Server Virus Removal

I was recently hit with the IFRAME virus that sends my visitors to -> Don’t go to that site, at the time of this writing it has a Java based Virus that will attempt to hijack your passwords from Filezilla, and then upload them to some remote host so that they can hijack your […]

The Global Information Network (GIN) & What the Future Holds

“Have you heard about the Global Information Network?” You are going to be hearing about the Global Information Network more and more in the months and years ahead.  You will hear about it from a friend, he’ll say, “You should really look into this,” but most likely you won’t.  Another friend will approach you and […]

Global Information Network – a year in Review

  I was recently asked about my experience in the Global Information Network, here is the quick summary: 1) I was never offered the $300 price on the CD series Your Wish is Your Command, but I was motivated enough to buy it at the $1000 price with a friend. You can read what I […]

Dynamic Honesty vs Static Truth – and the New World Bullets

Yon Vetter Cole is profitably trading in closed-ended static truths for open-ended dynamic honesties. Paul Adams  Ummmm . . . maybe you could give an example? —————————————————— Honesty is an ever expanding PROCESS or STANCE that integrates new knowledge with the old – forever refining in linear/digital steps.  Static non-changing assertions of “Truths” result in […]

Are you Looking for Work?

The opportunities are there!  Here are some hints I’ve picked up from my involvement with The Neothink® Society. It really all comes down to exchange and creating an honest value for others. Everyone can find something productive and creative that they are drawn to, you don’t want to pick an area or project that is […]

New Developments

In the near future I will be making yet another launch into the world. Think about this:  in order to earn an honest living, there are two routes:  create values for yourself AND/OR create values for others and trade your creations via mutually beneficial voluntary exchanges. I am Moving MORE AND MORE in the direction […]

Building Your Business

The following was also posted as a comment at the link below: =================================== Before any business achieves profitability and success it has to go through that most important building and germination phase.  I remember once hearing the story of a kind of bamboo that grows roots for 29 years before ANYTHING develops above the […]

Get your custom URL on

I would like to provide a service to anyone that is also in the Global Information Network. I recently registered the domain: (more info about registering .ws domains take a look at this one here:  ) I am able to set up redirection links, like those used by For example, say you wanted […]


I just came across this new business that lets you register custom domain names that end with (.ws)  [for Web Site]. The prices are fair and there is an affiliate system that can cover all expenses after referring just a few people! Now is a GREAT Time to rush in an nap all of […]

13 – my first internet based business

In the past week, I just launched my first internet based business. Feel free to take a look! This website will allow You to gain early notification of new opportunities in pre-launch and early-launch. Allowing you to get in at the beginning. Become an affiliate for free and help us grow our list!