Global Information Network

Lisa and I just became members at It’s free to become an affiliate, and they offer free training applicable to growing any business. And the benefits of membership are beyond my wildest imagination! I just finished going through the 3 hours of member only content, and the 8 hours of Affiliate content. I am […]

11 – Newsletter Subscription! & Updating my Blog!

WOW what a day of major break throughs! It may not sound like much, but today I am putting a form on my blog for YOU to subscribe to my newsletter! I won’t be sending out much, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe on every email, but this is a major step. What valuable content […]

10 – My first Blog Comments!

I got the email this morning that I had some comments on my Blog! That was pretty cool. Not much, and not sure who, but I’m getting a tiny trickle of traffic, just by posting a few posts and having set up a ping list like was described in the course! That ping list sends […]

09 – My AutoResponder another milestone

Back on post 07, I’ve started creating an auto-responder system that will allow people, perhaps YOU, to join a newsletter. Well I’ve had a milestone! I have created the appropriate database tables, populated them with some sample data: using code that I wrote, I pulled the names & email addresses from the tables, and sent […]

08 – I made my first internet sale Today!

There it is! ———————————— Aug 1, 2009 10:50:23 PM, wrote: This email is to notify Yon Cole that you have referred a sale in the Free Internet Business in a Box (46) campaign on 2009-08-01 23:42:17. The sale amount is $27.00. This is not a sub sale. Thank you, Gold Affiliate Program