Democracy vs Republic, Supreme Court Decision, Rationality & the TVP

The Supreme Court Decision to allow unlimited funds from corporations in Political Campaigns certainly is a serious situation.  But notice the possible answers now being proposed. Listen to the FEAR in their voices as they tell you “our country and our politicians are going to be bought off by the rich” The answer is obvious, […]

New Adventures with Google AdSense

This is another exciting adventure in my personal and business growth: I just completed registration with Google’s AdSense Program.  This allows me to place up to 3 “ads by google” boxes and a search the web through google on my site, and earn when people click on those links or use that search feature.  Part of the […]

New Developments

In the near future I will be making yet another launch into the world. Think about this:  in order to earn an honest living, there are two routes:  create values for yourself AND/OR create values for others and trade your creations via mutually beneficial voluntary exchanges. I am Moving MORE AND MORE in the direction […]