Global Information Network – a year in Review

  I was recently asked about my experience in the Global Information Network, here is the quick summary: 1) I was never offered the $300 price on the CD series Your Wish is Your Command, but I was motivated enough to buy it at the $1000 price with a friend. You can read what I […]

Who Should We Elect? Creating a Civilization Out of a Barbarism

There is only one principle that is necessary to understand government, and anyone who understands this one principle would be a better representative than anyone in office today. The one principle is this:   Government Power comes from the ability to use Force (impose a tax, levy a fine, send the police, put you in jail, […]

Coordination, Competition, Socialism – Rationality, Irrationality, Insanity

A response to Chris Burton “…Every living thing on planet earth, from bacteria to plants and trees, from fish to mice and lions, is in competition to survive and experiences adverse consequences for laziness and stupidity. Without this there would be no life. Except for humans who say this is all unfair and not very […]

Dynamic Honesty vs Static Truth – and the New World Bullets

Yon Vetter Cole is profitably trading in closed-ended static truths for open-ended dynamic honesties. Paul Adams  Ummmm . . . maybe you could give an example? —————————————————— Honesty is an ever expanding PROCESS or STANCE that integrates new knowledge with the old – forever refining in linear/digital steps.  Static non-changing assertions of “Truths” result in […]

Free the Geniuses!

My friend Chris Burton posted this on his facebook: “…and then the healthcare subsidy entitlement recipient smiled and said: This is great. I love being entitled to have other people pay for my healthcare. That whole work hard thingy? Old school. Why bother when somebody else will work hard for me.” Here is my response: […]

Are you Looking for Work?

The opportunities are there!  Here are some hints I’ve picked up from my involvement with The Neothink® Society. It really all comes down to exchange and creating an honest value for others. Everyone can find something productive and creative that they are drawn to, you don’t want to pick an area or project that is […]

Democracy vs Republic, Supreme Court Decision, Rationality & the TVP

The Supreme Court Decision to allow unlimited funds from corporations in Political Campaigns certainly is a serious situation.  But notice the possible answers now being proposed. Listen to the FEAR in their voices as they tell you “our country and our politicians are going to be bought off by the rich” The answer is obvious, […]

HealthCare & Insurance ‘Reform’

I was recently sent this link:   I like this one better: The easiest way to manipulate the masses is to direct the discourse. If life were “Good vs Evil” or “White vs Black”, everyone would see the Evil and withdraw their support, and Evil would lose. Evil knows this and so evil […]