The Global Community of Open-Hearted Awesome is Everywhere!

The global community of open-hearted awesome is everywhere!

Simply expect people to have open-hearts; treat people like they are awesome; they’ll catch on soon enough.

(Danger, what follows includes linguistic self-expressions which the mentally unfree and emotionally insecure may find offensive, as I am about to tear apart mental structures of fear based societal conditioning…)

There is a heavy, heavy societal emotional conditioning which says: “You can’t extend your enthusiastic euphoric self-expression into the world without danger” (people may call you crazy and take you away, or they might take offense and kill you, or they might just decide that you’re weird and shun you and exclude you from their lives).

[yes, I too have been shunned for being too awesome, …they called it ‘weird’, and I pretended not to feel crushed, felt suicidal for 15 years, before healing the past and integrating the life lessons. And it is certainly true that I creeped out more than a few magnificent women that I couldn’t help but love and drink in a little too deeply, such was my heart as a boy-child. [Today I know that the greatest love I can give to all women is to love MY WOMAN, MY WIFE, with all my heart, and prove to the world what authentic masculine love for a woman can be.]]

The work we are doing is actually ATTACKING this emotional conditioning structure, we laugh in it’s face, we stand up to it, we say: “I will be awesome anyway! I will be awesome even though they may kill me. I would rather live every moment as the living radiant fire that I AM, than hide myself and my light for fear of … ” … and that’s just it… what were we afraid of?

Whatever it was: we cross the threshold, dare to fly free and honest, dare to love deeply, communicate authentically, dance irresponsibly (yes, I don’t know what it means either), sing embarrassingly (and then decide to not be embarrassed after all), live without regrets, embrace every moment, and tell the awesome people you meet how we feel about them, we let the chips fall where they may … and everyone else will simply start to catch on.

This is the new global culture. It’s time. It’s time to love people, even though they may kill us or hate us or try to send us to padded rooms.

It takes courage. But let me tell you how grateful I am to those who have proven to me that the fears are unfounded. O My Liberators: O sweet angels of dance freedom, and O heroic champions of chemical-free natural euphorias, and O the infinitely sexy euphoric communicators of love and power and acceptance and freedom; O the triumphant jungle bitches and their unbreakable spirits; and O the titans of honesty and rationality who pledge their sacred honor to protect the lives, rights, and property of us all. How can I show them my gratitude but by embracing their messages and telling the world that these champions are right! How can I honor them more than by being myself: FEARLESSLY.

The party is starting. The bass thumps, the drops ripple with sick-delicious eargasmic wonder (and if you haven’t had an eargasm yet, you’ll know when you do, oh my!); the fun of being awesome becomes toooo compelling for people to resist, and suddenly… the once fearful explode onto the dance floor gyrating in awkward and curious awesomeness as they find their feet and realize that we love them even more just for deciding to come out and play. They are all loved and accepted exactly as they are.

[all bigotry, all invalidation, is rooted in personal insecurity. Expressions of awesomeness can activate those feelings of insecurity, bringing them right up to the surface, and that is where we have seen violence and covert attacks starting. We need not express ourselves so freely to everyone that they feel offended or violated. We certainly never need to push ourselves into anyone else’s space… ] […hey, I gave fair warning.] [… and this is just the tiniest fraction of what I would say, if it weren’t for fear of … -oh, what a hypocrite I am, but I can embrace that too…]

[maybe one day there will be a space for even greater authenticity…] [… until then I offer as much as feels right, and then privately revel in my own magnificence beyond that which others may suspect… I just wish others knew how magnificent they are, because if you knew… if you only knew… you would explode as you cried golden tears brighter than the sun, shattering all illusions- tears of euphoric gratitude for your own being, gratitude to the source of all for every moment of precious life…. and those radiant tears would dissolve the illusion that the only reality is love and love only…. you would know that this universe started with a big bang born from a golden tear from someone just like you…] (ah poetic gibberish)

Is the world “ready”?

No. Not yet. Spiritually, there are many people who are still craving and needing the experiences of offering to the world bigoted arrogant judgemental condescending invalidative rigid stiff clumsy fearful unawesome stupidity. As spiritual beings they must be allowed the freedom to have these experiences. And similarly, there are others who having been on the delivering side, who today deny completely that they ever offered such energy to the world; they must now experience the receiving side, the balance of karma, what ye sow so shall ye reap; in their receiving they baptism is with fire; and the pain of being “a victim” carves a larger space within their hearts, as they come to see, ‘yes I too am no better’… and then the swift balm of healing forgiveness can bring mercy and redemption. … And on the far side, the true liberation brings us gratitude beyond measure: Gratitude for the whole cycle – Behold, we have given ourselves the greatest gift we could have given, for here on the far side we know the horrifying embarrassment and degradation of being cruel, the pain of denying our own reality- our own selves, the pain of experiencing ourselves what we caused others to feel, and the full integration of the cycle. “Now I know completely this aspect of the human experience” aho & amen.

Many more such cycles await us, as we spiral into euphoric magnificence, touching hearts, opening minds, discovering the breadth, depth, width, heights, extends… of love… beyond all limits.

John 14:12

So have we been called.

The Living Waters

Inside each person there is a spark of magnificence, love, power, perfection. It may wake up for the briefest moment every now and then. But the mental machinery that soul uses to interface with the body is incredibly powerful and has incredibly aggressive ‘auto-pilot’ type functions. As soul gets up the courage to try once again to assert manual-override on that equipment there are sensations that hit awareness… you might liken them to the awful mechanical vibrations/jarrings that would come from trying to have your cart’s wheels not in the well worn grooves of an ancient cart-path.

Speaking words that contain a higher quality of honesty and rationality is an invitation for soul to once again awaken. (hello there, sweet magnificent wonder! You are so amazing and so good and so appreciated!)

Before attempting to install new mental machinery, or modify the previously existing auto-pilot routines… consider simply supplying those you love with the breath of life, the spaciousness, love, and freedom. The total acceptance. The total validation of who they are. Give them, as deeply as you can from the wellspring of your being, the living waters. Give this consistently and give only this until they are ready for more.

The greatest gift we can give is the gift of ourselves. The world is thirsting for your magnificence. I’m am so grateful that you are here, that you understand, that you can help. We are changing the world. We are saving the world. With love and honesty. You are so incredible, so powerful, so heroic, so good.


People with INTENSE ENERGY are frequently misunderstood.

Some people elevate such individuals, placing them on pedestals, believing them to be faultless, and feeling hurt when others see them differently.

Others see that these same individuals with INTENSE ENERGY as leaving behind them a trail of wreckage and shattered lives, and they ignore all else and invalidate any benefits gained by those who like the ‘leader’.

These ‘leaders’ themselves may look only at the happy crowd that stays with them, while ignoring or dishonestly pretending that there aren’t others who aren’t happily satisfied…

These leaders might then blame the injuries in their wake on the weaknesses and attitudes and smallnesses of those that didn’t make it. “Did you actually listen to the YWIYC CDs?” (no? then what basis do you have?) “Did you actually pay for the GIN membership and use the product/information as recommended?” (no? then your opinion is irrelevant.) (oh, you did? do you accept full responsibility in your life? then why are you playing the victim card? Stop acting like a loser and grow up. I don’t care if you don’t like me, I want you to succeed in life, and if you think you can do that better without me, that’s fine, you have total freedom, but don’t blame me, don’t pretend that I compelled you or manipulated you into doing something that you didn’t want to do. I offered what I offered, and all the warning signs and disclaimers were there, and either you didn’t see them, or you ignored them. In any event, blaming me for anything is actually an invalidation of your own power and responsibility and that of others. If you believe in people, if you actually want people to grow into mature responsible self-respecting individuals, you must allow them to own the responsibility for their lives. I don’t care if you see me as a scam artist/con-man, I don’t care if you work to educate others so that they are not taken in by scams, I don’t care if you try to create something better. Trying to convince people that they are victims or have been victimized actually infects their minds with the belief that they are less powerful and less able than they actually are and could be. Building people up means that they must reach a point of accepting responsibility for everything in their lives.)

With a product (GIN Membership) that includes a free sample (YWIYC) that is PAID FORWARD by the affiliates building the affiliate program, and that free sample includes basic training that says, ‘stop complaining, you are responsible for everything in your life’ …
And the membership agreement basically says: ‘we guarantee you nothing, you get whatever we provide, you can quit at any time, you basically can’t rejoin if you quit, we can kick you out at any time for any reason, and we can take your money and disappear at any moment’.

That original setup was DESIGNED so that only certain kinds of people would join. MOSTLY it’s to create a space where exceptionally awesome can gather, people who understand exactly the situation they are entering, and they enter into that situation voluntarily and with their eyes wide open. They know they will have no complaints if they get NOTHING out of GIN (ie, they pay, their money is gone, they have no recourse, and GIN is gone). Exceptionally awesome people would STILL NOT COMPLAIN if this happened, because they would have understood that this was the real worst case possibility, they acknowledged it, and they entered GIN emotionally prepared for that exact scenario.

Unfortunately there is also another group that do become members: they don’t really understand the situation. They don’t believe that the worst case scenario is actually possible. They have false and delusionary notions that they are paying for something other than what the club PROMISES. The club PROMISES that there is no guarantee you will get anything, that there is no guarantee that GIN will be around tomorrow. THAT is the real promise. (“We promise that we will NOT guarantee…”) Imagining it any other way is self-deception. Presenting GIN any other way is dishonest. What I can do as a member/affiliate is make a personal promise to those that I sponsor, “If you become a member, I will do by best to ensure you have access to the training materials if GIN ever goes away. I will do my best to give you the opportunity to meet the people that I have met in GIN that I found to be exceptional and valuable individuals.”

Those who have false and delusional ideas about what GIN guarantees and promises may be in store for a kind of rude awaking/disillusionment experience. When it comes, it will either crush their spirits and reveal their weakness/smallness/irresponsibility/whining/loserishness -OR- they will allow that experience to crack through their previously inadequate mental processes that allowed them to operate with delusional expectations. If they do this, a tremendous surge of energy and vitality will arise within them as they reclaim their authority and power and personal responsibility. At that point they can then say “I didn’t do my due diligence when I joined, I did not honestly acknowledge the actual worst case scenario, and I accept MY responsibility for MY choices to not do so.” They may then say either a) “I now choose to leave this club.” or b) “I choose to stay here, at least for now, with my eyes opened a bit wider. I recognize that there may be even more that I don’t know, and I may be in store for greater disillusionment yet, and I accept responsibility for that as well.”

Asserting that GIN is all about money, or that it is a scam, are actually dishonest self-defense mechanisms designed to diminish the rational pain that would be experienced by acknowledging personal responsibility for previously inadequate mental processes.

I have gone into many things that people consider to be scams. I have done so with my eyes wide open.
In all cases, I accept full responsibility for my experience.
I have not always gotten the value that I had hoped for, and I have experienced some worst case scenarios of losing my entire investment and saw no benefit.
But even then, I don’t call it a scam, instead saying: “It didn’t work out the way I hoped.” + “I wouldn’t choose to do business with them again.”
To imagine that people are weak, ignorant, victims, incapable of discernment, unable to to deal with the wreckage that may follow a bad decision… the real wreckage is self-inflicted when people fail to acknowledge their personal responsibility, and then carry the weight of negativity forward with them and continue to experience those negative aspects continuously forever… until they finally say, “I’m done with that. I did it. I did it to myself. I made the choice. I took the step. I paid the money. I put in the time. I had failed to actually acknowledge the worst case scenario. I did that too. It was MY MENTAL/EMOTIONAL processes that short circuited the step of looking at the worst case scenario. And then I blamed something outside of myself for hours/days before I accepted personal responsibility. …”

Paying $1 or $100,000,000,000 ($100B) into something, with false expectations sets up anyone to be ‘scammed’ and to carry the feeling of being ‘scammed’ forward until personal responsibility is acknowledged.

The moment the actual worst case scenario in any decision is acknowledged, you can never be scammed again.

The essence of every ‘scam’ is a failure on the part of the ‘victim’ to take personal responsibility. (Fraud and Theft are different. They are real crimes. And people go to jail for them.)

Selling products that speak directly to personal responsibility, that challenge people to gain the benefits of accepting personal responsibility is putting yourself directly in front of those most likely to either a) get profound benefit from your offering, or b) decide it was a scam.

Was it a scam? THAT is always, and ONLY, up to you.

Negativity, Gratitude & Co-Workership

There is so much that could be better. The CDs that I am sharing with you provide the most important training I have ever heard anywhere about how anyone can make their lives better.

Life is lived one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, … one moment at a time.

A happy life is made by filling the days, hours, minutes, and moments with LOVE, POWER, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, and every good quality that you desire to experience.

The mastery of life is learning how to create THIS ONE MOMENT as perfectly as you can.

Scientology works in two directions:
FIRST by removing those things that block self-determinism
SECOND (and it’s very rarely touched upon) by creating life as it is desired.

In 1952, LRH presented material on this SECOND option, but it was very limited. It’s called, “Creative Processing”, it is getting a person to use his/her mind to envision mental creations.

The numbers “8-8008″ are especially significant in this regard, they mean: “The attainment of infinity – by the reduction of the apparent infinity of the physical universe to zero, and the expansion of the apparent zero of the thetan’s own universe to infinity.”

“Operating Thetan” is a being who is knowing and willing cause over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Universes, and Life.

You have total freedom to create whatever you desire in any moment.

You begin the process by determining what it is that you want to experience.

Every mental and emotional state that you desire is available to you instantly and immediately if you simply create that state within yourself. Mental/Emotional states of being are EASY to create. Simply think about how it would feel if you were feeling what you want to feel, and keep thinking about it, and keep thinking about it and adding more and more detail to that mental creation… and suddenly the emotional experience of that state comes into being in your present time experience. Nothing outside of you has changed, yet suddenly you FEEL the love/power/excitement/fun/gratitude/wonder/etc that you created for yourself.

Society programs people to falsely believe that, “your thoughts and emotional states are determined by ‘what happens to you’.”

Because of this programming, people believe that some events are good, and some are bad.

A person on a sail boat does not worry about what way the wind is blowing, any wind can be used to get the boat where the captain wants to go. The captain must simply adjust the “set of the sails” and the boat can be made to go in the direction desired.

In life, you can steer your ship ANYWHERE you want to go, and you can use ANY life situation to help you get there.

The ONE THING that anyone must first know is this: “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?”


The real work that we are called to do, is to look within our hearts to find out what it is that we really want.

If you know what you really truly deeply desire… no force on earth could keep you from getting it.

(The amazing thing, the most shocking and terrifying thing, is that at this very deep spiritual level, what we want “really, truly, deeply” is exactly the experience we have been having and are having in this moment. The conscious/egoic structures of our minds are shocked and confounded by this realization…. We actually, at our deepest core level, are in love with the world exactly as it is, we love the destruction and the pain and the suffering and the stupidity. We LOVE these things, and we are actually creating them actively in this moment… and we LOVE them, BECAUSE they give us contrast and dramatic tension. We LOVE and CREATE all of reality, exactly as it is, with all of this chaos … creating all of this at our own deepest spiritual level, so that we can have this exact experience in this moment. Infact, you have created me, and these words are the words your heart has said are right for me to share with you. You can do whatever you want with them. We create each moment of our lives with such perfection. However, in order to see that perfection we need to understand our own spiritual nature. We are here in this universe to become masters of perfection and gratitude, to gain the ability to feel such intense gratitude for everything in life… the way this is achieved is by experiencing contrasting experiences. When was the last time you felt so grateful for air? Air is all around us, it is only an experience of lacking air [like being near drowning] where a breath of air is taken in and gives such an incredible feeling of gratitude. “Hunger is the best spice” is another way of saying that the absence of food prepares a person’s heart to receive food with gratitude. Once we understand how powerful our negative experiences are for giving us gratitude for the good and positive things… suddenly, everything changes within us, and we can even begin to experience gratitude for the negative things. Not only are we grateful for the positive things, we are grateful for the negative things that allow us to experience the gratitude for the positive things. … And we even become grateful for all the time in our lives that we weren’t grateful and didn’t understand gratitude.)

“Perfection” is living one perfect moment at a time, where each moment is filled with joy and gratitude and love; where there is no need to change anything; and where our actions flow naturally and effortlessly from this incredible love for all life.

You can do it.
You can begin creating one perfect moment at a time.

“I am so grateful for the corruption in the world, because I know that we are doing things about it, and on the other side, when we have cleaned up this mess, we will have this overwhelming incredible feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and love for the chance to help heal the world. We will rest and celebrate. We will cry with joy as we tell our stories, and celebrate the contributions of every person who helped in this transformation. And we will say, ‘What a gift this life is, to have so many amazing friends, and amazing experiences, and for the chance to work towards such an amazingly beautiful goal!’ And lifetimes from now, we’ll look back at these lives and we’ll still cry because of how our lives changed forever because of our time on Earth.”

This is the greatest challenge that many of us have ever faced.

Other beings, out there in the universe, could land on earth and fix/heal everything in a split second… they would mentally project the understanding of the real situation directly into the minds of all people on this planet, they would encode the instructions for fixing it as a mental energy packet. Every single life form would understand and act in harmony with the plan/vision, and swift and perfect action would be taken by all.

Such beings have no need to come to earth. They allow us the opportunity to learn and grow through this amazing experience. And we are. And at our deepest spiritual level, we are so so so grateful for this experience.

Of course, most people would pretend to not understand this. You see, they know this is true, but they aren’t yet ready to allow themselves to enter into this level of consciousness and understanding. They are going through experiences of diminished consciousness for the purpose of PREPARING themselves to experience such profound gratitude FOR consciousness when they again re-allow themselves to enter INTO fuller consciousness.

It is perfectly acceptable for anyone who will read this to say, “yeah, I don’t know about that. It’s just not that real to me right now.” Which is perfectly acceptable.

For those who read this and can honestly say, “YEAH! THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE!” The only rule is “follow your heart”. We embrace every experience. We love everyone and everything. We transform every experience into gratitude. Grateful for the good. Grateful for the bad. Grateful for the mundane. Grateful for the gratitude. Grateful for life.

And then within us, there is also that subtle coordinated, alignment of excitement and action. There are those ideas and visions and goals and actions that our hearts will give to each one of us. And by following the direction our hearts give to us, we co-create the most amazing life possible for everyone. There is an invisible structure of harmony and love and coordination, and dancing in time with that structure is the greatest joy of all. We become Co-Workers with God.

The End of Oppression

In response to this facebook status: “This pride I’m walking for all my black / African brothers and sisters who r in the closet/oppressed and in memory of Nelson Mandela… We shall over come!”


Fighting what you don’t want? –> Or can you simply begin creating and experiencing what you do want?

Envision the world the way you want it. It starts by getting clarity on what you DON’T want (I don’t want ANYONE to be oppressed.) But it’s NOT enough to just identify what you don’t want, the ENERGY required to create the world we DO WANT is only found once we get clarity on how it would actually be. Eliminating oppression is focused in the wrong direction, what we do want (I believe), is to EMPOWER PEOPLE, to live in a world where people KNOW that they CAN MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE. Oppression is a barrier, and it can “feel” like an impossible challenge to overcome.

Overcoming oppression, means personally succeeding DESPITE OPPRESSION; and then helping one individual at a time do the same.

Oppression is like cancer. When a cancer surviver says, “I BEAT CANCER” it doesn’t cure cancer from the whole world, but that one individual has faced it, and DID OVERCOME IT, and now lives FREE OF IT.

The smallest minority in the world, is the minority of ONE. We are each individuals. Yes there is oppression of one group by another. But there is unification and power in simply focusing on the individual, every individual, every precious amazing fascinating unique individual.

You create division us vs them when you talk about specific groups. ALL PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET are being oppressed. And the answer is to OFFER EACH INDIVIDUAL the opportunity to SOAR FREE of that oppression. Imagine if the oppression would simply disappear 5 minutes after you read this… then what? –> At that point, we’ll still have challenges, we’ll still have hopes and goals and dreams, and we’ll still need to WORK to make them manifest, the only difference will be that one aspect of the challenge will have been diminished or eliminated.

When a person says, “I can’t make my dreams come true because of _________” they are justifying why they don’t try. Others have and will say, “I CAN DO IT DESPITE ______, and so I swear to you that I will.”

I will live in a world of love and peace and harmony and gratitude and respect and honor and responsibility. Even though there may be a few individuals that choose not to participate, even though there may be a few individuals who compromise themselves and make excuses for why they do so; I WILL NOT ALLOW their self-inflicted victimhood to prevent me from making MY DREAMS COME TRUE. And I will guard and protect my family so that they know that their dreams ARE attainable, and I will block those who would tell those I love that “they can’t do it”. I will tell EVERY PERSON that THEY HAVE THE POWER INSIDE THEM, that they do not need to succumb to their abusers, they do not need to accept the suggestion that they are victims. And to fix their situation, they do not even need to fight their abusers. They should DISCONNECT from their abusers, and they should CONNECT with people who will support them, back them, build them up, and help them unlock the love-power inside their hearts to make their dreams come true.


It is a SUPPRESSIVE ACTION to tell people they are oppressed, and to then focus their attention on their oppressors. This is actually the action of the agent provocateur who starts wars.

FAR BETTER to ask them what they DESIRE in their hearts, and simply help them overcome ALL obstacles along the way to get there.

I am creating a world where every person has a network and team of support and friendship that works together synergistically to help all people live amazing fulfilling lives.

If you had the choice to be surrounded by people “who genuinely wanted to help you make your dreams come true” or people “who wanted to band together and fight this or that source of oppression”… which do you think would be more rewarding?

There is something amazing that happens when someone is FOR YOU, when someone else WANTS TO HELP MAKE **YOUR** DREAMS COME TRUE. That support is profoundly healing. It gives us hope. It starts to give us the feeling that “maybe it is possible”.

Most people share many of the same hopes and goals and dreams: to live in a safe, respectful, honest community – surrounded by people who you can feel proud to have as neighbors.

There is NOTHING stopping ANYONE from doing that. We do it by simply leading by example, and becoming the best neighbors we can be. Not everyone will like it at first, not everyone will automatically give respect and appreciation for what is being done, most people may not at first trust you (“he’s too nice, there must be something wrong with him”)… but over time, through CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT GOODNESS, people will experience the shift: “IT REALLY IS REAL, YOU REALLY ARE THAT AUTHENTICALLY GOOD! I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE IN MY LIFE!”

Consistency, authenticity, and making the effort to become our personal best is what it’s all about.

There will always be challenges. It’s unfortunate that there are people in the world who act out of smallness and pettiness and disregard for others. I ACCEPT 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR SMALLNESS. I apologize for not inspiring more people to step up their efforts to become the kinds of people we want in the world. I will do better starting immediately. I will inspire more people to live with goodness and honesty. I will help and empower ALL individuals to soar to the heights of magnificence that are their birthright. I will begin by doing this myself: I will engage in this work as if my life and the lives of my loved ones depended on it; for in truth, our lives do depend on it.

And as we march forward towards the world we DESIRE, we leave behind the old world of hopelessness, victimhood, and oppression. Years from now, we may look back at the world we left behind and authentically feel grateful for it. It was bad enough, that it inspired us to take a personal stand, to take personal responsibility, and to LEAVE IT. And the world we are creating will be SO GOOD, SO FUN, SO EXCITING, SO REWARDING, SO FULFILLING, that these incredible feelings will fill our hearts. I’m so grateful for the oppression, because of it, I have discovered the love-power within my heart, and I have seized my power to create and live this magnificence and love. The oppression gave me focus. The only reason this new world here today that I am enjoying now is so incredible… is because I felt that oppression, and I DECIDED I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I HAD TO CREATE SOMETHING BETTER FOR MY FAMILY.

The End of Criminality

Violence is fundamentally rooted in unhappiness and seeing no other option to achieve ones desires, whether those desires are: another fix, another meal, another million. When people feel that their desire (and specifically fulfilling the lack of it) is more important than their integrity… they compromise themselves, often at a level that is beyond their own awareness.

People are conditioned to see violence only in the thugs, murderers, rapists, burglars that are portrayed on TV and in the news.

The real essence of criminality is the belief that one is entitled to something which is owned or must be supplied by someone else. For example, the criminal mind believes that they specifically (and often people in general) are somehow entitled to emergency room visits, doctors, education, libraries, government programs, welfare handouts. (I personally want all people to have access to these services, and I am willing to voluntarily pay and contribute out of my good will to see that these are available, but I would never suggest that we should force others to pay for them. These things cannot be something which others are entitled to, because they depend upon others to provide them, and it is unlawful for an individual to force another to give up his resources.)

The criminal mind is also present very directly in the thief who believes (or acts as if) he were entitled to take that which he sees and desires.

The criminal mind is also present in the wall street banker who sees assets he would like to purchase but which he does not have the trillions of dollars required to purchase them, so he uses political maneuverings to secure trillions of dollars of Federal Reserve Discount Window Lending funds at incredibly low interest rates, uses the funds to buy up the assets which would have otherwise been purchased by someone else, then when the general economy improves a few percent, he resells those same assets for a 4% profit and pays back the Federal Reserve with 0.5% interest, and has just acquired 3.5% profits on a trillion dollar deal which was only available because of political connections with the Federal Reserve, and it was not available to any of the other hundreds of other investors who lack those connections. (True Story: )

The smartest criminals are the ones who execute their crimes legally. They don’t use overt violence. They use hidden violence. They use tactics which amount to fraud, but they execute these frauds in broad daylight via legal machinations.

The essence of crime is the diminishment of the values of others.

But now consider the contrast. The OPPOSITE of crime… is to INCREASE the values of others.
The word that best describes this is actually “Business”. Genuine and Honest Business has as its essence the desire to increase values for self and others. We do this by creating things which we believe may be valuable for others, and we set a price that allows us a fair profit, and our customers come and evaluate our offerings and then decide if their lives would be better of after transacting business with us. Whenever a customer voluntarily engages in a transaction there is a little bit of joy that flows over the whole world, because both parties are in a BETTER position after the transaction. If the customer was not in a better position after the transaction, s/he wouldn’t have done it.

Sometimes however there is a kind of “business” which is not really business as described above. When politics mixes with business, when certain individuals and companies get the government contracts, when legislation is passed to regulate an industry; these laws and advantages place one individual above another through a political process… it is dishonest and a form of “legal” criminality.

Why this discussion of criminality? Simple. Criminality is the ONLY SOURCE of artificial scarcity.

When you look to end scarcity and lack, the starting point is to STOP DOING those things that create artificial scarcity.

The cure for the criminal mind… is to empower people to create values for others in a world filled with competitive value creation.

When a person has the passion to be the best candy man… and he sees Willy Wonka’s success, he has two options: to be driven forward by his goal to achieve even greater levels of success and wonder… or to become a vindictive envious small-minded individual who desires to destroy and diminish Willy Wonka. (You may recognize this in the often overlooked character Mr. Slugworth, who was actually created by Wonka, a true genius, to see who was honest enough to receive the ultimate gift…)

Very simply, all criminals are simply individuals who have compromised themselves, who have given up on their hopes and dreams, who believe themselves to be worthless and unable to create competitive values for others. Only after this treason against self does a person become a criminal who is willing to diminish the values of others for spurious personal gain or ego gratification.

The answer to criminality is to assist those people around you to become competitive value creators, to help those around you to discover their passions and turn those passions into potent vehicles for wealth creation.

Every criminal can be “saved” from a life of self-loathing, there is “forgiveness and redemption”. You may be surprised just how widespread it is that people have compromised themselves. I think it’s safe to say that every living person has done it a few times.   People must face those moments in their lives where they betrayed their own hearts. Doing so allows us all to recapture that innate honesty we once had as small children: and today as adults, living with the pure hearts of children, we become something that this world has never conceived before, we become heroic sexy powerful individuals who make dreams come true for ourselves and others. We become the people we were meant to be.

This is the end and answer to all criminality. It’s right here. But it starts with us. It starts by each of us as individuals making the commitment to honesty, to ourselves, to living according to our own hearts, to refuse to diminish the values of others, to refuse any form of false entitlement.

If you are not willing to abolish taxation, if you are not willing to give up the good things that government provides (but only after they have initiated threat of force against the innocent), if you are not willing to stop asking politicians to force other people to contribute to your pet projects, if you are not willing to fund your pet projects voluntarily, if you feel entitled to ANYTHING from ANYONE… you are still not as honest as we must become to end criminality. It is a hard challenge to rise to, we’ve been told so many sweet lies our whole life about how government is the only way… it’s the same lie that a mugger tells himself before he breaks into another house.

And even after we have committed ourselves to living honestly, living without diminishing the values of others for our own benefit… we still must look ourselves in the mirror and ask if we have done all that our hearts demand of us. Because even after we do not owe anything else to the world, even after we have become net value creators whose very lives and presence uplift and benefit all around us… even after that, we still must face ourselves and ask our hearts if we have done enough. Even in the final moments of my life, I pray that I am honest enough to regret that I didn’t love more.

Rationality and Gun Control

The reason the founding fathers included the right to bear arms as the second amendment was because even in their time they had seen that governments go crazy. A well trained and well armed society is not going to be invaded, and they will not tolerate irrational tyranny.

Before a government does really messed up things (like Genocide), they take away the guns of all the people they can. A quick google search for: gun control genocide
turned up an interesting one page article showing the gun control laws implemented by countries just prior to 7 different examples of government sponsored genocide:

“Our government would never do that” is the full extent of the argument most people present when confronted with the idea of genocide. Most of the Germans were in denial about the holocaust while it was happening, the signs above the entrances to the concentration camps read, “arbeit mach frei” (translated: “Work makes (you) free”) .

At some point there may be a round up of people who are opposed to some government action…. they’ll be put into FEMA camps, and who knows what will happen inside. The mainstream media and government will simply assert that these people “failed to comply with well published requirements that are in the best interest of all people” and “They will be treated fairly and released when they are ready to grow up and be part of our country like the rest of us.”

But that scenario won’t happen if the people have guns. Round ups and forced relocation are one step away genocide. And while most of the trains cars would probably go to facilities that are genuinely what they claim to be… it’s that one train car out of a hundred that heads to the camp with the furnace that begins the genocide. There would be enough people coming back from the camps or facilities with their descriptions and stories of hardship and frustration… but no genocide.. no, “I didn’t see anything like that.” And of the millions of people who pass through the normal camps… there’s only that small percentage that are “lost in the chaos”…

That’s how things worked in Nazi Germany. That’s why the people didn’t know it was happening. That’s why the people continued to trust their government.

Today we’re seeing a tiny hint of the strong rational stance against government that we would see if a) government actually came to take away guns, or if b) government began taking more aggressive actions against the citizens.

Imagine what would happen if the government passed a law that set the income tax rate with mandatory withholding at 50%, and/or allowed the government to seize the bank accounts and/or 401k accounts of anyone who didn’t abide by it. (or perhaps a tax on saving accounts, the more money you have saved, the higher the tax rate…or perhaps they will simply pass a law outlawing cash all together, requiring that all transactions take place electronically with government supervision).

These kinds of laws are all ready to go, there are hundreds of politicians who would happily vote for them… except… we still have guns. And any laws that are so aggressively confiscatory would likely flip a few too many people into radical/anger/survival-mode.

Every person has their own threshold… we all tolerate a certain amount of government abuse and interference… and we tolerate it because (a- “there is no other way”, b- “it’s not that bad”, c-“it is necessary if we want the services government provides”, etc). But if you were taxed at 99%… or if you had to jump through hours or red tape to do what you needed to do… if you could no longer live your life the way you wanted because the interference and burden placed upon you by government was too much… at some point you too would stand up and say, “It’s too much!”

A well armed and well trained society is a protection against such forms of tyranny.

“Well what should the tax rate be?” and “What should government be doing?”

The right and proper role of government is to protect the rights of the people, and to physically protect the people from aggressors: both foreign and domestic.

We LOVE a good strong military and police force. We LOVE that they keep us safe from aggressors. We LOVE it when they swiftly apprehend violent criminals. We LOVE it when they swiftly apprehend fraudulent criminals. We LOVE IT that we treat all people as innocent until proven guilty, that we afford everyone a strong legal defense, and that we never exact justice until the criminal has been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of unbiased peers.

We LOVE having a STRONG, SWIFT, and incredible FAIR justice system. THAT is something that we can and should pride ourselves on.

But that pride breaks down when the laws that the justice system is enforcing are no longer about protecting the rights of all the people. Laws that punish “victimless crimes” are virtually all designed to give certain people/special-interests advantage over others.

As much as we depend, today, on government and tax funding for different GOOD projects… all of those GOOD projects could be funded without taxation. There is NO NEED what so ever to EVER force a person to pay “his fair share”. If a person doesn’t feel that the results of the project justify his contribution, he won’t contribute, and he shouldn’t be FORCED or COERCED into paying for it. Taxation allows ill conceived projects to get funded that would NEVER be funded without forcing people to pay for them. Every truly valuable project will inspire people to contribute, and those people will feel PROUD of their contribution… not resentful.

I would never ask someone to use their resources for something if they didn’t believe it was worthwhile. And I would NEVER advocate using the threat of IRS Asset Seizure to motivate people to contribute to a project. Voting for anyone who advocates taxation is to silently endorse a system of forced contributions. There ARE other ways.

When government comes for our guns… it’s a warning that they intend to do things to us that they know would sufficiently outrage rational people to the point of viewing government as the enemy.

Happy New Year! Your Wish Is Your Command, and the New Culture

What an incredible adventure life is becoming.
New awesome and wonderful people have been flooding into my life, and it’s all because of Your Wish Is Your Command.
This CD series is changing the world.  Each person encounters it in just the right way, and at just the right time.  And it is our gift to offer it to them.
Its message reaches inside the hearts of the listeners, prepares the soil with teachability, and plants the seeds for a magnificent future.
In the past few months, our team has grown with new members and affiliates in:
Iran, Nigeria, France, Germany, Canada and the US.
Congratulations and welcome!
It’s getting close to the new year, a great time to think about your hopes and dreams.
What is it that will make 2013 the year your life took a radical turn for the better?
Perhaps a growing team of people who want you to succeed, who want to see you happy, who have abundant energy to share with you, who are willing to help you back up when you get knocked down.
Perhaps it’s the books you’ll read, the audios you’ll listen to, or the events you’ll attend.
And what will you achieve before 2014 that will earn you a little recognition from your peers for a job well done?
Your Life is a white page of paper in your dream book.  Are you ready to put down your visions with blue ink?  Are you ready to make some magic?
The route is simple.  Once you know what you want, DECIDE that you will get it, making changes in your life to see that decision through…  what are you willing to give up?  How willing are you to accept change?  Dial in the frequency of exactly how you will feel when you have achieved your goal.  Dial in the added frequency of confidence rooted in rationality that you WILL achieve your goal… this confidence comes from knowing that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, knowing that you will see it through.
What goal is valuable enough for you to change things in your life to get it?  And can you really believe that you will get it?
The power of the Global Information Network (GIN)  rests in the momentum cycle:  Success builds Confidence, Confidence creates Action, Action creates Habits, and Habits create Success.
Every little success you achieve builds your confidence, inspiring additional actions, which form success habits, which take you your next step.
No matter how big your dreams… there is one next step directly in front of you.  The question is, will you take it now… or will you wait another decade, another year, another month, another day, another hour…. or will you do the thing NOW?
“Do the thing, and you will have the power.” – Emerson
If you are not clear on what you want, then nothing else really matters does it? —> drop everything, clear a space, grab your white paper, grab your pen with blue ink… and write down your dreams again… explore the qualities of the life that you want for yourself and your loved ones.  What is the legacy you want to leave behind?  Starting in 2-5 years, what lifestyle would you like to have?  What will you have accomplished in 20-50 years?
Generous, Spiritual, Honest, Open-Hearted People have visions of the future… happy people, living in harmony, helping others to soar to new heights, where crime has evaporated and would-be criminals never become criminals because they have a community that loves and respects them- that helps them to achieve their goals, that inspires them to respect themselves and believe in themselves… so that they never need to turn to crime.  Wars too are unnecessary, we’d rather devote resources to creating values and offering them to others at lower and lower prices, and offering our would-be enemies the opportunity to develop their own civilization unmolested if they choose… or to participate in the new civilization we’re creating based on honesty,  rationality, value creation, and mutual voluntary exchange.  Disease, Aging, Death… will be met with increasing effectiveness by the geniuses of society who wish to help all people achieve vibrant health, age slowing and reversing, with the ultimate goal of being able to live indefinitely… and soar into never before dreamed of realms of spiritual consciousness.  We’re surrounded by people we love, respect, admire, honor, cherish, … people who fill our hearts with gratitude that they are part of our lives.  Those same people feel the same way about us, and they share their feelings of admiration and gratitude towards us because of the life-enriching benefits we’ve offered to them.  “I am so grateful that I know you, that you are part of my life.”
And all of your friends will be energized with excitement as the creative visions constantly stream through their minds… they see the visions of the future too… they aren’t waiting for their situation to change while they take in another movie… they put blue ink on paper… they plan… they use the advanced manifestation technologies available to all who reach for them… and they take swift and potent action… the puzzle pieces fall into place, and their hopes, dreams, and visions manifest before their eyes and yours.  And you’ll get the invitation to another party… another party of celebration of the achievement of an amazing goal.  Your friends become HEROES as they soar to new heights… as they fulfill the purposes for life that they discover within their hearts.
The culture change that I’m describing is not far off.  It’s happening RIGHT NOW.  People ARE crashing through the emotional control programs being broadcast by the elite class… the programs that say:  “don’t worry about the future… just enjoy the entertainments and distractions we furnish to you.”  “You can’t make your dreams come true, so why bother trying.”  “Everything worth doing is impossible, everything possible for you is mostly irrelevant.”  You can feel the emotional content of these messages embedded within nearly all national advertisements, government activities, news programs, and most forms of entertainment.  Recognize them when you see them.  Then slice through them, they become reminders that we have the power within ourselves to make our dreams come true… but ONLY if we know what we want, and take action.  Every person who turns off the TV, cuts out of his or her life distractions, and allocates TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY, towards what really matters (as judged on a self-determined basis)… makes it EASIER for all other people to do the same.
The New Year is the time when the world gets refocused.  We’re all doing it.
Most people are in far worse financial shape than they are willing to acknowledge, …than they are willing to confront… than they feel able to handle.
You know people that are running away from reality… running to:  their favorite prime time distractions, or worse… their favorite forms of slow suicide.
You know people that have children who may be doing a good job of keeping up appearances… but they may be only one or two situations away from serious trouble.
2013 is the year to reach out to others and offer them love from your heart.
This is the end of the world of broken dreams and false facades.
When we take down our masks, when we work with love and authenticity, people can feel the gift that we’re offering to them.
Whether you just finished listening to Your Wish Is Your Command, or whether you listened years ago…
Take a look at where you are.  Confront it.
Recognize that your checking account is exactly where it is ONLY because of a series of transactions for which you are 100% responsible.
Recognize that your life is exactly what it is ONLY because of a series of choices of how you have spent your TIME, MONEY, ENERGY… and specifically the choices of what you have THOUGHT.
Every single moment of your life, you had the choice to pause and think about what you really want, and then to make different choices.
Imagine if at 5 years old you had been taught how to think about what you want in life, and the power and value of doing this on a daily or even hourly basis…. Remember all the time and energy that was used “as best you knew how” back then… and recognize that the situation is no different today… you are still using your TIME/MONEY/ENERGY resources “as best you know how”…
By reviewing how we have arrived where we are NOW… and by taking 100% responsibility for getting HERE… we mentally and emotionally position ourselves to make different choices and to powerfully seize our future… beginning NOW.
… flash forward into the future, talk to your future self, catch a glimpse of how your future self uses TIME/MONEY/ENERGY… and bring back those insights for immediate use.
Drop Distractions.
Every moment of life is precious, fill them with love and connection.
Focus on the purpose that you discover within your heart.
As more and more people do this, their individual level of prosperity rises, their spending habits change, they use their time/energy/money to get the greatest reward possible for themselves and their families.  They give up what is no longer worthy of their time… because they have hopes and goals and dreams that … it cuts to the heart… are more real than the superficial distractions that previously slowed or halted their growth and advancement.
Can you feel it?  Can you feel the world-wide emotional barrier of which each person carries some share?… that barrier between the lives that we have been living on a moment-by-moment basis… and what our lives will become the moment we fully connect with who we really are at the deepest levels within our hearts?
Your Wish Is Your Command, and The Global Information Network… are about so much more than the money… we want your success, we want you to discover the life of your dreams, we want you to soar.  We’re creating a new world, a world of champions, a world of heroes, a world filled with people who go for their dreams.
You can shatter the emotional barrier between your heart and your mind.
You can allow the REAL life impulses to flow within you.
You already know the life your heart longs for you to live.  Pick up your light-saber.  Put on your crown or your tiara.  You are the God-King of your own life.  The life impulses from the Supreme Source of All  are asking you to step into your destiny.
You are supported in whatever you choose.
White Paper.
Pen with Blue Ink.
Write your dreams.
Discover the 20-50 year vision.
Then find SOMETHING that will allow you, in 2-5 years, to have the passive residual income you need so that you can focus exclusively on your legacy.
Then take the one next logical step that is before you.
Offer everyone you know, everyone you meet… the chance to listen to Your Wish Is Your Command.  It’s the gateway into this new world of REAL LIFE, of total emotional fulfillment, of prosperity, of genuine happiness, of exciting romantic love, of real friendship, of transformational personal development… and everyone who enters into it, makes it more magnificent for us all.
If you have read all the way to here, you will have surely gotten a TASTE of this new world for yourself.
You are welcome to share this message with others as you see fit.
If you are interested in learning more about Your Wish Is Your Command, you may read about this remarkable program here:
Get back to the person who shared this letter with you, and ask for the opportunity to listen immediately and for free.
Today, Energetically, we are no longer just holding the doors to this new world open… we have taken the doors off their hinges, and we are taking hammers to the wall that once previously separated these two worlds.  That wall is coming down, so that all may see this vibrant pastel world of light for themselves… they can see it and feel it in our hearts, everywhere we go:  Love, Strength, Power, Honesty, Justice, Rationality, Creativity, Innovation, Freedom, Friendship, Respect, Honor, Responsibility, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Authenticity, Intensity, Focus, Generosity, Fulfillment, Euphoria, and cascading levels of happiness beyond conception…
Simply enter into the experience of these qualities EMOTIONALLY, and hold them in your experience throughout your life.
Invite others to do the same.
And suddenly the world changes.

Gunmen, Friendship, and Creating The Future

Most people do not understand, and actively refuse to understand, the mental state of people who commit these crimes. Most people become uncomfortable when you begin to speak honestly about depression. … much less suicide… much less criminality… much less murder… much less genocide.

Mass Murder doesn’t “just happen”, it’s the result of a person descending through levels of personal hell that are simply unfathomable to most people. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. There is no virtue in being depressed/suicidal/psychotic … but if you’ve ever been there, the actions of others don’t surprise you – even things as crazy as dismembering children and/or cannibalism and/or torture.

There is something deeply wrong with our society, but the answer is not to point the finger out at others and blame them. The answer is personal responsibility. You may not have been in a position to prevent this last shooting… but there are people in your life that may be on their way into the abyss of depression and insanity. You may even be teetering on the edge yourself. There is a REASON why people are mentally unstable, and as unbelievable as it may seem, I believe that the reason why so many are mentally and emotionally unstable is because there are people who profit tremendously because this situation persists, and they actively suppress individuals and technologies that would help.

When I have looked back through school shootings, I found that most of them included a mention of psychiatric drugs. There is a tremendous 
amount of information documenting the APA as pseudoscience.

Here’s another article written yesterday.

There are many people like Prof. Thomas Szasz who have spent the past 30 years of their lives focused on restoring sanity to the mental health industry.

While this information may sound bleak, there is information that you can use immediately to: a) make your life better, b) improve the lives of those around you, and c) help prevent future tragedies from happening.

Consider for a moment, how your life would improve if you had even just one more real friend in your life. And by ‘real friend’, I mean someone who:
a) cares about your and your happiness,
b) recognizes your awesomeness,
c) likes to spend time and energy with you,
d) actively helps make life better for the both of you,
e) that you like/respect back,
f) that you feel is awesome,
g) that you like to spend time and energy with, and
h) that you feel excited about actively helping make life better for the both of you.

There are many people who do not have a single real friend in their lives.

You may not have a single real friend in your life.

Real friendship is valuable. Real friendship is a safety net. Real friendship can be the difference the protects someone from having a life cut short by stupidity and carelessness or worse… murder or suicide.

Be a real friend to others. Find people who are capable of being real friends to you. Talk to them on a regular basis. Deepen your relationships by doing things together that enrich your lives.


There is a lot more that could be said about how to create a life of happiness for yourself and those around you. There is technology available to assist you in discovering it.

Here is a sample:

There is much more that could be said about guns and governments. But like many conversations… those who know already know… and those who don’t know aren’t ready to listen, so speaking won’t help.

To them, you must prepare the field of their mind through real friendship, creating a connection of honor and respect that allows a person to feel validated in their position first, with enough stability that they can let in new ideas and consider them authentically.

The technology to transform our world into a continuous experience of excitement, joy, love, gratitude, wonder, growth, rationality, honesty, and authenticity is available to anyone who cares to reach for it.

“Love your country much better than fine things…”

The country is the land and the people; these are easy to love.
The government is another story.
Good government ensures that all people have rights.
Good government is strong, swift, and fair: aggressively bringing restorative justice to the victims of those have initiated force, fraud, and coercion.
It is right for honest and rational people to have an invincible military, a strong police force, and an efficient and fair justice system. These are the right and proper roles of government, and these are valuable services, and honest and rational people would pay for them voluntarily.
When a government/police force fail to catch the perpetrators… when police are themselves abusive to the victims of crime and treat the victims like criminals… when police take on the color of perpetrators of initiatory force, fraud, and coercion themselves, this is corruption, and this what what causes people to feel heart broken about their country.

Much of what government does today has nothing to do with fulfilling it’s one true and valid purpose of protecting the rights of all people.

Government gains unethical/corrupt/tyrannical power by finding socially acceptable justifications for the use of initiatory force, fraud, and coercion against the innocent. As people accept these justifications, government asserts more power than honest and rational people would grant it. Over time, people become conditioned to believe that some things can only be done one way, “the way we’ve always done it”.

Taxation is a way to compel innocent people to pay for things … backed by a threat of asset seizure and/or imprisonment.

I would never steal someone’s honestly earned assets or put them in jail if they didn’t want to contribute to a community project. When projects are funded voluntarily, not all people contribute equally, and those who do contribute only do so after they have evaluated whether the project is being managed efficiently and if the project will deliver significant value for the resources expended.

Imagine how things would change if people were not compelled/coerced under threat of asset seizure to pay taxes, and instead people could freely choose which projects to support.

Each project would now suddenly begin to prioritize and consider how to deliver more value with less resources. (In contrast, currently government projects are often rewarded with larger allocations if they can demonstrate that the problem they are working on is larger than the current allocation of funds is able to remedy.)

Regulation is a way for large established businesses to influence policy. Large established companies have gone through growing pains and learned things along the way. They have structured their business in ways that they have found to be effective and valuable. These are good lessons. But these large companies have seen through history that there is power and value in regulation: the lobbyists for these companies write legislation and sell politicians on passing it into law. These laws say that any new company in the industry must first put into place the structures called for in the laws… the exact structures that the established companies built up over years of experience. This means that new start up companies have an even harder time getting started… in addition to getting delivery of the product up and running… they must also comply with the additional regulations. These regulations may all be good ideas, but the way these regulations are actually used is more as a kind of weapon: Armed Federal Agents enter into a company and demand to see records, demand to see evidence of compliance, and if violations of the regulations are noted there are fines, warning letters, asset seizures, and new locks put on the doors closing the business down until the non-compliance are remedied. These initiations of force and coercion add considerably greater liability when starting a new venture in a regulated industry.

As a result, innovative individuals are far more likely to come to the conclusion that less regulated industries have greater opportunity; so innovation rarely comes to heavily regulated industries. And it takes much longer for new innovative ideas to penetrate within heavily regulated industries; these factors benefit the established industry leading companies. But they invisibly diminish the values received by all customers to that industry, because there is no way to measure “companies not started” and “inventions not pursued”… or the compounding effects of “technologies not integrated”.

Imagine if the geniuses of our society were focused on fixing the medical industry…(there is no fixing that behemoth without first cutting through the regulation to allow some space for innovation to enter in)… instead… the geniuses of our society are designing the next generation consumer electronic device. Why? Because a genius feeds on accomplishment, and in the largely unregulated consumer electronics industry a genius can take an idea and get it into a product in a few months, and think the next idea… and get it into the next product or software update or app in just a few more months… (In the consumer electronics industry there are no multi-thousand dollar submissions to FDA asking for permission to market a product… and waiting 180 days for a response that sends you back to the drawing board. … NO! ) In consumer electronics, new ideas are tried out, alpha tested, released to the beta test market, worked and reworked, and then released to the market… and then reworked some more… and in 18 months the whole industry has taken a huge leap forward. Currently…In the medical technology industry, in the drug industry, in the world of finance… there are no leaps… no, there is only a slow tectonic crawl…new ideas are thought up… and 10 of years later they enter the market, and 10 years after that they become affordable.

The rapidity of evolutionary growth in any business is based entirely on speed to market. From idea conception to satisfied customer. Cut the regulations that slow it down, and every consumer wins.

All of this can be summarized very simply. It’s called “THE PRIME LAW”