Why is There No Maximum Wage?

Money is a symbol of value and resources. When money is earned honestly, it means a person did something or created something that was valuable and worth while for someone else, and the two exchanged with each other. (Money acquired dishonestly is a whole different story, and every honest person can agree that individuals who […]

RNC and the Coming Revolution

A number of my friends were at the 2008 RNC as Ron Paul supporting delegates, alternates, and guests. The story they told is more terrifying that most people would believe, but I’ll pass it on: The entire convention is a media controlled show. There are no real votes on anything. The teleprompters tell people how […]


This same dialog is playing out across the country. Socrates had a principle, that behind every Thesis+Antithesis there is common synthesis, a perspective that both positions recognize as mutually valid, that upholds and expresses what they really want to say. The opportunity in this moment is to find what it is that is actually desired […]