The Global Information Network (GIN) & What the Future Holds

“Have you heard about the Global Information Network?” You are going to be hearing about the Global Information Network more and more in the months and years ahead.  You will hear about it from a friend, he’ll say, “You should really look into this,” but most likely you won’t.  Another friend will approach you and […]

Global Information Network – a year in Review

  I was recently asked about my experience in the Global Information Network, here is the quick summary: 1) I was never offered the $300 price on the CD series Your Wish is Your Command, but I was motivated enough to buy it at the $1000 price with a friend. You can read what I […]

Who Should We Elect? Creating a Civilization Out of a Barbarism

There is only one principle that is necessary to understand government, and anyone who understands this one principle would be a better representative than anyone in office today. The one principle is this:   Government Power comes from the ability to use Force (impose a tax, levy a fine, send the police, put you in jail, […]

Coordination, Competition, Socialism – Rationality, Irrationality, Insanity

A response to Chris Burton “…Every living thing on planet earth, from bacteria to plants and trees, from fish to mice and lions, is in competition to survive and experiences adverse consequences for laziness and stupidity. Without this there would be no life. Except for humans who say this is all unfair and not very […]