07 – More updates

I’ve had a number of project ideas that have just recently come into view: Because I don’t want to pay for an auto-responder system (opt-in forms, email confirmation, message management, user subscription management, opt-out form, etc) I’m inclined to build my own! (After sending my first email message through PHP, I’m one step closer to […]

I’m an affiliate!

I just found my another great affiliate program: https://www.globalinformationnetwork.com/?affiliatecode=1503530 my affiliate code is 1503530!

05 – first email sent via php script

I sent my first email via a php script today!

04 – my first php redirection!

take a look: http://www.yoncole.com/marketing/Internet-Business-In-A-Box/ http://www.yoncole.com/marketing/

03 – What I have done so far

Here is a quick sketch of what I’ve done so far: I signed up for the FREE Internet Business-In-a-Box! I took in the next two offers for the 9-easy-steps and the Gold Plus Affiliate programs I started going through all of the materials – WOW there is a lot! – there are step by step […]

My Second Post – what I’m doing here

So a few days ago I signed up for an internet marketing course. Take a look for yourself here. I’m going through the step-by-step guides and learning a lot as I go along.

I’m starting My Blog

So this is my first post!