Why is There No Maximum Wage?

Money is a symbol of value and resources. When money is earned honestly, it means a person did something or created something that was valuable and worth while for someone else, and the two exchanged with each other. (Money acquired dishonestly is a whole different story, and every honest person can agree that individuals who […]

RNC and the Coming Revolution

A number of my friends were at the 2008 RNC as Ron Paul supporting delegates, alternates, and guests. The story they told is more terrifying that most people would believe, but I’ll pass it on: The entire convention is a media controlled show. There are no real votes on anything. The teleprompters tell people how […]


This same dialog is playing out across the country. Socrates had a principle, that behind every Thesis+Antithesis there is common synthesis, a perspective that both positions recognize as mutually valid, that upholds and expresses what they really want to say. The opportunity in this moment is to find what it is that is actually desired […]

Gratitude and the Experience of Perfection

There are precious moments in life when we feel total sufficiency, total perfection, that truly life could not get any better. If you have ever experienced such a moment you know exactly what I mean, the blessing of such a moment is incredible, it changes a person forever. There is NOTHING that is desired, it […]

Shattering the Myth of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” – Choose Growth or Victimhood

“An economy built on to last is one where we encourage the talent and ingenuity of every person in the country. ┬áThat means women should earn equal pay for equal work.” – President Obama The first sentence is perfect… the second is a trap. This quote is really interesting to me. Let me explain: Individuals […]

Ron Paul Volunteers Save The World from The Zombie Apocalypse

Dear Ron Paul Volunteer, You are magnificent! THANK YOU for all you do. We live in curious times: just a few years ago it was only 1 out of 100 people that could understand that we are at war with an entrenched elite class (international bankers at the FED, career politicians, military industrial complex, and […]

Who I am

“Be Yourself” – Like you, I am nothing and everything. Every aspect of self and personality is created by choice. We are our own living masterpieces. Every moment you reaffirm your creation. And in those rare special moments of life, you see or hear or read something and say, “THAT expresses my own deepest desires” […]

The Magnificent Future, The Parallel Society, & Subconscious Suggestions

Your life will change profoundly… if you read and understand this message. All good things can flow into your life faster than you ever imagined. I have had one basic question my entire life: “What is good?” The answer? ┬áThere is always room for improvement, thus we view aspects of goodness on a scale… Life […]

Reactions to CBS’s Blatant Ron Paul Shun

In response to this: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/317613 It is so interesting to me to try to understand how this happens. Is it like “oops, sorry, we just forgot to include Ron Paul?” Was it a minor oversight? If so, the appropriate thing to do would be to acknowledge it and represent it fairly, with honesty and dignity. […]

So What do You Think of Ron Paul?

Millions of people are watching Ron Paul. We watch him because we’ve listened to him for more than the 89 seconds that he was afforded during CBS debates, and what he says is refreshing. But we’re also watching something else. We’re carefully watching you. We watch you and your reactions to the different ways that […]