Creating The Future

Most people do not understand, and actively refuse to understand, the mental state of people who commit these crimes. Most people become uncomfortable when you begin to speak honestly about depression. … much less suicide… much less criminality… much less murder… much less genocide.Mass Murder doesn’t “just happen”, it’s the result of a person descending […]

“Love your country much better than fine things…”

The country is the land and the people; these are easy to love. The government is another story. Good government ensures that all people have rights. Good government is strong, swift, and fair: aggressively bringing restorative justice to the victims of those have initiated force, fraud, and coercion. It is right for honest and rational […]