The Global Community of Open-Hearted Awesome is Everywhere!

The global community of open-hearted awesome is everywhere! Simply expect people to have open-hearts; treat people like they are awesome; they’ll catch on soon enough. ======= (Danger, what follows includes linguistic self-expressions which the mentally unfree and emotionally insecure may find offensive, as I am about to tear apart mental structures of fear based societal […]

The Living Waters

Inside each person there is a spark of magnificence, love, power, perfection. It may wake up for the briefest moment every now and then. But the mental machinery that soul uses to interface with the body is incredibly powerful and has incredibly aggressive ‘auto-pilot’ type functions. As soul gets up the courage to try once […]


People with INTENSE ENERGY are frequently misunderstood. Some people elevate such individuals, placing them on pedestals, believing them to be faultless, and feeling hurt when others see them differently. Others see that these same individuals with INTENSE ENERGY as leaving behind them a trail of wreckage and shattered lives, and they ignore all else and […]

Negativity, Gratitude & Co-Workership

There is so much that could be better. The CDs that I am sharing with you provide the most important training I have ever heard anywhere about how anyone can make their lives better. Life is lived one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, … one moment […]

The End of Oppression

In response to this facebook status: “This pride I’m walking for all my black / African brothers and sisters who r in the closet/oppressed and in memory of Nelson Mandela… We shall over come!”   Fighting what you don’t want? –> Or can you simply begin creating and experiencing what you do want? Envision the […]

The End of Criminality

Violence is fundamentally rooted in unhappiness and seeing no other option to achieve ones desires, whether those desires are: another fix, another meal, another million. When people feel that their desire (and specifically fulfilling the lack of it) is more important than their integrity… they compromise themselves, often at a level that is beyond their […]

Rationality and Gun Control

The reason the founding fathers included the right to bear arms as the second amendment was because even in their time they had seen that governments go crazy. A well trained and well armed society is not going to be invaded, and they will not tolerate irrational tyranny.Before a government does really messed up things […]

Happy New Year! Your Wish Is Your Command, and the New Culture

Dear AWESOME! What an incredible adventure life is becoming. New awesome and wonderful people have been flooding into my life, and it’s all because of Your Wish Is Your Command. This CD series is changing the world.  Each person encounters it in just the right way, and at just the right time.  And it is […]

Gunmen, Friendship, and Creating The Future

Most people do not understand, and actively refuse to understand, the mental state of people who commit these crimes. Most people become uncomfortable when you begin to speak honestly about depression. … much less suicide… much less criminality… much less murder… much less genocide.Mass Murder doesn’t “just happen”, it’s the result of a person descending […]

“Love your country much better than fine things…”

The country is the land and the people; these are easy to love. The government is another story. Good government ensures that all people have rights. Good government is strong, swift, and fair: aggressively bringing restorative justice to the victims of those have initiated force, fraud, and coercion. It is right for honest and rational […]